Saturday, December 31, 2016

I am thinking the game is going live people.... be ready, could happen anytime... emailed from a reader

.... once the people that actually built the countries of North America get to a certain age ...(Italian, German, eastern europeans, UK, etc.) then the zio garbage throws us on the trash heap and tries to exploit the next bunch of immigrants (Chinese, Phillipinos, etc.)....People need to be educated on who the filth at the top REALLY is....GET ready, if club Z is pulling this crap in Mexico, and is going to attempt a coup here in North America, through the bought and paid for homosexual military scum bags, not the good guys defending the republic, the game is about to go live, and hot. Russian diplomats deported by Oburner???? wtf? but Russia is playing cool, and good for them, for the Oburner/Soetoro crowd is worried, very worried, the net is full of truths now that they don't want out there, and if Trump gets in, and actually drains the swamp the way I think he would, those guys are all either going to get iced or go to jail..... so just be ready, we might et some off world help but...why would they>??? and as Ihave siad for over 20 years now, the scum bags are not going to arrest themselves....

Drudge back up. He tweeted it was a DDOS attack and it must be over now.

Internet problems today, so I have to be brief.


Chris Kitze sent another message. Chris is one of the front runners in the information wars, and runs both and Beforeitsnews. If he speaks on this topic it is PRIME INFO, HERE IT IS: 

Chris sent:
Jim, Chris Kitze from Unseen and BIN here. Personal communications are starting to be cut and this is obviously in conjunction with the cyber attacks on Drudge and other sites. Several people have reported that they can't get through to my cell phone for the past couple of days. One person connected with me on a voice call using, which works fine and my phone was sitting on the desk in front of me (two bars, so decent signal). He called me with his speakerphone on so I could hear everything he heard as he dialed my phone. It played a message that "this caller is not available". This was Verizon and I have had a second contact have the same difficulty reaching my phone. Everyone needs to have back up communications and multiple accounts and formats. Get extra free accounts with different email and chat/calling services and share the info with others so you can communicate. Many of these accounts are free (like those at Everyone should double check their bugout bags and be ready to go.

We are now at the most dangerous time, as the bad people try to disrupt the inauguration and do the military coup. The only question now is how much control Obama can exercise over the military command structure. I was told that this time it won't be like Benghazi, where the 2nd in command who were CIA plants "kept things in line" and stopped things in their tracks. The good guys know who these people are and what they are up to and they will be taken out along with their families, if necessary, that's how serious it is.

Things could go hot very soon."
My response: A very well established political lawyer in Mexico has stated directly to this Mexican family that the crap is going to hit the fan BADLY in early January and he has insider contacts in the Mexican government that told him. It is all part of a huge plan. He did not know what it was exactly, but he said BUY GAS, FOOD, AND ALL SUPPLIES YOU POSSIBLY CAN. He kept repeating it, and he said only that it was "Because you won't be able to get it anymore". Spooky. Don't know what to say about the food part of his warning, other than "spooky". I have enough food to go for a couple months. What more can I do on short notice?

He made it perfectly clear that the situation was 100 percent rooted in corruption, and that it did not need to happen but they were going to do it for reasons he did not know. He said it is related to the gas games they have been playing which are only games and nothing more.

I have BIG internet problems today. That might be related to the problems you are having. I can connect, but at a cost of $50 USD per gigabyte. That is really bad when you have to do a site like this one. I did it anyway, because what else can I do? I have system monitor open and am being careful, that is all I can do.

As far as cell phones, within two months of publishing the Fuku report every cell I have ever used has been denied incoming calls and everyone thought I was full of crap. And if I carried a phone, all I ever did was dodge cars that almost hit me and get followed. So I stopped paying for cell service just to give them a way to kill me and have not had a phone for years. I could talk to only ONE person I was in constant contact with for a short time in the beginning of it all, and no one else. Then, 4 years ago, even that person was gone. Cell phones are worth ZERO now as far as I see it. If they are cutting yours off now, we are probably in DEEP SH*T. 

I will be VERY difficult to take down, because I have so many ways to play. As far as others go, well, I don't know. Your .is sites will probably stay up provided they are actually hosted overseas. You had better put re-directs in and cache BIN in Iceland RIGHT NOW. You might be one of the last few standing if you prep NOW and get everything put on a server there so it is a simple redirect, or you can tell people ahead of time to go to if the main site goes down. I'll certainly post any changes you or anyone else manages to do if they really do pull the plug. I plan to be here or at least be the last one standing.

Russia is not playing the deportation game

The U.S. is kicking out Russian diplomats, and Russia is not doing the same. Yesterday the U.S. decided to kick out 36 Russian diplomats, and there are rumors today that the number has been increased to more than 70. The reason cited was the "russian hacking" anyone with more than 5 synchronized neurons knows is B.S. 

Obviously the expulsion of the diplomats was done as a provocation to Russia. Guess what? After reports that Russia was going to in response expel American diplomats, the latest reports are now saying that Russia is not going to play the political games in any form whatsoever, and is NOT going to expel ANY American diplomats. And there you have the Russian chess methodology, which has now sent a clear message: Create whatever provocation you want to trigger war before Obama is out, and guess what? We will not play that game. We will tolerate ANYTHING until that loser leaves.
Great strategy.


Anonymous said...

People are gullible.
A guy sometimes has to go deep cover just to get a job done.
If you never saw the movie Deep Cover, you have no idea how deep some people have to go, and still be good guys.
All these gullible people on the internet have their eyes pointed where they are told to look, by people who were told to look, by people they trusted.
No one has the real facts and a lot of innocent people trying to help will get hurt, like Morpheus in the Matrix told Neo. The people will do whatever they can to preserve the very system that enslaves them.

How many people will die to keep the United States of America, not knowing which one they are fighting for, and how many will die for the colors of the flag not knowing the history of how it came to be and how many people have died on both sides just because it and it's colors exist?

If someone is being silenced, I'm almost glad they are.
1. They can't do any more damage than they've done.
"One of those, my bad, when their information turns out to be tainted and they thought bad was bad when it was deep cover"
2. If they can stop doing damage, maybe no one has to target them to shut them up from spreading details they have no fact checks, only hearsay and trust the source info from.
3. Used to be people knew what gossip was, but now days, if the source is trusted, they consider it solid intel, but no one finds out how the trusted source got the intel, chances are likely from another trusted source.

Used to be real docs, redacted or not would reveal the intel, real audio not manipulated, real video not blue screened or cgi, but when the frequencies of the radios were limited, and tvs left picture tube, and movies can be made of real events that if they weren't in a theater we'd think they were real, there is nothing to be trusted unless it came from you, inside you.

My apologies, I pissed someone off, pissed off people I somehow touched a nerve and they have a need to put me in my place. I didn't mean it for you. I am not your war, nor your battle. I know you are ready to fight, so go do what you do, and get what you get.

There is the meek and we will do what we do, and when the smoke clears, we'll clean up and inherit the earth. So thank you in advance, and I'll pour a 40 oz for you if 40's are still available after the carnage.

Anonymous said...

Diplomats expelled saved their lives.
Or does no one see that?
Nope. Too busy looking at what you are told told to look at; thinking you know what going on.

Keep viewing their program.
You will never know what's going on. You don't listen to anything opposite the popular or most stated comments and information anyway.

As if secret confidential intel is supposed to be widely publicly known.