Saturday, December 24, 2016

Feds dump heavily redacted Benghazi emails on Christmas Eve

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Thursday released 16 pages of sensitive documents related to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack.
The documents, released ahead of the Christmas holiday, include mostly blacked-out emails and some press clippings about events in Libya after the attack on the U.S. embassy, which left four Americans dead. The event has become a central part of Republican criticism of Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State as she runs for president.
A few of the heavily redacted emails discuss the drafting of an assessment of the threat level before the attack occurred. Congress had requested the assessment in the months after the attack.
The emails hadn't been requested by any particular group, instead released as part of a "proactive disclosure" under the Freedom of Information Act that governs which public documents may be made available to the public.

The documents shed little new light on how Clinton handled the events around the Benghazi attack while serving as secretary of state.
The government also released a document Thursday showing that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence signed off on a proposal to revoke the passport of Anwar al-Awlaki, a former top al Qaeda operative, more than half a year before he was killed in a 2011 drone strike in Yemen.

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Anonymous said...

Very awful things happening in Turkey with the Israel vote !!
You must watch the video now. Get it out to everyone you know, or everyone you encounter.

This is not about Israel so don't be focusing on this aspect. They have done many bad things before, but the difference is USA has always been an impartial observer on both sides. By enacting the UN laws against Israel this is the back-stabbing by the United States, and it is very bad for America as soldiers will be invading Jerusalem to divide the mountain. You need to look through the lens of prophecy, this is bad for the people of the usa. It means it is full of half of all abominations and wickedness, who would allow a sitting president to stab Israel in the back. Also this back-stabbing move was conducted at the behest of Turkey, you should always look through that lens because judgment is coming upon america. Judgment against the ungodly and in these last days many will perish. Erdogan is an evil dictator but the problem did not start with him, look at videos of the Ottomon empire. Remember the beast system is here and it is the cashless society, not all of you will perish so don't take every passage of the bible too literally. What it is talking about is those who join the beast system, all across the cities of which there will be many! Because they are deceived by liars, by Turkey, they will worship the beast and they will perish. Not too many of them will be spared aside those who flee the demonic hordes, that is what revelation verses refer to and why the UN vote matters.