Wednesday, December 28, 2016

UPDATE : Muslim actions against Christians



While  ISIS  “Rebels”  Slaughter  Christians,  Syrian  President  Asad  Visits  Christians  And  Celebrates  Christmas  With Them  At  A  Monastery   2016-12-26 18:42:07-05

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  1. With all of the death and horrible violence that Muslim terrorists have visited on Christians in Syria, it is wonderful news to report that President Asad of Syria- a Muslim who the US Government and her “allies” denounced as an evil man and tried to depose- took his entire family and celebrated Christmas with Syrian […]
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Muslims  Attack  Christians  Celebrating  Christmas,  Beat  A  Single  Mother  And  Destroy  Her  Home  While  Shouting  ‘This Village  Is  Not  For  Christians  But  For  Allah’ 2016-12-27 15:50:15-05

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In a horrible attack on Christmas Day, 19 Muslim marauders attacked Christians at church. They beat a single mother and destroyed her home while shouting that their village is ‘not for Christians but for Allah’: Muslims in eastern Uganda beat Christians at a Christmas Day service and wrecked the home of a single mother on […]

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Brave  Team  Of  Christians  Rescues  Hundreds  Of  Persecuted  Christians  From  Islamic  Enslavement  2016-12-27 19:34:30-05

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By Rescue Christians  Christians and Jews, when they see the vanished culture of the ancient Egyptian empire and their  pyramids immediately their minds are reminded of the story of the Holy Bible which tells us about the persecution and hard lives of the house of Jacob during their slavery. God brings Moses to set them […]

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Romanian  Social  Democrats  Nominate  Muslim  Woman  For  PM,  Romanian  President  Responds  ‘No -  You  Will  Pick  Somebody  Else and  That  Is  Final’ 2016-12-28 05:15:14-05

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In a surprising turn of events, the President of Romania has rejected a Muslim woman that the Social Democrats chose for Prime Minister. His words- ‘pick somebody else’: If this were in Western Europe or America, the cries for hate speech would be nonstop. But the reality is, all the Romanian President had to say […]

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Islamic  Terrorists  Enter  Into  The  Home  Of  A  Muslim  Woman,  Murder  Her  Father  And  Then  Rape  Her  For  Two  Days,  She  Then  Hears  About  Christ,  Raises  Her  Hands  In  The  Air  And  Cries  Out: “Lord,  I  Accept  You  And  Surrender  Myself  Totally  To  You;  Please  Pick  Me  Up  From  My  Sufferings”   2016-12-28 15:30:11-05

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By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists, belonging to ISIS, entered the home of a Muslim woman, murdered her father, a military officer, and then preceded to rape her for two days. When she heard about Christ, she lifted her hands in the air and cried out: ‘Lord, I accept you and surrender myself totally to you; […]

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archangel said...

This paper could also be titled the 21st century verses the 6th century. Islam what do you think you are doing and where are you heading? You want to destroy western civilization do you? All the progress of humanity erased by you? All the invention and innovations like electricity and common/natural law?
We are learning to treat our women with respect and fairness. You treat them like property. They might as well be pets. Your laws are draconian and oppressive in the extreme. You like cutting heads off of people with different faith and perceptions? Do you intend to cut off every head in the western world of 2 billion people? How about the heads of a billion and a half Chinese. One billion Indians and a billion Latinos? If this your planned Jihad?
You have another thing coming. America, for instance, has a 26 million man well armed, well trained militia. That is just the citizens. Do you feel lucky? Combine all the nations I just mentioned and you have a most fearsome force. All you are going to do is piss everyone off really bad. You will be destroyed like a lethal pathogen within humanity and erased from the earth as a toxin.
All Muslims who wish to join the 21st century and have a future and a future worth having and are tired of being bullied by the thugs among you, had best find new directions and learn the basic protocols of advanced civilization or be exterminated. The rest of the world is appalled at your treatment of women and children and of each other. We will not be bullied by you. We will defend our homelands and families and preserve our cultures.
If you wish to survive and thrive, you need to find your humanity and nurture it for all you’re worth. Time is short and the sands of the hourglass are almost done flowing. Pray to God for help and guidance before it is too late. Seriously consider a radical reformation of your barbarous religion.


Melisand said...

Anon: I like your post, good comment! I like your alternate title, '21st century *versus* the 6th century'.