Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bank Update

By Anna Von Reitz

To understand what  American States and Nations Bank is, you have to understand the difference between commerce and trade.
Trade is business between unincorporated businesses and people.
Commerce is business between incorporated businesses.
Of course, unincorporated businesses can do business with incorporated businesses in the realm of international trade.
American state nationals naturally function on the land jurisdiction and participate in trade. They and their Mom and Pop businesses and even their larger more substantial private businesses all participate in trade.
When they step across the state (national) border they engage in international trade. Strange to tell, when someone from Georgia sells a car to someone in Florida, they are engaged in international trade. This is because each state is a nation.
When Porcupine and Sons, a local unincorporated family-owned sawmill in Three Pines, Georgia, sells a shipment of flat-sawn pine flooring to MacKenzie Restoration Design, Inc. located in Princeton, New Jersey, they are engaged in international trade.
Me selling ten raspberry bushes to my next door neighbor? That is intra-state trade.
Me selling the same ten raspberry bushes to someone in Oregon? That is international trade. (Why? Because each state is a nation.)
My small unincorporated family business, Gallery of the Lakes, sells a painting to an incorporated business in Idaho? (International trade again — Unincorporated + Incorporated = international trade.)
But, the moment that both parties incorporate their business, it becomes what?International commerce.
And what does the “United States Congress” have control of?
Ah! — interstate commerce, which because all states are nations, means what?International commerce.
So how does the “federal government” get its nose into absolutely every little petty trade and sale and transaction and demand a pound of flesh out of it?
Almost at the moment you were born, they swooped in and forced your Mother (without anything like full-disclosure)— to accept a “PERSON” for you, a federal corporation franchise named after you: JOHN MARK DOE or ELISE ANN KRAUTMEYER or YOUR NAME.
And from that moment on, you were “presumed” to be operating in “interstate (international) commerce” and held subject to the federal corporations and federated states issuing that PERSON.
All this to give you an update on The American States and Nations Bank— and all of it necessary for you to understand what The Bank is.
It is an unincorporated private Trade Bank engaged in intra-state and international trade transactions. Every one who has an account with ASAN has to be functioning as an unincorporated living man or woman or unincorporated business— not as a ‘PERSON’.
That’s what makes it private and ensures that we are always operating in Trade, not Commerce.
Because unincorporated men and women own themselves and unincorporated businesses owe no obligation to any government for granting them a franchise,our accounts are private, too.
What they call “personal accounts” at Wells Fargo? Remember that in Federalese the  word “person” means “corporation”.
Every penny you donate— literally donate—to the account of YOUR NAME ceases to be yours. It actually belongs to the federal corporation that issued your PERSON way back when. That’s why FDIC insures “YOUR” deposits. And that is why the IMF which bought all the PERSONS issued prior to 1980 can talk about seizing all the 401K and other savings accounts of these PERSONS.
All the accounts in all the so-called “commercial banks” belong to PERSONS and those PERSONS belong to government services corporations as franchises. When the parent corporation goes bankrupt— guess what? All the PERSONS are sent into Chapter 11 or Chapter 7, too.
Naturally, the bankruptcy trustees come in and seize control of all the PERSONAL assets in those savings accounts and safety deposit boxes, and the banks (that are actually behind all this crappola) stand there innocent as the flowers in May and say, “There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a government mandate.”
They will wait until they can close their doors and wipe out the checking “demand accounts” too.
Let me repeat why. PERSONAL accounts don’t belong to you. They belong to a franchise corporation named after you.
In fact, the commercial banks are in deep collusion with the same foreign governmental services corporations that foisted their PERSONS off onto you.They set up this whole system with malice-aforethought to get their hands in your pockets, enforce taxes on you, and lay false claims of collateral obligation against your private assets.
They call this “hypothecation” of debt.
The IMF has been slavering after the retirement accounts of American pensioners for months, and has only been stopped because they are now identified as part of the problem and will be targeted if they attempt any such seizures of “PERSONAL” accounts.
Enough about the problem. Now the update on the solution.
The solution is to return to honest banking.
I know. Sounds like an oxymoron to me, too, but it can be done.
The American States and Nations Bank is NOT a commercial bank. It doesn’t serve PERSONS. It serves people. It functions in trade, not commerce. It is a sovereign state bank, not a “state of state” bank.
It makes no claim of owning your accounts or what is deposited in those accounts. It doesn’t loan your money out to anyone. Anything you deposit with American States and Nations Bank remains yours. Period. Nobody has any ability to waltz in and levy your accounts or steal your savings absent actual armed robbery.
Likewise, we don’t deal in commercial paper. We will be able to exchange different currencies for you like any bank, but we won’t be carrying any “Notes” as digits on our books. We deal in assets and asset-backed currencies: actual, lawful money.
Those of you who saw the Harry Potter movies will remember when Harry went to Gringot’s Bank to get some money out of the cache his parents left him. He had to pass muster under the stern and beady gaze of a small goblin perched high behind an old-fashioned bookkeeping desk like Bob Cratchett and Harry had to produce all the right information to access his vault.
Even though ASAN will have state of the art abilities, it will be an old-fashioned, simple, safe, repository bank. It will use carriage accounting, charge flat fees for services, and will keep all your private information private. If you get a loan, it will be an actual loan. All the rules of the bank will be fully disclosed to all depositors and they won’t fill ten volumes of microprint.
Those Americans in each state who want the services of such a bank will be able to organize an ASAN bank. These banks will all be national banks because each state is a nation and each will be totally under local control, however, by choosing our template and joining our banking association and committing to our service and transparency and organizational guidelines all the member banks will be similar in the ways that count.
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