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Trump Should Use the Executive Order to End EPA’s First Great Scam, ChemTrails.

Mark the date, September 2000.
In the waning days of the Clinton presidency, and against a backdrop of questions from around the country that people were reporting aircraft spraying the skies all across America, and no one in government would admit it was going on, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Policy Statement; namely that our eyes were deceiving us.
EPA said those streams across the sky were con-trails, the natural vapor trails of commercial aircraft and not chem-trails spraying stuff in the sky. In fact, EPA insisted there are no such things as chem-trails.
That’s been their story and they’ve been sticking to it for over sixteen years now.
Most of the people working at EPA in 2000 have moved on, replaced by a new generation who were teenagers when the original edict was issued. So I doubt if many in EPA even questions this Policy, not that bureaucrats are inclined in that direction in the first place, and doubly so since, rising at the same time, the Climate Change movement, (know then as “Global Warming”) would emerge as a very profitable activist movement to control human behavior worldwide, pitting the power of the state to prevent Man from killing the earth against free men’s unrestricted access to automobiles, fossil fuels for power and electricity, and sating our appetites for red meat on the back of cow flatulence.
Consequently, even though I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, I do believe in conspiracies, especially if government-by-bureaucracy is at the center of them. While many chem-trail believers are driven to go a bridge too far and join the wacko brigades by claiming all sorts of weird purposes behind these flights, the general notion that there really is a One-World Big Government conspiracy out there, consisting of an alliance between several global corporations and industrial nations, would be worth at least considering. Especially since it’s one a free people can do something about, as America did only recently.
If you’re not familiar with chem-trails, in January, 2015 I published  an article here, “Chemtrails and the Great EPA Conspiracy” to explain them in a common-sensical way. But most people who are familiar with them put this belief right up there next to the fluoridation of water scare in the 1950s or that Bush and Cheney were behind the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers, and, as I said, without much thought.
But if you’re over 45, you’ve probably noticed a great increase in the “willing dupability” of a lot of people especially of the most recent generation, born in the mid-1980s. You may also have noticed that America’s capacity for simple common sense, critical thinking, and even a simple inquisitiveness about the world around us has diminished.
This is the kind of awareness a government bureaucracy likes to manage.
So while maybe many were asking questions about all those trails in the sky in 1999, far fewer are looking up and asking the same questions today, in part out of fear of being tagged as weirdo conspiracy-theorists…of which, as just mentioned, there are a few. Over the past few years I have seen many younger conservatives blow off chem-trails with knee-jerk predictability that they probably learned in grade school.
Today, I just know that logic is not an avenue to pursue in order to open a dialogue.
So read my 2015 article. Chem-trails as facts are easy to understand. What I have learned from tech-savvy conservatives is how a lie or a fraud can still become a common truth to some of the best of millennial minds.
But proving chem-trails is only half of the conspiracy. That the government won’t admit it is the other half. It doesn’t matter what their reasons are; benign, malevolent, generational stupidity, or just an old fashioned refusal of any bureaucracy to be transparent.
It is the “official truth”, and a hundred years from now it will be the only truth because it has withstood time. The government knows they have time on their side to make any lie the truth. All they have to possess is the requisite intent, keep it official, and the ability to marginalize any dissent.  The government (at least on the left) knows how they can orchestrate the kookification of just about anyone who challenges them. Seeing how bureaucrats have been able to rewrite the factual events at Benghazi just two years ago, we know it’s far easier to pull off such a lie today than in 1986. EPA operates inside an information-control regime of fact vs official truth, and they control it by being able to turn every questioner of “government truths” into a object of criminal investigation (IRS) or a kook-attack.
That the EPA won’t admit that chemtrails even exist is the real conspiracy, and the conspiracy theorists are missing it. That’s the only conspiracy that matters.
The correct question to ask isn’t “Why are you seeding?”, but “Why are you lying?” Once established, then just follow the evidence, and sweep away the old EPA of the past 25 years forever.
Donald Trump can end this “official policy” simply by rescinding the 2000 EPA Statement and throwing the files open to show the “benign” nature of these flights.
Then throw the  floor open for debate.

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