Saturday, May 27, 2017

Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

By Anna Von Reitz

Many thanks to all who have been sending love and prayers and donations for my Paralegal friend, Cookie. She was stricken with mysterious maladies that seemed to indicate heart failure and/or kidney failure and so, has had to undergo a lot of tests.
This evening she updated me. She had a severe misalignment in her spine between her shoulder blades (no doubt the result of years spent pouring over dusty books in dimly lit rooms, perched on tall stools) and that was causing a lot of problems because the nerves route through that area to the heart. So that is being adjusted by expert medical chiropractors and she is already experiencing significant relief.
She also has apparently developed a mid-life allergy to MSG which is being added to all processed food under the euphemism "natural preservatives". MSG makes food taste better, but it is also a poison capable of passing the brain-blood barrier, affecting short term memory, balance, and critical thinking skills. No more processed food is apparently the only cure.
All things taken together, the diagnosis could have been a lot worse and so could the treatment, though chiropractic care is not included in her major medical insurance and will continue to be an expense for some time to come.
The other news I wish to pass on tonight is that The Living Law Firm has prepared three major systemic claims in behalf of the American states and people.
I know this hasn't been easy to understand, but we were faced early on with a hard choice: we could take our slim resources--- a few dozen people working on their own shoestrings -- and try to put out 300 million brush fires, or we could concentrate on defining the problem(s) in a systemic way and bring action to correct the cause instead of the symptoms.
We took the latter course, at the cost of not being able to offer more direct and immediate help to individuals.
As the research has progressed it has become clear that the pattern of "expatriation" and "registration" and "bankruptcy" has been repeated several times and each time, private property has been removed under false presumptions into foreign jurisdictions and "pledged" by governmental services corporations as surety for their own debts.
The 1868 Expatriation Act was followed by the 14th Amendment presumption of Territorial United States Citizenship. The 1907 Expatriation Act resulted in Municipal United States Citizenship, which was followed by the Sheppard-Townsend Act registering babies. The 1934 Emergency Banking Act was followed by the creation of corporate Municipal Franchises--- another level of expatriation ---and the confiscation of gold.
At no time should any of this have affected American state nationals.
The financial crisis being addressed in each case was always due to the profligacy and mismanagement of the foreign Territorial United States and/or Municipal United States governments. In each case, only their actual citizens should have been impacted and in each case it was carefully stated that only "citizens" were subject.
But who is a "citizen" and with respect to which layer of government?
Prior to the so-called Civil War, people routinely served as State Citizens when they held office in their land jurisdiction state governments. They were also routinely referred to as "people of the United States". The semantic confusion and shuffle between "State Citizen" and "people of the United States" to "United States Citizen" was easy enough to foist off on the gullible and trusting public.
From that point on, the foreign Territorial United States (a British-backed democracy) and equally foreign Municipal United States (run by the Holy See as a Congressional oligarchy) worked as a Tag Team to secretively conscript and register American state nationals--- in effect, press-ganging them into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and promoting the assumption that they were operating as commercial "vessels" subject to both municipal and territorial law.
In fact, American state nationals operate as private, non-commercial "vessels" engaged in peaceful international trade. They are internationally "Protected Persons" and they are owed the specific protection of both the British Crown and the British Monarch.
By conscripting American state nationals under color of law and non-disclosure and coercing them to "accept" the status of "United States Citizen" the Territorial and Municipal United States could side-step the guarantees of the actual Constitution and seize upon the assets --- land and labor --- of the unsuspecting Americans who continued to think of the "federal government" as their own government.
We are presented with the spectacle of an entire people claiming to be "United States Citizens" as if they were born in Puerto Rico, unknowingly subjecting themselves to foreign Territorial and Municipal law, losing the protections of the actual Constitution, surrendering their claims to their land and their labor and accepting the debts of bankrupt foreign governments--- and for what supposed consideration? "Benefits" ---like "Social Security"---har! har! ---- that they paid for themselves.
Americans today give a far greater percentage of their assets and their labor to the "King" and the "Church" than any serf in the Dark Ages, and conditions are even worse throughout much of Europe, the former Commonwealth, India, Africa, South America, and Japan.
This outrageous crime against law, sense, and nature must come to an end---- and it must come systemically. The whole construct of the Great Fraud has to be flushed, and the spirit as well as the letter of the law established by our national trust indenture must be honored.
So--- in the next several weeks, three simple but profound legal actions will be engaged in behalf of the actual states and the living people. We will need your support in every way possible--- your prayers, your sharing of information, your determination to put an end to this fraud against America and against Americans, and yes, whatever money you can spare for our Living Law Firm.
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The snail mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


Unknown said...

too late. it has already been done and the remedy and relief implemented. FREEDOM

Anonymous said...

keyword NoConfidence - Call-ID 59615

In my opinion - Bankruptcy empties your estate and the estate of your ancestors.
You end up with nothing - clearing the banker's obligation to you and your heirs

Why in plain sight and with full disclosure does the word
rupt [ as in rupture ]
appear together and why didn't you go and look and learn?

The illuminated say, we do things of our own free will, including the free will to do things without knowing why we do it.

They say they put everything we need to know where we can find it.
But we don't want to know so we don't look for it, or we are so useless we want someone else to do the work for us and tell us.

They saw we create governments because we are too lazy to govern ourselves.
They say we need rules because we can't control our own behavior. We are like sheep following the herd and need to be controlled.

There is no need to sue them, you are the reason things are they way they are, because you want them to do it for you, and are too lazy to see what they have available if you show you don't need to be herded like sheep.

Freewill said...

Seeing as the corporation UNITED STATES is bankrupt, how can they have action and effect? They are civilly dead, do not exist in law, and cannot by law bring a claim against anyone! Reference H.J.R. 192 May 9th 1933

Anonymous said...

The corporation is bankrupt with assets. The people give value to the assets with our signatures. When we use credit, we add to the value of the United States, that may be why the term 'neither a borrower nor a lender be'.

When people subscribe to be a member of a bankrupt corporation they share in the problems the corporation has. A lot of people had time to exit the corporation, unregister their participation, leaving fewer members to share in the problems of the corporation, but they choose not to.

Even as the corporation reveals it's most evil insides, people are registered to it's continued existence. Do people really think the founding fathers were registered in a government while creating a government of the people?

The corporation has estates, real estates. People think of it only when they sell property (that real estate) or when someone dies (that estate), but the estate exists and it has assets. There are assets only the corporation can reach, and why so many went to jail with 1099-OID and other claims, but there are assets you can control, like the things you have in your home, or the money you make so you can purchase new things. Those assets you can control and keep the bankrupt corporation from taking it on your death, or keep someone from the corporation from deciding how to split it up after you die.

That asset is given to a trustee when people file for bankruptcy, but they can manage it their self, but they have to read the code.

You know, like Neo in the Matrix, and others could 'see the code' , 'read the code'.
When Neo stopped that bullet, he realized the limits of the code, and he also realized how he can move in the code without receiving any harm.

Neo never got involved in the going's on of the Matrix. If you ever paid attention, the Matrix was using people, (as batteries), but Neo knew just like he sought a way out of the matrix and found it, any others seeking will find it. He didn't try to destroy the matrix, he just wanted to live outside the code, in peace.

Needless to say the estate exists in every state, cause if you die, everyone wants to deal with your will. Well there is a living will also, where you can control and distribute assets as long as you have not been committed to a mental institution, and a few other things.
Check out this IRS entry telling them to grab the estate on your death. (02-01-2011)
Progression of Probate Proceedings
The first step is usually to apply for administration or probate of the will if there is one. An executor or administrator is then appointed by the will or by the court.

It would appear they have an interest in the estate because they access the assets we can't.
But just because we can't access the assets, doesn't mean we can't protect what we already have and have access to.

Children protective services, are controlling the estates of the children they steal.

You may not know, but everything about you is in a file right now.

If you are arrested, they already have your social security number. They want you to sign their documents. Most people do sign and pay them for temporary access to their freedom.
Then they get on the web and post upsetting comments that someone didn't serve the entire term for which they were charged with.
The people attack people who know why some people go to jail a long time and some people don't.
The people attack knowledge and disclosure, and complain of their suffering.

Anonymous said...

People should be aware of the Law of One, unless you want to avoid information they know, because you 'heard' it was 'new age' and don't want to know.

Spiritual maturity must exist, or there is a code that will remove you from anything you obtained to get out of the code. What people should probably know is those in the know, know they can Do as thou wilt / but do no harm to another unless there is an oath or agreement.

Sound familiar, signing agreements, taking oaths to die for your country?
Not understanding what you have done and getting mad at someone else for what you did.

The ad hominem doesn't hurt, but it's an insult to intelligence for someone with lack of knowledge to shut down knowledge with an attack on a personality that is not even true but accepted by others in agreement; and interferes with others keeping them from learning what they are seeking.

The intelligence figures the people are not ready, and as such will not reveal the 'secrets' to exit.
Why have people who attack people in the matrix, have a road out of the matrix so they can attack the people who peacefully left?
Warriors stay in and let the government control their actions and punish them in the code since they don't take responsibility for their selves.
If you want me to email you privately, I will discuss.
This audience is not ready for ascension, or any other form of exiting.
There is a dependency of agreeing with each other and following the leader within this site, and so I choose to share without crossing the lines of control the system has in place for them.

Just say "communicate privately", and I will do it.
You own the problems created giving a loaded gun to an infant.