Monday, May 29, 2017

More Personal (as in "Private Natural Person") Notes

By Anna Von Reitz

I just want to say thank you to all of those who read these lines and those who stop to pray for our country and those who send money to help our cause and keep gas in the car and ink on the pages. It wouldn't be possible without all of you pulling along beside us from every corner of America. 
William Gilbert B. --- I don't have a way to get hold of you, but I sent you a present that should be waiting for you at General Delivery.  Hope someone there has presence of mind enough to flag you down. 
Victor L. -- I am fine, just working my tail off and suffering my usual seasonal allergies, so not quite as feisty as normal.
Jack and Phyllis -- Old friends are the dearest.  We have come a long way together and continue on, come what may.  Hugs across the miles....
Stanley R. -- California is one of the most beautiful of all our beautiful states, yet it has the very worst political problems. It's people like you who have to lead it home.
Steven L. from Missouri, your state has been instrumental in exposing the Great Fraud.  If it weren't for an octogenarian from Missouri, we wouldn't have half the evidence we need.  Thank you for your steadfast support!
Philip R. --- Your "donation for freedom" touched my heart.  I wept a little bit.  In it's way, your sentiment -- three words on the "Memo" line of a check --  said it all.
Bill S. from Wyoming, I know how much you love your state, and the Big Sky above it.  We are all treading hard roads together. Thank you for your help in these very troubled times.
Diana L. B. from New York, New York--- if you are reading this, please know that the epicenter of this entire evil is right there in your city and your state as much as it is in Washington, DC.  If we are to succeed in saving America, it comes push to shove right there where you live.  Be a beacon to those in darkness.  Share the news however you can.
Ronald E. and Mary L. -- thank you so much!  Are you aware of the brave fight that your New Hampshire Representative Dick Marple is putting up for you and for all Americans?  Once again, your state is standing tall in the fight for freedom, and once again, the people of New Hampshire are heeding the call. It was wonderful to hear from you.
D.L. and J.M. from Palm Springs---- it means a lot to me to hear from Californians like you and to know that in spite of all the clap-trap coming out of some of the universities and too many California politicians, there are still people who think and act and fend for themselves in California.  You made my day!
Terri A. -- You do the Nevada State proud.  God bless!  Let me know if I answered your question well enough.
Robert Lee -- It's a long road to freedom for us all.  So much bad has happened sometimes it is hard to imagine that it can turn out for the good--- but it can, and it will, because of people like you.  If nothing else, we are all too knot-headed to give up.  We will make it count for something in the end.
Peter/Rise -- I will try to get back to you about your suggestion.  It's a good one. I just haven't had the expertise and money to do it yet.
Sandra H. from Michigan, it was good to hear from you. Michigan is one of my favorite states and I hope to visit there this coming fall.  Maybe we could meet?Michigan has preserved knowledge and records that are precious to us all and its people continue to inspire me.   
John G.W. from Illinois -- Did you know that the Plague of the Bar Associations began right there in Illinois?  We are still burdened by the unjust assault of those who owe us "peace" and "amity" in "perpetuity" and who have paid us with personage and barratry instead.  Thank you for supporting The Living Law Firm and a new breed of lawyer dedicated to Justice.
J. Allen -- Thanks for the book!  I know Joe Kovacs' work very well and have been sharing his books with my Sister and other members of my family.  I don't know how atheists make it through life with nothing but death, taxes, and ice storms to believe in.  I know I wouldn't have made it without a firm faith.
Sally and James -- We received your gift just before one of The Living Law Firm's computers crashed and burned.  With your help, we were able to buy another, download from the prior day back up, and kept right on going.  How's that for "priceless"?  Big smiles and THANK YOU!!!
Chris T. --- We need more people from Ohio.  For reasons that I suspect but can't yet prove, the land fraud is worst of all in Ohio.  We have foreigners coming into Ohio right and left trying to steal farms from the farmers who have been there for generations.  Please help spread the word that The Living Law Firm is researching what's going on there and that the USDA needs to cough up the land patents it owes the people in Ohio. 
As I look at the piles of correspondence coming in, I realize I will never be able to answer it all and that I will very likely never be able to write all the thank you notes I owe.  I realize, too, that our support is from the true heart of our nation, from grandmothers and grandfathers and young families and small business owners near and far.  I just can't thank you all enough, so I will stop for now. 
Maybe from reading these quick notes to people all over this country you can all begin to grasp and feel --- as I do --- that you are not alone and this is not some fool's errand, but a living and growing movement from deep in the grassroots of America. The people of this country are coming home to reclaim their birthright and their lawful government from the jaws of foreign corporations that owe us their Good Faith service and allegiance. 
There are 400 million of us, give or take a few, and 515 of them. 

I like the odds.  Let's go!
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