Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BOYCOTT HEINEKEN: Heineken Promotes Open Borders

Conservatives Furious After Heineken Promotes Open Borders

Heineken has put some writing on the side of its bottle that’s turning the heads of some conservative consumers.
Heineken has written on their bottles, in no uncertain terms, an endorsement for open borders.
Because… Reasons?

*extremely late stage capitalism voice*
"Open borders, because a stranger is just a friend you haven't had a cold Heineken® with yet."


jann said...

I am not a "leftist" but I can't see why anyone should be offended by this simple message on a beer bottle. Open your mind. Open your world. Open your eyes and see that we are all connected. Most of mankind wants to live in a world of peace and harmony --- not a world of fear and hate. Even the most narrow minded among us ought to appreciate that sentiment.

Starseed said...

Thank you Heineken!!! That is music to my ears. It is way past time we realize we are ALL ONE, and should live as such. The Dark Cabal created borders to keep us separated, so we could be controlled, and it has worked until now. There is no freedom until ALL ARE FREE. We should all be able to come and go on all areas of Planet Earth without fear.

Anonymous said...

There are dozens of millions of uneducated and dearately poor people worldwide who would love to move to the west and secure a better life. You can't blame them. But the west cannot afford to accomodate them all wthout destroying each individual economy. Before we decide to have open borders lets have a level playing field first with no need for financial immigration. Everyone on the planet should be financialy self sufficient before borders come down. Finacialy destroying the west to accomodate the worlds poor is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally. 'Open borders' are nothing more than outright planned purposeful irresponsibility, refusing to address the problems that come with allowing indiscriminate entrance into our nation resulting in the Americans suffering the responsibility of being FORCED to support these illegals. 'Open borders' is a HUGE planned method of allowing the entrance of criminals and jihadists into the nation, and we know that either one and both are meant for our destruction. WHY do we not organize and defend our borders ourselves - militias, national guard, etc. instead of waiting for the traitorous 'leaders' to continue to allow INSANE purposeful decisions to continue to destroy our nation? This is not fair to those who live on US soil along the borders, in particular along the Rio Grande that has been a literal WAR ZONE for years. Those who have ranches and raise cattle to feed us are left to defend their ranches and cattle by themselves. They are overrun with all sorts of criminal misdeeds. This is not fair. Allowing them to continue alone is death to us all. We must organize and stand together in the defense of our nation, including our brothers and sisters along the borders. Every time we continue to allow these illegals to cross into our nation, we are allowing them to take more land from us, moving the southern border further away from the Rio Grande, further north into our nation. Are we that lazy? That stupid? That we continue to allow them to do this to us? It is Mexico's (and other nations) criminals moving in - drug gangs, kidnapping gangs, criminals released from jails/prisons coming over. And we continue to allow it.