Friday, May 26, 2017

The TRUE REASON James Comey was FIRED!!!!

FBI Director James Comey is a Pedophile who had sex with little boys and Prince Andrew
Sent to us by reader with request to provide FYI:

Today, in the morning, I watched GoldFish Report #96 with Kent Dunn  (see a link below), in which Mr. Dunn briefly mentioned about Pedophile James Comey and a little boys whom Comey likes…
As a responsible citizen of the United Stated of America Republic, I immediately started my investigation.
This is what I found out: FBI Director James Comey made trips to Pedophile Jeffry Epstein’s Island.  He loves little boys... FBI Director James Comey likes to dress up as Howdy Doody, and he had sex with 12 years-old boy.  When a boy was not available, James Comey had sex with Prince Andrew, who was dressed up as Howdy Doody! Bill Clinton was watching James Comey having sex with little boys and Prince Andrew…  
Please, read below, watch videos, and look at pictures. 
9:13, James Comey made trips to Pedophile island, and he loves little boys... He likes to dressed up as Howdy Doody, had sex with 12 years-old boy, When a boy was not available James Comey had sex with Prince Andrew, dressed as  Howdy Doody! Bill Clinton was watching James Comey having sex with little boys and Prince Andrew.

 James Comey having sex with Prince Andrew
Dressed as Howdy Doody
The True Reason James Comey Was Fired Will Leave You Stunned ...Watch from 5:20 

 BREAKING NEWS: FBI director James Comey Is a Pedophile! Hillary Has the Tapes to Prove It… [VIDEO]
 Comey's 12 Year Old Victim Testifies; Prince Andrew Claims It Never Happened
James Comey had young boys dress as Howdy Doody on Orgy Island. When the young boys couldn't be available, Prince Andrew would have James Comey dress as Howdy Doody if Virgina Roberts was suffering from the MOODY BLUES.
The Judge in Ellsworth Wisconsin refused to hear testimony from Field McConnell on 21 August, 2014. Pedos in Wisconsin government soon to be exposed. Think Senator level, and such. It's Howdy Doody Time Comey you...  
BREAKING: Trump Fired Comey Over PizzaGate Cover-Up  

6:50 James Comey is a part of Pedophile Epstein network; Have Video James Comey had sex with 12
years boy dressed as Howdy Doody and Comey has sex with Prince Andrew dressed as Howdy Doody; 
Bill  Clinton watch James Comey has sex with little boys,  watch at 7:40 
 “Shocking News” James Comey Is A Child Molester! Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, Andrew In Sex Trade
In this video, he discusses in some lurid detail the alleged video evidence that his friend inside the FBI has of James Comey, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton etc. engaging in sex acts with each other and with children.
E.T. Williams claims to have personally viewed a video of James Comey and Prince Charles engaging in gay sex with each other (10:58)
Maybe his FBI friend is a liar but I felt I had to post this as this guy is a prolific YouTuber and as I said, does not have a reputation for making wild claims unless he is clearly joking.

James Comey's Howdy Doody Infatuation and Subliminal Messaging (pizzagate) 
submitted 1 month ago by EndTBTB
Hey guys, so today I was showing a few of my friends a video as some of you may have seen before, which is E.T. Williams calling out FBI Director James Comey, saying he's a child molester and is obsessed Howdy Doody, as well as his affiliation in trafficking rings with Prince Andrew, Epstein and Bill Clinton.
Now, I've been a pretty longtime subscriber of the Doctor of Common Sense, and while he may be comedic at times, he is always seeking the truth and trying to call things how he sees it. I do believe his story. So we wanted to see what Howdy Doody was all about because we're god damned millennials, so we went to Youtube. But what my friends and I discovered after watching a few Howdy Doody videos was pretty fuckin creepy to say the least.
Look at this video of the show from 1950s:
Look closely and you can see subliminal messaging multiple times. Here's a video I found which shows how the "Doodyville" sign in the intro represents the Moloch.
But here's the creepy part: look at the video right around the 33 second mark. Did you catch that?
CREEPY HUH? It flashes for about a millisecond. And this is what they're showing children?
Also there's another one at 24 seconds: Album
Weird, a creepy Wayne Gacy- esque clown holding a sign that seems to be a PO Box number, but weird, because when I watch other episodes from the same year, they advertise their PO Box as this:
Why would they flash that image so fast and why is the PO Box different?
Also here's some screenshots of some pretty pedolike clips from the show:
Look at how the host creepily puts his arm around little girls, and they're clearly creeped out! just look at their faces.
Could this show be an early form of MK Ultra? Could this kind of stuff be a reason why James Comey has a sick obsession with Howdy Doody? Is my tinfoil hat on too tight?


Anonymous said...

No records of James Comey or Bill Clinton (former POTUS) exist at the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender website.

Anonymous said...

You HONESTLY BELIEVE these 'elites' names would be ALLOWED to be made public for the world to see when they make EVERY effort to HIDE who they are and what they are doing, including murder? Have you not been keeping up with the videos, pictures and reports issued in recent months-weeks and days depicting, among many others, Clinton and his buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, on their way to or from Epstein's private Caribbean island known as “Orgy Island"? and Comey