Saturday, May 27, 2017

Homeland Security Chief Issues TERRIFYING Alert to Americans

WATCH: Homeland Security Chief Issues TERRIFYING Alert to Americans. Warn Your Loved Ones.

Why do we think this won't happen in America?

The mainstream media and the radical Left love to ignore the startling truth: We are under constant attack by radical Islam and Sharia law.

Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly issued a terrifying warning. He said, “If [you] knew what I knew about terrorism, [you’d] never leave the house in the morning.”

DHS Secretary Kelly: ‘You’d Never Leave the House’ If You Knew What I Know About Terrorism  

Published on May 26, 2017
Friday on Fox New Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said if Americans knew what he knew about terrorism threats they would “never leave the house.”  Kelly said, “It’s nonstop. The good news is, for us in America, we have amazing people protecting us every day, DHS, obviously, FBI, fighting the away game is DOD Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, working with these incredible allies we have in Europe and around the world. But it can happen almost here anytime. I was telling Steve on the way in here if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning. But the good news is again we have the finest men and woman in uniform, out of uniform, police officers, local law enforcement New York City cops protecting us.”
Wow, if he is scared, then we should all be terrified. (via The Hill).

He went on to say, “It’s every where. It’s constant. It’s nonstop. The good news for us in America is we have amazing people protecting us every day. But it can happen here almost anytime.”

After eight years of Obama, this is the America that we have come to expect. We are so swamped in radical Islam that we need constant protection. Thank goodness we have such great police officers and such a strong military.

And, we also have the 2nd Amendment.

Unfortunately, liberals want to take away our guns. They don’t understand that a well-armed populace is the key to freedom. Look at Europe. They have so many gun restrictions, and look at all the terrorist attacks.

We need to deal with the radical Islam problem. We can do this by allowing Trump’s travel ban to go through, but activist judges and vicious lawyers won’t allow that to happen. They would rather put Americans at risk than deal with the problem.

We need to increase our vetting and protect our borders. We are too unprotected, but at least we have Trump to change that. Trump is tough on terror and radical Islam, unlike Obama.

Obama simply didn’t care about the flood of unvetted 'refugees.' He either didn’t care or didn’t see a problem with it.  Either option is terrible for Americans. With the help of the mainstream media, Obama got away with his incompetence.  (The PLAN was FOR the INFLUX of unvetted 'refugees' - to bring in the jihadi army to terrorize the nation.)

The media has been unrelenting against Trump. All Trump is doing is what any president should do: protect Americans from terrorists. The mainstream media doesn’t understand that, and the radical Left hates that Trump is such a strong president.

We elected Trump to protect our country, strengthen our borders, and improve our economy, but he has been halted at every step of the way by the Left, media, and the deep state operatives.

The deep state and the mainstream media have been working together to attack Trump. It has been a constant reminder that Obama really messed up our country. Because of Obama, the deep state has thrived, and Trump will have to do some serious firing.

Thankfully, if anyone can drain the swamp and protect us from radical Islam, it is Donald Trump. Our president isn’t going to allow these radical Islamic terrorists to harm American citizens.


Anonymous said...


It is time for a new crusade to be sure. This needs to be much bigger than a Christian crusade however. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and indigenous tribes around the world must all ally against this common enemy and lethal threat. Islam has declared a Jihad against the entire earth and against all nations, religions and cultures. They have declared this from their own demonic mouths. Islam is now a fourth of the worlds land and population and they fully intend to finish the job. They have invaded Europe in a big way and are invading America as well. In 1970 there were 100,000 Arabs in America. Today there are 10,000,000. They are weaseling into our education, finance and government in every way. Every one of the thousands of Mosques is a Jihad fort of conquest. The Quran is much more than their Bible, it is their ideology constitution and law library of Sharia. They have no intention of blending in with the host cultures and peoples whatsoever. The Quran forbids this. Their own law book declares that we are to be either converted, submitted or killed off (murdered). They are not kidding either. This has been their way and agenda for one thousand four hundred years. Here get some education and have a little research adventure.
This man, Usama Dakdok from Egypt will lay out the truth without reservation. He is a devout Christian whistleblower doing his best to warn the world of this virulent mortal danger to our lives and cultures. Maybe you can’t handle the horrible truth but we better because we are running out of time very fast.
In the previous papers I laid out the situation and some strategy for remedy. We need to purge our lands of these people for the most part. There are some of them who are blending well with us and want to enjoy a civilization with peace and harmony. Many have become Christians and fans of common law and democracy. But the rest, the Jihadists need to be expelled back to their homelands at Gods Speed. Everyone will do well to go online and educate themselves about this situation and I am sure most all of you will agree after that. Usama is a good place to start. If you love your children and wish for them to have a free and happy future and inherit the lands of our ancestors who entrusted them to our care, then take the first responsibility of stewardship and intercept and remedy this great danger that faces and threatens us all. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Live long and prosper, be fearless and free.
In peace and love
“We can forgive, we never forget, expect us”

Anonymous said...

Obama had refugees flown in at night by a "FedX type" company
under the radar numerous times. What a living Hell this idiot for a President tried to rain on the American public.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that snipers, bandidos or some drunken crazed idiot hasn't taken care of the problem already.

jay w said...

the problem IS the enemy is running this country , usa inc.