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1of3 In Ponzi Land Financial Treason Happens on a Holiday


In Ponzi Land
Financial Treason
Happens on a Holiday
Part 1 of 3
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Sunday February 26, 2012
Obama Geithner Bernanke FAIL
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UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported thatforeign born, illegitimate pResident Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, countefeiter Bernard Bernanke, and check kiter U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, used the Martin Luther King holiday to surreptitiously and illegally 'BAIL OUT' the European Central Bank (ECB) using U.S. Taxpayers' money.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks in the 
Armenian capital Yerevan, Sunday, July 4, 2010, during her brief visit 
to the ex-Soviet nation. Clinton on Sunday appealed to Armenia and 
Azerbaijan for a peaceful resolution of a long-running territorial 
dispute between the neighboring ex-Soviet states, but there were no 
outward signs of fresh diplomatic progress.
President Barack Obama meets with former President George H.W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the Oval Office, Jan. 27, 2012 
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
The aforementioned traitors are being advised by their partners-in-crime: Current U.S. Secretary of State, dysfunctional loser and lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate mafia boss, George Herbert Walker Bush, his wife, Barbara aka the bookkeeper, and his election stealing, drug trafficking son, John Ellis Bush aka Jeb. Another co-conspirator in this FINANCIAL TREASON is none other than Warren Buffett and his British owned company Berkshire Hathaway. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

On the Martin Luther King federal holiday, 01-16-12, the TREASONOUS privately-owned Federal Reserve arranged a 30-day bridge loan aka direct BAIL OUT of the European Central Bank (ECB) using the worldwide derivative clearing house, the unregulated London LIFFE Exchange, to arrange a derivative-based currency swap, which converted U.S. dollars (over 50% were counterfeited in London) into EURO currency cross-collateralized derivatives that were used to BAIL OUT the ECB and help roll out their debt exposure to Greece by issuing new EURO bonds to mature in future calendar years.

This latest Ponzi Scheme by the ECB is a spin off of the Federal Reserve's 'Operation Twist'; I guess you can now call what is happening in Europe 'Operation Twist and Turn'.

As of this hour, whether the derivatives aka these bonds issues are due next week or in ten years they remain worthless junk.

Note: The major creditors involved in the Greek-European Union banking crisis are none other than U.S. based banking giants Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

Item: There are no records of banking transactions on holidays in the United States.

The latest money laundry that these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS just completed will probably go undetected and declared an off balance sheet transaction.

There is also no paper trail on the unregulated London LIFFE Exchange where everything is traded electronically with high frequency quantum computers.

The U.S. Treasury was, once again, LOOTED without any paper record of any transaction. Right?

Wrong! We have good news. The patriotic American-French intelligence task force utilizing PROMIS software now have an electronic record of this criminality aka HIGH treason and International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Christine Lagarde is ready to cancel these derivative transactions and send the money back to the American Taxpayers aka the U.S. Treasury.

P.S. This mountain of cross-collateralized, compounded derivatives linked to the London LIFFE Exchange is about to bankrupt Barclays Bank and Lloyds Bank of England.

One British Barclays Bank executive told me, and I quote him "We are walking on a tightrope with the Fed Res, the European Central Bank and Warren Buffett and there is no net."
 The reference by the British banking executive to Warren Buffett is significant since his Berkshire Hathaway's derivative holdings still show a 30% loss.

During the period of the original financial crisis of late 2008 and early 2009, Buffett wrote put options aka derivative debts that the stock market would not go down any further. Buffett collected a great deal of cash and simultaneously loaned that cash to help bail out Goldman Sachs, who then turned around and bought preferred stock.

The question occurs with the big rise in the stock market why is Warren Buffett still losing money. The answer is that Goldman Sachs used the preferred stock as collateral to write more bogus derivatives tied to the Greek-Euro banking fiasco.

Accordingly, Goldman Sachs can't pay Warren Buffett back.

It is also interesting to note that 35% of the S&P 500, the stock index futures contract that Warren Buffett wrote his put options derivatives on the weighted average in energy stocks.

So, the question has to be asked: Is the massive bubble in the stock market and the artificially rigged high price of oil tied to the aforementioned financial terrorists aka the Fed, the U.S. Treasury, the ECB and the London LIFFE Exchange, to use the worldwide financial derivative markets as a vehicle to bail out Warren Buffett and get Goldman Sachs paid?

The answer, of course, is categorically "YES"!

As usual, folks, we have connected the dots for you.

Again, in Ponzi Land, now you have it and now you don't but you can always wait for a 'bail out'. P.P.S. At this hour U.S. Taxpayers' money is being used by the worldwide financial terrorists aka the crooked banks to construct a new, more elaborate PONZI SCHEME, attack the U.S. dollar, drive up the exchange rate of what is really the worthless EURO currency, and manipulate upward the price of crude oil, unleaded gasoline, precious metals and stock index futures as to complete the 'BAIL OUT' of the European Central Bank (ECB), the London LIFFE Exchange, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

As we bring you this intelligence briefing, both Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom are seeking an emergency 3-year loan from the European Central Bank (ECB).


Tomorrow is not a holiday and elements of the U.S. military and the American People are now watching you like a hawk, punk! MORE

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