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Children, Pets & Ascension by Greg Giles - February 23, 2012

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Children, Pets & Ascension by Greg Giles - February 23, 2012
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Date: Thursday, 23-Feb-2012 23:01:03
Children, Pets & Ascension by Greg Giles - February 23, 2012

(My American Eskimo and best friend Rico 'ascending'
from Los Angeles in his own seat like a big boy)
Many people are greatly concerned at this time whether or not their children and their pets will also be ascending into the higher dimensions as humanity reaches the culmination point of the great shift. The first point to make clear here is that all those who have chosen to ascend, either consciously, unconsciously, or prior to their current incarnation, are not going to disappear from this Earth to materialize on the new 5th dimensional Earth, rather, our entire planet is ascending right along with us under our safely grounded feet. All those who wish to ride the higher dimensional energy wave need only to so choose. Upon this choice, our Angels, our guides, and our Star and Soul Families will assist us in making our desire become a reality.
There is no cause for concern for our young ones and our pets as they are already multidimensional beings and as such have incarnated with their ticket to the higher realms already in hand. Our children that have incarnated to be here at this time are the chosen stewards of the new 5th dimensional Earth, as these special souls have demonstrated their worthiness for such a sacred assignment. It has been theorized that 100% of our children born within the past 20 years are either Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children, as the higher frequency these souls possess are required to assist our planet in her time of ascension.
Our pets are also already multidimensional beings who have incarnated with us to keep us company throughout our sometimes 'seemingly' lonely journey. They also carry with them higher dimensional vibrations as part of their mission in service to Earth and humanity at this time. If one would ask for some kind of tangible evidence of this, one only need to realize that as 3rd dimensional humans one of our greatest challenges has been to master the spiritual virtue of unconditional love, and although many may claim they have reached this understanding, we must be honest with ourselves and say that as humans we have set many conditions on our love, and this we cannot honestly deny. ‘I will only love you if you love me back, I will only love you if you are faithful to me, I will only love you if I find you attractive, and I will only love you if you have enough money for me’, are just some of the conditions we place upon our love for another, but ask yourself what conditions do our furry friends place upon their love for us? No matter how they are treated or even mistreated, our faithful companions will always love us unconditionally as they have already mastered this spiritual virtue. One may even go as far to say that our beloved pets are Way Showers for many of us.
So you see there is no cause for concern that our young ones and our faithful companions will remain right by our side as we together ascend into the higher realms of this universe, as their ascensions are already well in hand.
Posted by Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012

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i totaly agree. George Kavassilis has gone in to some detail about this subject, i highly recommend anyone reading this to look him up.