Saturday, February 25, 2012

Message from Saul through John Smallman

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Message from Saul
through John Smallman

Time is like an infinite slowing down of reality Waiting, as the anticipation and excitement builds, is hard for you.
Your patience has been well tested over the last few years as you have been looking forward to and preparing for humanity’s awakening, and as the moment for this marvelous event draws ever closer, your stress and tension levels mount. That is unavoidable, but keep focusing on its inevitability. God has promised it, and so it will occur, precisely as planned.

Your spiritual evolution has been advancing slowly but steadily for eons, with occasional missteps and diversions, but over the last three or four centuries your rate of progress has been accelerating exponentially, although it may not seem like that to you, and you are now approaching the level from which you will awaken and discover what marvels you have achieved. From almost total ignorance, aligned with just basic reactive behavior, you have moved forward to an awareness of love, compassion, cooperation, and kindness and have started to use those concepts to engage with one another more and more frequently, and are delighting in how incredibly effective they are at dealing with every kind of problem and situation that you have to cope with in your daily lives. As you demonstrate this by living it, others learn to do likewise, and so these extremely effective concepts are literally exploding into humanity’s awareness all over the planet and are being put into practice to bring about the essential changes that will enable and bring about peace and prosperity for all on Earth.

It has taken humanity a long time to reach this stage or level in its ongoing development, but it is a stage from which retreat or backsliding is impossible, and the vistas that will open up to you are magnificent indeed. Awakening into your divine and natural state of being fully conscious will expand your awareness and knowledge beyond all recognition as compared to the limited state in which you are presently able to avail of them. In your awakened state even the abilities of the most intellectually gifted and brilliant among you, as you now experience existence, will be seen to be of absolutely no consequence, in fact without any merit at all except for the help they have given you on your path to wakefulness when you occasionally chose to use them for that mighty purpose.

In your awakened and natural state the Love in which God’s embrace holds you eternally will fill you with His Wisdom and the infinite abilities that He possesses so that you co-create with Him for the everlasting joy and pleasure of all. There will be no problems with egoic urges attempting to seek attention by being first or best, because knowing that you are all one – and eternally experiencing that state, and it will be infinite and ecstatic – joy will be constantly created for all, in a delicious state of cooperation that defies any description that could have meaning for you while you remain limited by the confining nature of the illusion.

Those of you who think about it wonder whatever could have persuaded you to attempt to separate yourselves from your loving Creator in the first place. Life in the illusion, to put it very mildly indeed, is not terribly satisfactory, and all the information you receive from the spiritual realms tells you that the divine wonders of existence in Reality, at one with God, cannot possibly be explained to you because to actually experience that state is the only way that it can be understood. Nevertheless, you have the indwelling sense that it exists, that it is Heaven, and that it is a truly magnificent state, and so you ask yourselves, and one another, “Why on earth would we have chosen to leave it and be separated from God?” And that is indeed a most reasonable question.

In your natural state you are infinite Wisdom, infinite Knowledge, and infinite Love. You have everything and you need nothing. But the thought occurred, “What would it be like to be separate from God?” And instantly you experienced that weird and lonely state because thought produces instant results. Yes, it is an imaginary state because separation from God is impossible, and outside of Him there is nothing because there is no outside. However, the result was – the illusion.
And here you are but a moment later, and about to return to Reality.

Time is illusory; it seems real, and without it you would be unable see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and generally interact with one another and the environment that the illusion contains. Time is like an infinite slowing down of Reality, enabling causes to have effects, and as a result chains of events unfold, completing the experience of the illusion for you. An illusion lasts no time! But when you are apparently caught up within it, it seems interminable. It appears to have all started many billions of years ago, and yet it is but a momentary aberration that cannot last. You are to awaken, you have been asleep for but an instant, and your joy will be ecstatic. So relax, be loving, open yourselves to your Father’s Love so that It can dispel the illusion, and allow yourselves to awaken. Remember, you do have free will, and to open yourselves to His love is to choose to awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.


Anonymous said...

Can blasphemy be any more open? Can outright flattery be any more brazen? Will we fall for it, again, like in Eden? I hope not.

We are incredible creations of dust. As amazingly made as we are, we do not even begin to approach being Divine or infinite. And never will.

"Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else. I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, 'My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.'"
-Isaiah 46:9,10

Anonymous said...

I and so many others are looking forward to the masses of arrests and the restructuring of our world for all humanity.

The Truth Seeker said...

It's all blasphemy to you because you are completely brainwashed by your 'church' into taking everything in the bible literally. That way, there's absolutely no room for critical thinking on your part and if you believe yourself to be nothing but dust, then dust you shall become. The god that you unknowingly worship is a wannabe, pent on destroying the earth that was created by the real God. It's all because he is a jealous, babylonian fire god that demands to be called the lord. The Zionists worship this god and want you to as well and when the time comes, you will allow WWIII to occur because that's what the Zionists want. You see, it was never about you, it was always about the Zionists controlling the world and duping the idiot 'Christian' goyim into fighting their battles for them. The real God is all about Love which is something the church never wants you to know. Then they can't control you or demand 10% of your hard earned money.