Monday, February 27, 2012

Claudia Treacy, a true patriot passed away

This is in honor of a true Patriot, Claudia Treacy, who passed away this morning. She and I got connected in the Early Restore America program --- and we shared a number of thoughts and dreams for the Restored America.

She cared about honesty and integrity in the political system. We both were fighters for those caught in the illegal foreclosure process being controlled by corrupt bankers and we shared the desire for justice.  

She is a trooper and very proud to call her my friend.

Note I use the verbiage "is" for she is at peace with Our Loving LORD. I fully expect to see her on the other side as she "is" a lady with a good heart and good soul.

And to her family left behind, my condolences but YOU WILL MEET HER AGAIN!.

GOD Bless You Claudia.
GOD Bless Her family,

John MacHaffie  HIS Humble Servant


Anonymous said...

thank you for your wonderful post. Claudia was my mother, she was a very special lady :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you fot the great post. She was my mom and miss her so much. Love you mom!