Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ron Paul gives both CONgress and the Bernank both barrels

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Video-- Ron Paul gives both CONgress and the Bernank both barrels, and reloads before the empties hit the ground...
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 29-Feb-2012 14:16:19

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Cynthia said...

Check out Senator Bernie Sanders grilling the Federal Reserve chiefs - back to Greenspan and up to the Bernanche, if you want to see someone who likes PEOPLE better than corporations and doesn't think that selfishness leads to socially responsible choices (as Ron Paul and the Libertarian faith preach). Ron Paul is right about fiat currency and war being an unsustainable use of resources, though that is about ALL I can find to agree with him on. I couldn't disagree much more with him on the role of money in our society and the proper way to help people who don't have any. He thinks if you get into an accident that the church should support your medical attention. How many churches should afford to pay the medical bills of people who have difficulties - children born with medical issues for instance. How about the elderly- Ron Paul doesn't believe in Medicare. Should we let people die when they get sick if they don't have money? Insurance companies would not offer affordable coverage to old people. It is a given that as people age they have issues.