Friday, February 24, 2012


Posted Today, 12:54 PM
Hello Gang,
According to info I’ve gleaned from several sites, including DinarWishes above, the RV was attempted and failed numerous times yesterday and last night, the process stopping at virtually the same spot each time. 

One of my primary sources said he was told by an IT person on the team that it was so close to the end of the script that they kept trying to get it past the spot, somewhat like when you have a bad spot on a DVD and your movie freezes up. 

Supposedly they were trying to fix the spot, but obviously it was something far more serious than just one line of code with a typo on the command line. So they had to go back through the code, following the maze of links and find out what one code was out of synch. It may be as simple as the script looking for an “A” line and some programmer labeled it a “1” line. I had the same thing in one of my releases for WorldCom years ago and it was just that simple. Yet we lost a whole weekend finding that minor glitch in the interface between two separate software programs that pulled information from one another.

The team’s window was until midnight CST last night, and at around 11:53 CST, when they realized they weren’t able to hit their window, they put a technical hold on the process and asked for an extension, which I understand was approved. I can imagine these people are just as frayed as we are, maybe more with trying to get this over and proceed to Miller Time or Happy Hour, no matter what time it is at that moment of final success.

You can bet they’re trying to fix this and if they do, then they have to wait until whoever the higher is in charge of this process to approve it going forward. This is no easy train to get going once it stops, as an entire network, behind the scenes must be alerted to be ready. It doesn’t just pop up on the screens, as they need support and infrastructure out there along every tentacle that this RV goes down. I can just imagine a Jules Vern Giant Squid portraying this in a Hollywood movie showing this in the years to come.

In fact, one guru reported that they may have finally released it to a certain point and are now waiting for the timing to be right. Maybe they’re doing some additional final testing to make sure everything will work this next time. There are no “OOPS!” allowed on this once it goes out - it has to be right the first time. If wrong, it could cost billions of dinars or dollars.

Not only are the Gurus feeling the sting of the disenchanted, but you can bet these IT people are getting an earful every second. They want this done, IMF wants this done, China wants this done, and the US Treasury wants this done. Iraq is virtually on hold until this is done, and they even called off the Parliament until March 6 to let everything get done on this and the other issues they’re addressing. Contrary to what some following Iraq’s every move say, they don’t have transparency in Iraq and any approvals/votes in Parliament are only for show. Everything that needed to be said, any criticism one politician had for another were all done behind closed doors. The newspaper reports only what it’s told to report, and usually days or weeks after the fact. I've had boots on the ground in that area of the world, and I know first-hand how they operate. So if the newsies want to be on Noah’s Ark (The RV), they need to quit with the folly of trying to be on the cutting edge via the newspapers, and get out on the dock. It's starting to rain, the ramps are being pulled in, and the doors are shutting. Besides, trying to make sense out of all that stuff will "Dwive YOU Cwazy!"

I too think everything is on hold until this gets through. It should have been completed yesterday, and maybe even the day before that. China can't have a huge announcement until the RV hits the bank screens. The RV rate and details couldn't be announced in prayers this morning in Iraq, and many other announcements world-wide are on hold. 

Have a great day – hope this day sees this happening, the parties erupting, and everyone lovin' each other instead of gnawing on each other like a pack of junkyard dogs. It’s there, ripe for announcement and cash-in, but Murphy and Murphy’s Law has besieged us. The "Law of Averages" is now swinging in our favor! Description: :D

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Same s@*t, different day.

Anonymous said...

when the price goes up on Ebay, I'll figure something is happening for real. Other than that it's still the same price it's always been. "we're on the verge!" yep same stuff different day. stop the false anxiousness and haste. be realistic. it can't be "any hour" every day for months on end. c'mon

Anonymous said...

somebody has got to hold the energy and visualize things happening and stay positive or else it's not possible...some are visionaries and some are not...pretty simple!!!

Anonymous said...

f*?king dito

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some smart guy (Oddball from "Kelly's Heros") once said, "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?" Read it, Love it, Live it.

siriusvoid said...

The alternative to RV/WGS/PP would be much more costly to the status quo - Let sanity arise and flourish.