Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When asked what can you alone can do?

This Blog from day one has been a 1 man operation inspired from a higher spiritual level. An awareness blog written purposely from the heart with truth & integrity.

Now over 8 million viewers. And still makes spelling errors -- hey what can I say! LOL!

I truly wish to thank you all for your support and prayers in this Awareness Blog.


But ---

And more importantly --- You Also Can Make A Difference.  GO FOR IT!

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up dates and platform,something seems apparent,LIBERTY is awake and well !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your point is well made. Big Things are about to happen. Many are about to become financially independent. We first need to change this government and then begin to take care of those who have not been reading this blog and others. They will feel as if they have been left behind. In reality they are winners too. Thanks John.

Bob S.

Anonymous said...

John, many thanks for your dedication and fortitude to enlighten the mass on what IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING... The Truth and nothing more than the truth! When a plate of food goes from mouth to mouth it decreases, but when information go outward from mouth to mouth it increases. Kudos to you. 8 millions and counting...YEA! Thanks John-You are a Great noble soul! Many blessing to you

Jason A.

Anonymous said...

I check your site 3-4 times per day and have done so for the past 4 months. Does that make me 500 viewers or 1 viewer giving the site 500 hits?

John MacHaffie said...

It means you have too much time on your hands! LOL!

Anonymous said...

best blog cheers jm!!!!

Anonymous said...

I check here daily and enjoy what's here in the way of intel or events not told on main stream media. Thanks John.

A. Allen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you work John, I too check it out 3-4 times a day. I also direct others here, thanks again.

Andy V.

Anonymous said...

Greetings All,

Thanks John for Being here and sharing Truth , Unity and Awareness.
I enjoy sharing the information that resonates in My Heart and then with neighbors,friends and family. These updates and news facts being posted greatly help to spread truth,liberty and justice.

love n light


KeeperoftheRainbow said...

Congratulations! Oneness...