Monday, July 29, 2013

Reader: "Demise of the Universal Voice / Drake Bailey show...?"

Reader: "Demise of the Universal Voice / Drake Bailey show...?"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 29-Jul-2013 02:59:25
(Thanks, P. :)
Reader P. wonders:
just wondering if anyone has the scoop on what happened to Drake and Denise and their shows--all disappeared with no explanation this week. thanks.
(hobie here.) I don't know "the rest of the story", but here's what's posted at Drake's blogsite:
Posted on July 28, 2013

Due to circumstances beyond Drake’s control, there is no Sunday (or otherwise) program scheduled. Please watch this page at or for further updates. I realize this is a horrible inconvenience to all of the audience. Join Drake on his new Facebook for updates at
I am in the process of downloading and archiving ALL of Drake’s shows and they will be available in MP3 format here on Drake’s website as soon as that task can be accomplished. Meanwhile, Drake is seeking a new venue and I will post any NEWS here when Drake has those announcments.
~ Denise
Message from Universal Voice (Denise):
With much forethought and consideration I announce that Universal Voice Radio, Universal Voice Website and associated UV Facebook group, chat room on Wirecub, and e-mail will be closing. There will be no further broadcasts from Universal Voice. This is my decision for my health and well-being and not influenced by anyone other than myself.
If you would like to remain in contact with me personally, I would be honored to friend you on my personal facebook page. Likewise, any of you that would like to continue to follow Drake can friend him under Drake Kent and don’t forget that Drake’s website is
Furthermore, I am sure Gramy J would be honored to keep in touch with you and you can request her friendship on her personal page as well.
I plan to continue only my 528hz radio program on Spreaker. Hopefully you will join me there from time to time.
With love from my heart to you all….Always, Denise.

Drake’s New Facebook Arena: Cosmic Voice
Denise’s Facebook:
Drake’s Personal Facebook:
Drake’s Website:
Gramy J’s Facebook:
Denise on Spreaker:



Anonymous said...

Who cares about Drake's Bullshit show? All lies and bullshit. Why on earth would anyone want to save and archive his crap? Waste of time if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

LoL! But yet you are here!... Much Love!