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TNT - 7/28/13



Longhorn Dave :first i will apolgize if my update yesterday hasn't occured as of 10am cst. I am prepared to take my medicine from the bashers.

I will say nothing has changed from where i stand. No issues on the inside. Im being told that the only thing left is the global release. It will all happen once.

Keep your hopes high and i will let you know if things change. Hook em!

[TxIslandGirl] Longhorn Dave GM! Hope you are having a great day!

[Longhorn Dave] TXIslandgirl....hoping it gets better

[mcndc1231] Reuters) - JP Morgan Chase & Co is exiting physical commodities trading, the bank said in a surprise statement on Friday, as Wall Street's role in the trading of raw materials comes under intense political and regulatory pressure.
[mcndc1231] This is awesome!!

[pittsteelers69] I view us as little birds waiting for our worm (RV) to drop in our mouths

 [normanross] mcndc1231 whats awesome about that?

mcndc1231] It is saying that money is getting ready to be backed my precious metals again

[mcndc1231] The top manipulators that was supressing gold and sliver prices is now getting out of the game

pmcurtin] July 23rd: More rumblings coming out of the UN as a growing chorus of impatience continues to swell amongst some its member nations who openly question why the Global Currency Reset has not been enacted yet. By any stretch of the imagination, the sheer number of astounding events listed above marks nothing less than a complete changing of the guard. These kinds of developments would not even happen, if the old regime was still in charge. We simply have not seen this kind of significant activity on both a national and international scale ever, ever before.



[puppylove] "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS. THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN THAT ARE OUR HEROS BOTH PAST AND PRESENT

[peachesten] I think we need to take note, kind of log the daily events and then on the flip side all get together to share notes and collectively author the story

 [peachesten] a book for the ppl and future generation written by the ppl

[dudenocoins] peachesten I agree - This is a monumental historical moment for the entire WORLD.....It must be recorded for the history books.

[TnBikerGal] Not sure if anyone is interested but I would like to correct something Med said in his post on recaps.

[TnBikerGal] He stated that there was no way this could rv during Ramadan because it goes against their rules

[TnBikerGal] This is not true

[TnBikerGal] In fact....during Ramadan the people are expected to give a portion of their wealth to those less fortunate!

[missscarlett] TnBikerGal And that isn't just limited to Ramadan....

[TnBikerGal] So.... I call BS on his post. I called my friend In Jordan for clarification.

[Robertprofessor] I've been lurking mostly these days, but I'd like to toss out a question: where are we? rofl It seemed last night that we were at the point again of thinking the rv could take place overnight. Anyone have anything?

[misskitty05] Robertprofessor hello friend ... sounds like we're just waiting our turn in line

[dudenocoins] Robertprofessor Well reading between the lines as Jester has taught us.... The "A" speech did not happen thus we are waiting until it broadcasts... IMO The signal.....

[Robertprofessor] misskitty05 Dignitaries now ... maybe us soon.

[misskitty05] Robertprofessor yes, sounds like they may be processing groups ahead of us?? imo



[jonjobe7] Why we shouldnt bail out the Banksters. Ron Paul: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschilds

[lakeisland] jonjobe7 That is interesting.. thanks!!!



BOBGETZ6] Good Morning MIG...This is an excerpt from a daily devotional I receive: Have you ever wanted something so badly that your perception of the situation became disorted? We can force situations so much that we lose perspective.

[jacque47] Saudi billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal has warned that global demand for the kingdom's oil is dropping, urging revenue diversification and investment in nuclear and solar energy to cover local consumption.




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Anonymous said...

None of you have intel that has the date or rate but you have play by play happenings so lets just keep positive and hope for the best.
I do not think it will happen this year or at least before Oct. 1, 2013 because our government hasn't been able to disarm us. With our money and arms TPTB can not afford to pay their civilian army indefinately, the poor dumbed down S.O.B.'s. We are the value for the money these Powers that be depend on and now they do not want us receiving any money with , which to get them out of office . They are all war criminals and deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but they need to live to serve out their sentences. Iraq has a choice to make and its not about loosing faith, its about their financial position to allow the cabal to fail along with their phony money and the Iraq people know this. We may not see this RV until the world looks and realizes together what this rogue cabal is. They need to be removed from their positions and allow the Basil III transparency that was promised in those accords to be viewed by the investing public. This small cabal are a relic of times gone by and it is time to move to the next level of ascension but we must allow this dimension to collapse from its own folly. We keep telling one another to stand up but, we keep depending on a criminal system to bail us out and we have already seen that they do not have the peoples interest at heart yet Iraq knows that if they enter this market then they will be just as liable. If we are to stand up then allow this system to die and remove it from your just business dealings. There are more of us and TPTB know that and they are prepared with all manner of weapons they can kill all of us at the blink of an eye . When we say we will die for freedom and prosperity for our future generations then that is what we should mean, instead we are believing these powers that be are going to correct their ways without justice while we get thrown into prison for doing the very things that are enumerated in our Bill Of Rights. We know that for future generations to survive this plague/bankers/cabal has to be allowed to fade into history . They think more of themselves than they ought. TPTB have destroyed their own children's ability to survive unless they are in possession of technology to allow them to survive. Not to mention the fact that their children who are born with the silver spoon will be targets of the disillusioned sheep. I am just saying that we should not be willing to get into bed with the cabal for our own financial gain and if the CBI is under the Fed Reserve system then this is going to happen all over again and maybe this time they will educate our children to be even dumber than what TPTB have already done. It has to stop now so allow this RV to take place in its time and allow the cabal and all their esoteric slaves and educated slaves to fall by the wayside along with the sheep who have agreed to be led to the slaughter. This may sound cruel but the sheep are out there in the form of police and military police. (Not the military who thinks they are fighting for freedom lest anyone call me unpatriotic) We should just shut up and protest in ways that bring down this system. We can use what is good from the system to build again but this time we have computers and we have open avenues that will hold future leaders to the accountability we elect them too. I am no expert but to me this is over and we must move on even if it means giving our lives for future generations to live in an upright system.