Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have a close friend who is a banker and I shared this investment with him. He was skeptical but bought $100.00 worth of dinar. After several months of me saying tomorrow, tomorrow this is happening he asked his bosses if this is ligit. 

They said no it is a scam and it will never happen and to stay away from this. He sold his
currency back. He has been making fun of me that I am still working and this still has not happened. I told him I will prove it wrong, that it is happening. 

Today he called me and told me that his
bank had a meeting about the Iraq dinar. They were briefing everyone about foreign currencies, that the bank will be dealing with foreign currencies and how to process them. He told me that they said the dinar was RVing and this was really going to happen globally. 

So all the
banks are being informed. So now he's a believer. It's happening soon everyone. Hang in there everyone~

Posted by FORO DINAR GURUS at 6:57 PM


Anonymous said...

ok so let me guess he has now gone out and bought a bunch of dinar and all of his friends and so there is no dinar available to purchase cause all the rich people who have means are buying it up? and let me guess bill gates, warren buffett, gerorge soros are buying it up as well????????????????????? yeah why dont you just say who your friend is and at what bank bc you are a liar

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with a WF bankster who told me that the Dong was not going international and their recording before I was able to speak to a human (?) mentioned the currencies that WF was not dealing with or has plans to do so, only currency mentioned was the Dinar.
How much longer are we idiots going to buy into the lies and bs on this GCR agenda? The only reset I see are for those who already have it all and will get more and those who have nothing will have even less.