Thursday, February 27, 2014

God speaks to this 13yr old Cowboy

God speaks to this 13yr old Cowboy.

Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2014
at 7:59 PM
We sometimes think we are beginning to figure it all out—after 7 1/2  decades of trying.  This young man has it figured out at the age of 10. 


Anonymous said...

Basicly I think that since this life has been so messed up and convoluted that people are desperate for something good being shown to them through acts or conversations with God that they will be drawn to this sweet boy and put their faith and energy in something or someone other than themselves when they are just as important and powerful in the sight of God. I truly hope that people do not raise this boy above the point of destroying his innocence and faith in his God and put him on a pedistal when they should be finding their own connection to God instead of puting their energy in a child of flesh.

archangel said...

Well, if some of you had heard of the "Crystal Children" and were wondering what they were all about, well wonder no more. If he doesn't absolutely open your heart, whether your are a "believer" or not matters not at all, then I'm afraid I have some bad news. You're heart fell into hell and got lost. I recommend you pray real hard to get it back at God's speed. How you pray, matters not.

archangel said...

Well, once you get your heart open then assume your own conversations by all means. The God within waits patiently. (Old yogi joke) "If God wanted to hide from man, he would hide within man himself. That's the last place he would ever look." Funny but sad.