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loretta fuddy accident

Was The Death of the Obama Birth Certificate Verifier Caught on Video?

Since the day it was announced that Loretta Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health who verified Obama’s birth certificate died mysteriously in a plane crash, there was some question of whether is was really  an “accident”. The authorities seem to be saying, yes. But, because of her close ties to the fraudulent Obama Birth Certificate,  many people fear that she was the most recent  in Obama’s “dead pool” and haven’t stopped looking for real answers. It seems  that amateur bloggers and Youtubers are the new Investigative Journalists in this new media society of “give the President a pass, or be a racist”.
I recently came across a video and still photos that were meticulously retrieved by a fellow blogger, from the Ferdinand Puentes GoCam videos that he took of the plane crash on December 11, 2013 in which  Loretta Fuddy  died. The photos can be found here: . She has more  shots there than I am showing, so check it out. Many thanks – great work!
The Puentes video originally aired on ABC in January 2014 and can be seen here.  The segment depicted below is at about 3:23 minutes in the video and lasts about 3 seconds.  There has been a lot of speculation about this “accident”, as so many things just don’t add up. The story of a tragic death was reported before rescuers had even gotten to the plane. First reports indicated someone remained in the plane, when in fact, all got out. And the only death was the one person who really might know the truth about Obama’s birth certificate. It took a month for vague autopsy results. The local police and the NTSB couldn’t decide who was in charge of the investigation into her death.
Dr. Fuddys death was declared to be from a problem with her heart – natural causes, and we’re all supposed to believe that it was all just a tragic accident, but after  seeing these photos, all doubt is gone. As I looked through the still shots taken from the video, my blood froze, because I knew what I was seeing. I am seeing a diver do something to Loretta Fuddy, which I assume was murder, and it chills me to the bone. I hope that law enforcement can be made aware of what seems to be shown in these pictures, so they can investigate it. Just look, please. Form your own opinion.
The first photos are reference photos  of what I think you’ll be able to see in the actual photos.  (they are NOT actual photos of the divers in the video- the shoe is really Dr. Fuddy’s)
The photos below are in sequence. The ones on the left are the originals – to the right I have highlighted what  I see. Beyond frightening. This whole video sequence takes about 3 seconds in real time.The series of photos shown below are the actual stills of the events that are shown on Ferdinand Puentes video.   These photos have been zoomed and cropped by Butterdezillion. In the GoPro video, the action is actually quite a distance away. You can click on any set to enlarge them to see better.
Start with Picture #1, and follow the sequence like a movie. I have labeled people and things on the right hand picture. This is Loretta Fuddy on the right and Keith Yamamoto on the left. He is looking at her. She is laying back into her flotation device. Her head is just visible and one shoe is visible. The shoe is important – and remember, all of this takes about 3 seconds in real time.
Loretta Fuddy MurderLoretta Fuddy murderLoretta Fuddy MurderLoretta Fuddy Murder 4Loretta Fuddy Murder6 copy7 - Fuddy Murder8 Fuddy Murder9 Fuddy Murder10 Fuddy Murder
So, there you have it. Loretta Fuddy is floating in her life jacket holding hands with her Assistant, Keith Yamamoto. A diver completely dressed in black surfaces momentarily for about 3 seconds and seems to be doing something to her foot or leg. My theory is that he administered some  type of injection that ultimately caused Dr. Fuddy’s death. The he lets go and vanishes. The plan was not to be seen, but she may have felt something and pulled her foot away, and he had no choice but to surface to get to the foot. I have no idea why that would be so important, unless they felt that a medical examiner is less likely to see an injection site on a foot or ankle.
Others seem to think that what I see as a foot is a second diver, because Loretta Fuddy was wearing “Black shoes”. As we see from the top reference pictures, the shoes had a tan or beige sole, which with the lighting could easily brighten to light yellow. Look at the head of the man in the foreground – he’s yellow, too. The two hands holding the foot in picture #5 are what makes me sure of what I’m seeing. Also, the objects closer to the camera appear larger than those further back – again reference the size of the top of the head in the foreground. As we know the plane sank within 25 minutes, and it is still visible in the video, these are NOTrescue divers
Picture # 5 shows two hands holding the yellow shoe, # 6 shows both hands releasing the shoe.
Even if I’m wrong about the shoe – this IS A DIVER who shouldn’t be there and is clearly up to no good. Whatever this is – it is frightening. I hope that the right people are made aware of this and that it can be followed up on appropriately.
FYI -this pictures terrifies me. What kind of world do we live in? The further implication to this photo is that this was a STAGED accident. It is no coincidence that a plane lost it’s engine within swimming distance of two divers/assassins. We also then have to wonder if the pilot was in on it, unless the divers were ON THE PLANE and the engine was sabotaged. Either way, someone planned this, and Dr. Fuddy is dead.
 Obama vacationed in Hawaii 10 days later. Had Dr. Fuddy indicated to the wrong people that she would like to “talk” to him about “things” i.e the fraudulent birth certificate she personally signed off on? Step up law enforcement and main stream media, before it’s too late for all of us, too.


RMH said...

Thats what you get from that.....All this to prove Obama was a US citizen. Just nuts...He's been in goverment, expensive shools and has held employment throughout his life. Kind of hard to do all that without proof of being a US citizen. Especialy when he was young with no power holding down a normal job.
Not to mention his education, speech and more knowledge then you will ever know about America The Land Of The FREE!!!
It amazes me that people even have the time to come up with this conspiracy theory cra**.
A while back, this site stated that the Boston bombing was a cover up and deployed by our government.
Go tell that to the injured if your so sure thats what happened. See where that gets ya. What a digrace to all who have suffered and to our government which is realy only doing what the majority have voted for.
Of course there are many back door oprations that may or may not be helpful to the American people buf comments such as these are extreme steps twords insanity. I bet there is a hijacking of religion involved here also which isw what is happening in Arizona. God loves everyone and hijacking religion for what some are creating into their own agenda is not christian and never will be. Should realy read the bible without creating your own theories on the meaning of scriptures. Come the rapture, dont be suprised if your left behind..

Anonymous said...

Re: 11:15
Anyone that voted for that obozo the first time is stupid. Anyone that voted the second time is mentally ill. Anyone that still thinks he's doing a good job needs a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

shill alert @ 11:15

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