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     It is announced that the severe drought in California is going to create a rise in the cost of food across America. Not as publicized, but moderate water shortage for several years in Texas has held back their production of agricultural goods as well. Across America, more and more locations report insufficent water for local water needs. What is Wash., D.C. under Obama doing about this? As far as I can tell, NOTHING! What are their plans for solving the future mass water shortage predicted for America and the whole world? Apparently 
NOTHING planned at this stage!
     In negative leadership, what are their plans to slow down and raise the cost of manufacturing in America? MASSIVE PLANNING for ways to sabotage American manufacturing! Wash., D.C. under Obama slams the brakes on the American economy so many ways and only rarely does something that helps the American economy. Obama and his wrecking crew in Wash., D.C. are great at ways to sabotage or destroy the American economy and lousy at answers how to boom the American economy!
      To get the project rolling on solving the water crisis for America and the world, I turn over my secret water technology (NIFI) I already have to my father's Vatican endorsed industrial food process to mingle in with its national and world profits. As soon as my proposed Omni Law for America is passed (full name "Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America"), we begin setting up the world food industry based upon my father's great food discovery so important that the Vatican endorsed it with words to the effect that it was potentially even the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of malnutrition and starvation on the earth. And my Camelot Project which will be world headquarters for this world food industry, I will try to have the first parts of it operational within 90 days of when we start building if the engineering crews do their jobs right and on schedule! 
     As soon as we have room for research and development work in our Camelot location, I will be the engineering ramrod and see if we can't have an operational version of the water system that can cheaply supply water to the world from the ocean water available everywhere across the world within maybe even months after that. And we will build our water processing plants first in America and fast, and then spread across the world as other nations close deals with us for our trade secret water process.
     Now how to solve our water crisis for America and if our answer is good, we can potentially solve the pending world water crisis and make a colossal profit for America in the process with an American world industry supplying the water the world needs for its populations across the earth, cities, towns, rural areas including farms, and of course the needs of industries wherever they are located.
     Coming from a line of inventors both sides of my family, clever answers for this engineering problem come as easy to me as breathing air in and out. Also, I had studied with an engineering school and was allowed to study one week's worth of engineering each day and kept an A average while doing this.
     It is hard to get people to do the right thing for reasons of idealism, so let me show materialistic reasons why we should have a crash program like a Manhattan Project to get the right answer to solve the American and world world crisis as fast as possible. There is potentially an incredible amount of money that can be made as profit while still keeping the water supply cheap for the world. For example, NASA says there is enough gold in the ocean to supply every human on earth with 9 pounds of pure gold each.
     Now as engineers and chemists know, it is an enormous challenge how to economically (means cheaply!) get gold out of the oceans at this time. However, with my "nothing is impossible" approach to using 
engineering, I think I see two ways at least how to get gold out of the ocean and cheaply at that. However, I treat these as trade secret concepts until my group heads up the project to solve the world water crisis and basically cheaply in cost of water at that. We get our water from the ocean and we have got plenty for the whole earth. The only water in short supply is fresh water on the land area of the earth.
     So those that get a share of the profits in my coming world food industry from the same deal will also get a same terms share of our profits from our water process once we offer this to America and the rest of the world. If we can get gold from the ocean very cheaply as well, we will make our backers smile like beaming suns when going to their local banks! And there are more ways of profits by purifying ocean water into fresh drinking, industrial, and agricultural water than I am openly showing to you in this report.
     I am also an economist and trained under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist who had been endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th Century. He also was endorsed by Sir John Maynard Keynes (had been rated top world economist in his time) as having the one answer that could overwhelm Communism for leadership of the world economy and put Communism out of business as an economic movement!
     How ironical life can be! My German economist was an admitted atheist yet taught on the monetary system which was run on the economic teachings of Jesus Christ as the most powerful monetary system ever seen in human history. Four times in history it wildly skyrocketed the economies using the Jesus taught economics until central banking interests each time finally figured out how to overthrow this monetary system which made the ordinary people too wealthy and no poor nor unemployed left, businesses too prosperous and wealthy, and governments too wealthy as the economy skyrocketed into the greatest prosperity ever seen in human history once Jesus Money was used as their economic system! And censored of course from your history courses by the banking interests or else the sucker public would know that there is no reason for unemployment, bad times, or poor business except letting the crooks through government run the national economies instead of Christian leaders who know how to run the Jesus Money money for their people and nations. The fourth time used in history the people using Jesus Money even paid off their real estate taxes two and three years ahead of time they were so wealthy overnight and previously had been the most depressed area in that part of Europe! This is recorded history of Europe!
     And I have a powerful asset to back up America with once we pass the Omni Law over the opposition of corrupt bought off politicians and other criminal elements behind the governmental leaders and not wanting all this prosperity for the American people and businesses of America. I am not dumb myself, but have access to a large number of brilliant geniuses in America and some abroad as well, and with all that brainpower behind the passed Omni Law, the economy of America will skyrocket into super prosperity and the people wondering now why they had been so dumb in their own eyes as to not have passed the Omni Law, etc. much sooner in America!
     You elect corrupt leaders to public office and they are constantly scheming how to con the daylights out of you using the powers of government to hold you down so they can squeeze the daylights out of you every way they can! Obama and his associates are in that category! But if you elect honest leaders who also have smart brains and moral guts to do what is right for America, America will skyrocket and be the success story of the human race even far surpassing what it previously did as a nation when in its best hour of performance as a nation before!
     The Omni Law is the key for the American people to regain serious control of government and then the economy booms as we find out once more why freedom is the key to enormous prosperity in a nation. The Chinese people are disciplined and smart in many ways. But they do not have our talent for inventing technologies, etc. and due to that, we can soon be once more the undisputed world industrial leader and this time rising much higher than before as a nation and race!
     Back me totally in passing the Omni Law fast in America and then setting up fast the economic policies that I stand for as an economist and engineer. These are areas that I would like for America to soon have as world industries for America. I want America to be the food industry leader of the world. I want America to be the water supplier leader of the  world. I want America to be the energy supplier leader of the world. I want America to be the most mineral independent nation in the world and that can make your economy basically invincible after that!
     It is a win-win situation for all sides involved! When the time is right, I want Canada and Russia to join with America in a three way economic alliance that will skyrocket all our three economies. Sometimes there is wisdom in having powerful allies for America in economic resources. And we combine our engineering talent from these three talented nations and our economies can grow enormously fast due to the power base we have created by this pragmatic, smart triple economic alliance.
     I am a statesman and tell you the smart answers for the future of America. Cheap politicians in Wash., D.C. are not statesmen and therefore their policies and laws sell America far short of what we are capable of as a race and nation. And I am so strongly sold on sound freedom as the basis of society to bless our economies and life in our nations, I probably believe more in freedom than any other leader in the Western World! And I apply to all governments of the world the pragmatic formula of: "That government is best which is best administered!" In other words, I want practical results that matter and not excuses from any government on earth!  
     I think it was back in or around 1978 I ran a large ad in a large newspaper in South Carolina that I had a powerful engineering answer how to solve the coming water crisis for America and abroad. I asked if anyone would be interested in backing such an engineering process and received no replies back! I did not expect any support then as I am more foresighted than most people, but I wanted to show the people that nothing happens in society until you finally back the leader with the answers your society needs! With your food prices scheduled to start rising due to the water shortage in California and if I had been backed much earlier, your food would be much cheaper now which would have increased your money left in your wallet after basic expenses of life in that case, and businesses would have made more profits as the costs of doing business would not be driven up by inflation and superinflation created by the incompetent policies of such as Wash., D.C. which knew the water shortage would threaten California at some point. And being by nature a government of irresponsibility, inertia, and incompetence,
then never made any moves to prevent this from happening to California and to America!
     A statesman acts upon wisdom and preventing problems from occurring or else getting out of hand. A politician is too often a lot of hot air, bad answers that do not solve the problems of the nation, and then looking for someone else to blame so he or she won't be blamed for the disaster that Wash., D.C. created in America by dumb policy! 
     Pass this report around unless you want the day to occur when prices rise so much that you have superinflation in America and your money is worth so little that you might as well use your paper money for wallpaper in your home as trying to spend it!
     When I reach the sum I am committed to raise for the Omni Law to be passed in America, my Omni Law Loan Program will then be closed as an offer and no one else allowed to join it. $25 loan credits in the Omni Law Loan Program give you a pro-rata share in 10% of the national and world profits to be made by the Vatican endorsed food industry for 30 years, same deal on whatever water system we end up with to end the water crisis in the world, and 10% of the cash settlement figure we judge we will get from Wash., D.C. when all the dust settles and bewildered leaders in Wash., D.C. wondering how all this happened!
     Frankly speaking, we pull off all this and our backers will be greatly blessed by us financially due to all this. I have already been offered twice ways to finance the entire Omni Law Drive by making special deals on the Vatican endorsed food process my father invented, but wanting the public to have this once in a lifetime opportunity for themselves, did not accept the private deals at this time. I just stated this so I have been fair and stated that the Omni Law Loan Program can be withdrawn any time after we reach our goal of how much in finances will do the job to  pass the Omni Law in America and now! We played our cards right and already have the winning hand once we show our aces the other side may not realize we have at this time!
     The Omni Law can be looked up on our website, looked up in the search engine for Nesara News under Omni Law By Erasmus Of America (my pen name), or looked up in search engines such as for Google.
Our mailing address for orders and payments sent in by mail instead of through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for.
     A lot of people invested their smart brains in me is part of the reason why I was able to write maybe 300 or so national reports posted with Nesara News since April, 2012. I have always got along well with very smart people and know how to pull them together into a team to achieve powerful results with. And through the Omni Law, we can pull America together as a team and I predict that you the American people will prove how smart and brilliant you can really be as the America we see arise then will be because we all pull together to raise America up to its God-given potential as a race and nation on earth.
     I like President Ronald Reagan say that I believe in you the American people and it is you the American people who will make America rise to the greatness it is capable of. I believe in the old saying that "There is extraordinary potential in even the most ordinary of people!" I also believe in the old Jesus teaching that if I lead you through this Omni Law, I am your servant, not your master! That is why through the Omni Law, smart Omni Law officials loyal to you the American people will submit to you the American people the laws and policies they think would serve you best. You being the masters of America will then vote by referendum if you want this proposed law or policy. By this policy you the American people have regained controlled over this runaway highly corrupt government and now you are the masters over the government again and no longer the intended serfs, peons, and slaves of those in Wash., D.C. who want to be your masters and not your servants in public office.  
     You don't know the early Apostolic Christian teachings on your God-given political rights, but the early Church Fathers would have approved of the Omni Law and said that this reflected the Apostolic Christian belief in the God-given rights of all mankind to control government to serve them and not act as their master in life. The Omni Law reflects the highest political standards of early Apostolic Christianity and not contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. For example, by referendum the Tribes of Israel voted to unite their Tribes under the government led by David of Israel. You had all the time the God-given right of referendum over government. You just didn't know what your Bible taught you on this subject!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American leader who believes in the God-given rights of the people which no form of government may take away from them! The early Founding Fathers of America in 1776 believed in these same God-given rights of yours as I do! God is the spirit of freedom! Man without God is the spirit of tyranny meaning the government has all rights in its own godless eyes and you the people have no legal rights under government! And this following quote reflects the founding spirit of America in 1776! "The Bible is the cornerstone of all liberty!" - Thomas Jefferson!) 
     P.S. It shows the pathetic government we have under Obama that heavy radiation has been dumped into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear accident since March 11, 2011 and independent reports indicate this radiation is mounting steadily in the ocean in front of California up through Canada, threatens to ruin whatever crops of California with radiation poisoning coming from the sky through falling rain, etc. or through contaminated water, and more immediately already heavily poisoning fish with extreme radiation poisoning, and Obama keeps silent on this. He does nothing and this nothing instead of action threatens much to all of America with later radiation poisoning and famine due to food you cannot eat or else die!
     With this water system I described above, we could get the radiation out of the water for drinking purposes, etc. Also, among my brilliant contacts are likely one or two who would know how to effectively neutralize the growing radiation in the ocean splashing against the coasts of California, etc. so the radiation threat is gone and fish can live in the ocean again there!
     I strongly use technology when it can serve the American people! Maybe Obama does not understand technology anyway, but he does not use technology to protect the American people. He only uses technology developed by such as the military to hurt the American people. These criminal acts are hidden from the American people by our corrupt news media made corrupt by corrupt owners covering for the high treason going on in Wash., D.C. by allies of the news media owners, etc. When I lived in Wash., D.C., one business owner told me of the secret deal of the news media and C.I.A. where the news media would only report what C.I.A. told them to.
     We have had a controlled press in America for a long time now! Time for freedom of the press to be practiced seriously again in America in important issues! Report the truth, please! Not lies and deceptions! We are adults! We can handle the truth and hate to have lies tried on us by the corrupt in the news media!

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