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T Call 28-Feb-2014 Notes

T Call 28-Feb-2014 Notes

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Here we are again, another Friday morning, and I’ve been talking to the crew about how to do this call.  I’m trying to remember what I’m supposed to tell you and not supposed to tell.  What we have been looking all week, everybody is still looking for it.  We discussed Iraq this morning – M tried to pull something again but it was correctedWe’ve heard that the IMF is over there, and the votes have been taken to get the budget in, and the RV done.  Nothing can happen for 60 days before the election, so we are in a tight window there.

People are at the call centers and exchange centers.  Those centers are now ready to mutiny themselves because they are frustrated, too, at the long hours they are there, not doing anything.  You know that this must be serious because it made it all the way to me!

There are rates on the screens.  We have heard from our sources that every time there is a little pause, somebody tries to renegotiate something, but at the moment everyone is satisfied, or being satisfied.  There are a lot of excited people.  Some are wondering why it didn’t go last nightIt could go any minute now, over the weekend, Monday morning… many feel the deadline is Monday morning.

A bit thing that did happen is that yesterday in the banking system itself, the screens and the platform itself changed.  That is significant to them, and most don’t think that would happen until the RV happened.  The system switched over, and that means we are that much closer to the RV.  So that’s a good thing for us.

Before I got on this call, I was asked, “In your heart of hearts, where do you feel we’re at?” and I said, “I don't have a heart.”  Pam said, “We can’t even trust our own judgment any more, we’ve been this for so long and so many times.”  I don’t know if I’d take it that far or not.  We get so many pieces, and today is truly what we expected.  There has been so much misdirection and chaos that we truly do not know what is going on and when. I do think we are in a good spot because everybody is happy, satisfied, and they’ve all done their part.  There are some new negotiators at the table, so different progress is being made.  I like the third of March.

We are hearing a lot of things, but I cannot discuss the crazy part with you.

Am I looking for it today or tomorrow?  Absolutely.  It should have been yesterday and the day before. People are asking me not to cause any waves, just let them do what they are doing and it’s going to happen.  I tell them what you tell me:  You told me that before!  That’s what I am doing.

We started ‘we are the people’ for two reasons:  we wanted to get paid, and we wanted that same high rate that everyone else was getting. We wanted to get in the teens and twenties, not just three dollars, and some didn’t want us to be paid at all.  My understanding is that we have achieved that part right now, so long as it comes out like they are saying.  They will be great rates and a great opportunity, and I will be able to explain how to maximize what you get out of it.  I want everybody to be able to do that.

Yesterday and the day before, I was asked by the leadership to do away with Twitter.  I said Yes, I don’t have any problem with that.  We just wanted to be treated fairly, not to be political.  So we will stay strong and stay “we are the people” until those goals have been met.  They are actually giving us more than I expected, and the timeframe has been extended to exchange.  The only thing we haven’t had is the chance to go to the bank.  There have been some issues, not about us, but in getting what we wanted that allowed them to bring a few other things back on the table that will affect our currency and the economy.  That’s why there has been a pause.

It’s good that we have waited for the new system to switch in because that will allow the banks to track this better.  The only things left are the positive, so we can see that over the weekend.  Iraq won’t change anything for the next 60 days.  For those who are not involved in dinar, there should be a broadcast on the 3rd or 4th of March, and we are supposed to be starting before then. So we are in a good place.

830 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  [So is Tony.] Can you talk about the rates at all?

Tony:  I’m waiting for Pam to tell me!

Pam:  DC isn’t here to remind you, but NO according to a guest on the line.

Tony:  A lot of people don’t believe this, but there are many, many official people listening to our calls. I’m really surprised at who some of them are.  This is how sensitive the calls are and why I don't always send out information.  There are eleven agencies and seven countries on this call, trying to figure out what we know and how they can use it to their advantage.  So I’m working out how to tell you that this is working out in terms of what is good for us.  There are 57 people on the forum;  there are people in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, all over the place, and they listen on this call.  There is no way they will let someone talk to 250,000 people about economics and finances without listening to what we are saying.  I understand that.  The fact that we are being given this information, and the fact that all the agencies are listening, that tells you what I’m talking about is true.  They would have shut us down if we weren’t telling you the truth.  We just cannot tell you everything, because there are active operations that would be affected.

I cannot tell you the rates, but I can tell you that you will be ecstatic with the rates, the timeframe and the new NDA.  You were all a part of that. It was not looking pretty for us before but because you did what you did (tweeting), we are now getting everything we asked for. .

Caller:  Any information on the bank contracts at all?

Tony:  This part you are not going to like.  Bankers are bankers, and I don’t trust any of them. What did Pam say?  There is help on the line… DC will call back on a clearer line, and I will throw him under the bus presently.  Hold on.  As soon as I get a copy of the contract, I will let you know what I think of it.  Each bank contract could be different;  they like to control your money, and that is what they will try to do.  Otherwise, it’s all looking really good.

DC:  You do like making friends, don’t you?  Sorry I’m late, getting out of meetings.  The Middle East had a little blip that has been taken care of now, just a few guys who like to cause issues.  Everyone is immensely positive.  The rates are great!  And everyone is eager to have this thing go down.  There is preparation for us to be at the banks late evening and tomorrow.  [Pause.]

Tony:  The bottom line is this:  everything we’ve gotten since last night up to fifteen minutes ago shows that we are getting great info.  We are good to go, and it could be any minute.

DC:  You nailed it.  Also, congratulations on the twitter campaign and raising concerns on the calls, because a lot of the things we thought were inaccurate or unfair, almost all of that has been addressed and fixed, which is amazing.  Thank you to everyone who has done this behind the scenes, making it fair and with a level playing field.

Tony:  I hate that we cannot publicly name and thank them.  That would be great.  The main player is somebody I never envisioned being part of our little circle here, not in my wildest dreams, or the fact that he/they changed my perception of him and his group.   Anyway, thank you for everything!  It would have been a worse fight without him.

Atlanta caller:  You answered most of my questions on the Iraqi things.  There have been rumors about Treasury notes, but if that’s not holding up the RV… Since we don’t know the contract rates, and if you go to your appointment and you give them half of what you have and take street rate for the rest… is the whole amount contaminated by the contract?

Tony:  you can always take the international rate.  If you have been listening over the last two years, and you know about the trap in Who Moved My Cheese, then you will always have an opportunity to maximize this opportunity.  Go over your notes.  I can’t tell you afterwards because they may change the rates and the process.  But if you talk to the people in the forum, you will still get tremendous benefit at the street rate, if you have good guidance.

Caller:  Only the amount you took the higher rates on is what those conditions apply to, right?  And if you have multiple entities for which you are the custodian, then you can go to separate banks, isn’t that so?  The main thing is being able to see the different contracts.

Tony:  I don’t think there will be a problem with that.  If you have different appointments, you have to look at a potential drop in rate yourself.

Next caller:  Last time round, you skipped him, and we had a difficult dinner that night.  [We’ve all had that kind of dinner.]  I am curious about a comment DC made.  You said that they are preparing for us to be at the bank tonight or tomorrow, right?

DC:  Yes, that is correct, in the expectation that people will be going to the banks right away. They are prepared for it to start any time from now on, including 800 numbers.  This is going to be a fluid operation, so let’s roll with the punches.  No matter what rates you get, it’s still an incredible rate of return.  It’s all wonderful.  Take a step back and see what a wonderful thing we have been allowed to do, with years of planning, and it will change all our lives and the lives of future generations.

Caller:  Can you tell us what the timeframe has been extended to?

Tony:  I can tell you when the announcement is made.

352 caller:  I’m getting better every minute.  Are we going to have a call before going into the lion’s den?

Tony:  That’s my plan, to have a call and let you know the plan and the numbers…

Caller:  I live in a rural area without a lot of big banks.  Would you suggest I go to Tampa, or take on the smaller local banks.

Tony:  It's harder for the smaller banks to take in these larger sums of money.  The larger banks have the people they need to approve things standing around, so that is always going to be easier.  When you call the 800 number, they will give you a few choices.  You can always go to the smaller banks and cash out a note if you are in need, then ask if they can schedule an appointment.  The 800 numbers will give you an option of where to go.

Caller:  what will happen to the purchasing power of the dollar?

Tony:  It’s a global adjustment and other currencies will not be using the dollar as much, so yes, there will be a devaluationPart of that is why there hasn’t been an RV in the last two weeks;  the US has not allowed the RV because of the impact that would have on the dollar.  That was definitely an effect and it was happening faster than anyone wanted it to happen.  We will feel the effects of that in the economy;  we won’t because we'll have more dollars.

DC:  The dollar has been devaluing continuously, and they continue to make adjustments to make sure that downward development doesn’t spiral out of controlThere will be a long-term devaluation, but I don’t think it will be a 30% devaluation tomorrow.  That would create a world-wide issue, because it is still the base currency for the world. Everyone has to understand how much it is going to go down – at a slow rate, consistently, not as a lump.

Secondly, there will be a balancing effect in the economy after this.  It’s going to be amazing!  We have been stuck at 2% growth for a long time.  When this number of people is going through buying houses, cars, furniture, starting business, it is going to be tremendously stimulating to the economy, employment rates, and other financial issues.  As the US is the biggest economy, it will do great things for the world as well.  The world is going to take off in a great way, and be stabilizing too, because rich people done blow things up or steal stuff.  Everything will just explode in the next year or two.

Caller:  Tony, you have created a crowd of people who will follow you anywhere because of your honesty and integrity.  What will you do with that?

DC:  He’s going into politics!  [laughter]

Tony:  I know there is a lot of – Pam, what’s that word?  There are a lot of people out there who think that I have a plan or a use for this, but this happened by accident. I didn’t want to do this;  it just grew and took on a life of its own.  I just wanted to help some people because I had some contacts.  I have no plan for this group;  I am going to live my life!  After this, you are not just 250,000, you are another 250K millionaires.  They don’t want there to be that much new money out there.  It is your responsibility, and I have had that responsibility through networking and other businesses.  I did an investment deal ten years ago, and I made a whole bunch of  people hundreds of thousands overnight in an IPO.  Then they wanted me to do another one, and another one.  When we made money, they said, “Where’s my share?” When there was a loss, they thought it was only my money, not their money.   So they want the gains, not the losses.

I would like for us to do calls as friends and mentors, helping each other develop as you learn things, but I don’t want anyone to rely on Tony.  That is a huge responsibility to pull that off.  I just want to go to Vegas, and have a good time.  Pam and DC want us to cancel Vegas, just so you know…

Caller:  We want to thank you for your great information and positive attitude that eases us through another day or week.  We appreciate it.

Tony:  Thanks, I appreciate all of you, too.  We are just doing our small part…

Oregon caller:  when this happens and you get the package, what will you do?

Tony:  as soon as it happens, I will send the number out over twitter.  Just call the number, if you already know what you want to do.  We will put it in the forum, the chat room and each of the tntsuperfantastic sites (.com, .org and .info).  I have to give these guys an hour’s notice for them to gear up the system for everyone.  Then I will read the package so we understand what it is.  Then I’ll go to the bank, like everybody else.  Just call and get your appointments, and then we will meet in a couple of hours so that we can go over the package.  The first appointments should start within two hours.  That’s what you can look for to maximize what you can get.

425 caller:  Whatever happened to the high-up gov you talk to?

Tony:  He’s listening to you right now!  He is communicating with us, certainly.

Caller:  I’ve been trying to find out if RayRen is going to have any of those trust calls he used to have.  Will they be in Vegas?

Tony:  Yes, Ray will do a four-hour class every day, limited to 500 people each day.

Caller:  How do we make sure we get in on the first day?

Tony:  I have no idea.  He’ll put it out on open mike.

Ray: Ill let the event coordinators set those up.

Tony:  I just want us to go and have a good time, nothing else.  But some people want to present things to you and you might want to hear about annuities and trust and whatnot.  I'm just going to plan the event, and if you want to go to those workshops, that’s fine.  I am trying to avoid anyone saying I’m trying to make money off any of you.  I just want to go and have a good time, give out some prizes and awards, and let you all meet the team and the mods.  I want that to be their opportunity, and to meet people you’ve been talking to for the last 2-3 years.

Caller: Any way I can get in touch with Ray?

Tony:  I will give Ray YOUR phone number because I can see it in front of me.  I’m not giving out Ray’s phone number!

caller:  I’m super-fantastic as well.  Since the GCR is going at the same time as the RV, is the rupiah still in this?  Yes?  And the Zim?

Tony:  I cannot confirm or deny on the Zim.  The rupiah is still in the basket.

Caller:  So now the back wall is Monday if things don’t happen before then?  Then what about the 60 days…

Tony:  I don’t know if they will adhere to that or not.  What that would mean to the economy and all that, they might just let it go.  I know they are scheduling the announcement of the GCR to the public on the 3rd or 4th, but that could change, too. They want the RV to happen before the GCR, and that would make sense.  But if something else were to happen, there or elsewhere, then we would have to see where we are.  Everything else is done;  everything we have looked for in the last ten years in Iraq is done.  That’s not holding us up.  Everything we have looked for in the banks and banking system, although people are still trying to get one more marble.  But the majority of those things are settled, and there is nothing more to fight for.  It’s all there.  Don’t sell back your dinar or burn your dinar;  we know it has to happen sooner or later.  They’re not going to leave that money with all its resources and contracts with a worthless currency.

Caller:  I certainly won’t burn my dinar;  at that point I want to burn down the house!

Tony:  One of the other gurus asked me that yesterday;  he said, “Let’s burn this down.” But we actually are getting what we asked for.  If they don’t live up to their part, we have options, and we can still expose everyone and everything.  If they continue to pay themselves and their friends while we get nothing, then we have options. If the pauses have been because of something that affects our whole economy or country, that’s a different matter.

Caller:  We don’t have what we want if we don’t get to the bank.

Tony:  But we have the contracts, and we would know about it.  We have a support system in DC, in other countries, and in multiple agencies.  They give us information that they don’t tell us here.   They cannot stop us from getting the information.  Right now we are in a good, good place, and I’m hoping to see this really soon!

407 caller:  We’re going to meet you in Vegas!  There are fifty thousand people who want to talk to you!  I heard you say you cannot deny or confirm about the Zim.  Have all the currencies … basket?  [cannot hear the caller clearly]

Tony:  All the currencies for the first basket are ready, in the system.  They did it country by country rather than flipping the switch for the whole world.  That had to be adjusted as they went along, but the system is now ready.  There is no banking issueThere was a Maliki issue – twice this week, actually – and he may try again.  I hope they are ready so we can continue on.  There is an active operation that has something to do with the RV, but there is nothing technical.  Also, the tier 2 and tier 3 banks are still in the process.

DC, a question about asset-backed currencies under Basil III.

DC:  I’m a little confused by the question.  People are confused Basil III issues with asset-backed currencies.  Basil II is about banking regulations and the capitalization ratios that banks need to to have.  That caused part of the 2008 debacle because they didn’t have enough cushion to deal with it.  That has been in conjunction with asset-backed currencies, so Basil III usually means the capital ratio and security according to each tier. The whole world agreed to that after 2008, so that such a crash doesn’t happen again.

Countries can have asset-backed currencies like Saudi Arabia, where they have a billion barrels of oil.  They pledged their oil assets to back their country, not just the good faith of the Saudi government.  When we went off the Gold Standard in the 1970s, they just went with the ‘full faith and government of the United States’, and that’s why people worry about fiat currency and the devaluation of the dollar.  So countries with assets to back their currencies have more going for them than those who simply print the bills.  Will we ever get to a fully-backed currency around the globe?  Probably not. However, with this GCR, we are getting closer to that stability that we like to see.  Iraq is supporting their dinar with gold, oil, etc., and the US is moving that direction, but it’s highly unlikely we will get back to 100% asset-backed currency here.

NY caller:  How are you?

Tony:  I'm super-fantastic today.  It’s raining, with dark clouds – it looks like Michigan out my window rather than California.

Caller:  Are the new notes coming out at the same time as the RV/GCR?

DC: There is a lot of confusion about this. There is not going to be a two-tier system.  The value of a treasury note and Fed note are is going to be the same.  If it says $100, that’s what it is.  If they did have different values, it would lead to chaos and a meltdown.  If they ever wanted to make such a radical change, they would spend years educating the public on that.  Also, where people have confounded those two notes is that there has been a push by various politicians towards a more fiscally sound position where we don’t just print money.  They are trying to link the UST and the Fed.  The Fed was created to stabilize the currency, and it’s technically separate from the government even though the President appointed Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve.  But the notes will have the same value.

Caller:  So will the notes be Basil III compliant/

DC:  No, Basil III is about the banks.  If a bank is compliant, it follows tier 1 proportions of capital, and better security.  In terms of currency, we will be more stable, but it’s not about  Basil III.

Caller:  Will the Fed notes (FDRs)be compliant with the Basil III special drawing rights?

DC:  So many people with the US dollar because of history, but we have to rebalance this because we have been untrustworthy.  There is now a basket of currencies, US, euros and other major currencies, and those will be what the FDR is for, as a more stable basket.  You cannot exchange them for bitcoins, but you can change out international currencies for a nominal FDR account.  [I don't guarantee I understood or transcribed this 100% correctly.]

Tony:  What would happen if the US banking system shut down for one day?

DC:  That would be a disaster for the world.  The last time we did that was under Roosevelt back in the 1930s.

Caller:  It’s sunny and zero degrees here.  I’m ready to go somewhere warm, so I hope we get the 800 numbers this week!  Will we need 800 numbers for the dong?

Tony:  It makes sense to make your appointment at the same time, especially if you have a lot.

Caller:  I’m in two areas of the country.  Is it okay to cash in a dong note, and then make my appointment on the 800 number for the other place I want to cash in?

Tony:  They will make the appointment where you give them the zip code.

Caller:  DC, in your heart of hearts, are you looking forward to a superfantastic weekend?  Would it be a good idea to keep on tweeting, asking for the 800 numbers?

Tony: Yes, just be nice.  They say there are making it happen for us, so not to make waves.  I said Okay, but make sure you do what you say.  All we want is to get our money and live our lives.

DC:  I’ve seen some bank contracts, and they were reasonable, not out of line.

Caller:   With this amount of money, you will have to pay capital gains in the first quarter. By the time you pay state and federal income tax, that will be a lot of money.

DC: Everything I’ve see has talked about ‘after tax dollars’.

Tony:  And none of them say 50%.

Caller: if you pay 100% of your capital gains tax (39%) and then state taxes, then you’re almost up to 50% in tax already.

Tony:  Your tax is one thing, and what your bank wants to hold onto it another. The most DC has heard on that is 20%.

DC:  I’m going to use a lot of different banksIf you have money, you have to spread it out.  I will go initially with the guys who treat me the best – if there is an NDA, and if there are restrictions. I will shop around, in a respectful way, then choose one, exchange, and afterwards move the money around. The one I saw that wants to hold 20%, that was for three years.

Detroit caller:   I am shocked!  When we get the 800 numbers, will you be giving any out over the phone, for those who don’t have computers or smart phones?

Tony:  I already said, I will post the numbers on twitter, on the sites and the forum, and I will set up a call as quickly as I can.  Those who have a plan, they can just call the number. You don’t have to wait for the call before making your appointments, but hopefully you can be on the call and find out what we know before going to your appointment.

Caller:  Is there a particular cigar you like for Vegas?

Tony:  I like maderos, Opus X,  LaFlore Dominicanos… but tell you what, online there are gold-plated cigars, and we could all smoke them together.  Those are $1,000 for a box of five.  That would be something unique if we all smoked gold-plated cigars together in Vegas.

Caller: I’ve never smoked, but I would be willing to smoke one with you. 

Tony:  I’ll be in Michigan after this, so hopefully we will meet before Vegas.

Caller:  I can show you what cornbread looks like!

Alaska caller:  I go to my local bank, and they have no idea what a tiered bank is.

DC:  There are tier 1, 2, and 3 banks.  Basically, tier 1 banks have their own foreign currency departments.   Tier 2 can also be huge banks, but they outsource their foreign currencies.  That is different from what you Google as tier 1 and 2 banks;  the UST rank them according to assets.

Caller:  In Alaska, then, we are stuck with Wells Fargo.

DC:  In your town, they may have the larger regional banks that may have that third-party foreign currency system as well.

Caller:  Sounds like it would be best to go to the main branch of Wells Fargo in Anchorage.

Albuquerque caller:  When you divert to other, smaller banks, I would assume that the amount I give them on the 800 numbers will send me to a wealth manager who would give me better rates or perks.  My concern is that they will not let me withdraw my funds to farm them out to other institutions right away.

Tony:  let’s say I have ten million dinar, and I’m making my first appointment.  I will say “This is what I have, and you give me the best reason to leave it here.  If you gave me the best deal, I will bring the rest back.  If it’s not, I will take the rest here to the place that gives me the best offer.”  That’s what negotiating is about.  If the wealth manager is smart, he will give you the best deal he possibly can.

Caller:  What if they don’t allow me to transfer that money out right away?  What time limit might there be?

Tony:  We were always told not to wire out more than $500,000 in the first 30 days.  After that, unless the contract specifies an amount to keep in their bank, you can transfer as much as you want.  The banks cannot stop you from moving your money to other institutions, so long as you don’t have it in a trade or investment they put you into.  If it’s in currency, you can close your account and move it anywhere you like.  Your restrictions are only according to a contract you have agreed with each bank.

DC:  You just need to think it through – sleep on it, think about it, then move according to your plan.  You need to be calm before taking action.  With some banks, it might be best to cash in, let them hold that 20%, then move the rest to another bank by wire or cashier’s checks.

Atlanta caller:  I’ve been listening to you for years, and we’ve been so excited in December, and then we got the tweets going, but… [political rant]  We’ve been hanging on this every night for two weeks.  At what point do we say ENOUGH?

Tony:  This is not about US.  The GCR is not about us;  the negotiation between the UST, IMF, the US and Iraq is not about us.  That is about the value of our currency and how our economy works. They are negotiating for our future existence. You’re a business person, and you know how people go back and forth to buy a house or car. Imagine doing that with 200 countries at the same time, and everyone wants to make sure they are being treated fairly.

It became about us when people started cashing out in the country, in December.  So they put the whole system back in, enough people stood up for us, and everything is coming back full circle and we will get what we wanted all along.  Then some more things came into that process, and that mess started all over again, and then they forced someone’s hand, and so on. In doing all that, it caused a new and different problem that nobody expected.  It’s still not about us;  our part is done.  As soon as this situation is corrected, we will get ours, and a lot more than the three dollarsWe already did the right thing on twitter, and everybody let us know that it was the right thing.  We knew what was going on much more than they thought, and now they know that we know that. Is this about us again?  No.  Now that they fixed this problem, there is a something else that needs to be put right, and everybody is okay, loving each other, and we will get our exchanges.  If not, we are still positioned to do FB, protest, and all the rest of it.

Caller:  We have the power to do this…

Tony:  This is a global event.  If this was just the US and Iraq as originally planned, then this would be done. Everybody respects the US, but we also have to respect when 50 other countries say “You’re wrong!”  We need our allies and smaller countries if we still believe in democracy and doing the right thing.  They are calling us out on how they were treating us, we the peopleThe big dogs are supporting us from other countries, and from Washington.  They are saying, “this is not fair”.  They are protecting our country and doing what is fair at the same time.  If that were not the case – if I didn’t believe that – I would tell you so.

DC:  How do we know we are not being fed disinformation?  We are being fed by both sides, Republicans and Democrats, and people on both high and lower levels.  We also talk to many law enforcement and government agencies.  We are not that good at coordinating lies.  They are all saying the same things.  I have been in that world, and there is always something that screws it up when there is misdirection.  If one set says X and everyone else says BS, we would hear about it.  Also, there is not one person directing this overall.  The President is influential, but he cannot tell other countries what to do.  This thing has grown into a huge process, and you just cannot say “Oh, X has this and now it’s Y”.  It’s way more complicated than that.  Fortunately, several men and women have stepped up to the plate to lead by sheer persona and calling in chips they have been investing for years.  That’s why we have seen so much progress sin the last two weeks.

Tony:  DC is speaking from experience!  [laughter]

Huntingdon NY caller:  Thanks for coming back for me!  Taxes – when you say we would have to pay 50% here or zero taxes on the international rate… who informs the IRS?  I don’t want tell them “Tony said this!”  Would this be part of the bank contract?  How does the IRS know when we don’t show up with taxes?

Tony: It will have to show up in your documentation.  I guarantee you, every single dollar of this process is being tracked.  They will know, and you will get a tax bill, or not.  I haven’t seen this in writing, I have just heard the numbers.

Caller: We’re going to feel comfortable with the documentation from the bank?

Tony:  It is the only way I’m going to know what rate I’ll be paying.  DC?

DC:  I haven’t seen anything about that, though I have seen estimated taxes for other government payments, and those have made sense of the ‘no taxes’ statement.  That should be laid out for you on the contracts.  If not, talk to a tax attorney.

Caller:  I have every intention of paying my taxes.   This 50% or ‘no tax’ deal is not what a tax attorney would tell me.   April 15th is coming soon!

Tony:  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  I’m going to take the highest rate possible and paying 50% in taxes if I have to.  I will still receive more money that I can invest and make money off in the future. I’ve told you before, set aside 50% off the top for taxes. Put 25% to work, and use 25% to start your life.  If you don’t put enough aside, it will be a shock when the tax bill comes in and they will come after you for the rest of your life, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chunk of money.

The calls stopped abruptly at 1.04 pm PST


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DC: There is a lot of confusion about this. There is not going to be a two-tier system. The value of a treasury note and Fed note are is going to be the same. If it says $100, that’s what it is. If they did have different values, it would lead to chaos and a meltdown. If they ever wanted to make such a radical change, they would spend years educating the public on that. Also, where people have confounded those two notes is that there has been a push by various politicians towards a more fiscally sound position where we don’t just print money. They are trying to link the UST and the Fed. The Fed was created to stabilize the currency, and it’s technically separate from the government even though the President appointed Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve. But the notes will have the same value


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As far as I know, there will be NO RV until after the global reset.