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project C has been implemented???

Per conversation, WF and other banks will complete large transactions. Much activity tied to gold certificates
and historical bond activity. Gold backed bonds are in the correct positions and tranche logistics stabilized. Activity will be towards the west.  GCR process implemented and all algorithms in sync. CME on alert today thru Tuesday. No reversal evident. G20 objectives met, hostile situation has been neutralized and EM's are positioned. The organic constitution is also being restored. Judges in high places completing new common law modules. USA/UST NEUTRALIZED, at the last stand for the CABAL. Project "C" has been implemented.
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Dan said...

When will the other internet sites, MSM, and the Public know that this is happening?
When will the Dirty Cops and Dirty Judges STOP their Cabal Agenda as they see this as a Conspiracy Theory?
The, NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, IRS, and ALL the Other so called Agencies will continue the BAD till the Queen of England and the Pope are Arrested!

Anonymous said...

john I asked what project C is (means) no answer

Anonymous said...

Stage three Alpha? That's gotta be a legitimate news source??? More Nonsense on this blog with no factual basis...

Anonymous said...

Here's what's bugging me about this "new republic" announcement at the top of nesara news. It says it's new Republic White House is located in Denver, Colorado. Problem being...Denver, Colorado is the headquarters for the CIA, the Queen of England owns a whole bunch of property there in Denver, Colorado and other areas of Colorado, and if you ever checked into any of Alex Christopher's information on Pandora's Box regarding the huge secret underground below the Denver International Airport including the extremely dangerous and highly toxic warnings in the area with the razor-wire facing inwards (to keep people in, instead of facing outwards to keep people out) and the evil paintings all over the walls of the Denver International Airport. Phil Schneider knew all about this underground, etc. and now he is dead. Also this nesara news blog has CIA operatives working it through putting "hegelian" comments and putting false articles on it to make people believe one thing when they are really doing another.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what project C is, but that is the best question asked that I've seen. Maybe it could be this -
or maybe it could be this -
Project C: Lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement ...‎
Oct 24, 2013 - Project C will focus on the role of citizenship in a democracy through the study of historical events and examine the past to teach the

if anyone knows please post a comment.
importance ...