Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's get done, post from Bluwolf*

> *Let's get done, post from Bluwolf*
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> Let's get done - Early Friday Morning Bluwolf post
> It is appropriate that I speak on behalf of all Americans who see it
> fit to let this government ( president, congress, senate ) know that
> they need to stop acting like children fighting over one sandbox and
> to get down to solving the economical urgencies of this great nation,
> its people and the world.
> There is a lot of need in the streets and there are those like I who
> wish to help my fellow man covering their needs while fulfilling Gods
> desires and His works. I see  no use in hiding the exchange of the
> Iraqi dinar, I see no logic in maintaining my country and the world
> hostage while a certain few both in government and in business flirt
> around knowing that there are real needs that need to be taken care of.
> We know from fact that all banks are ready, we know from facts that
> all rates are high, we know of tier exchange, we know all strives from
> EO 13303, we have read it and we have invested in Iraq by the
> purchasing of the Iraqi dinar.
> We know of its importance and we also know of the Chinese its Elders
> and their humanitarian efforts for a economically debt free world, so
> now that we are letting you know that we know,why are you still
> delaying the rightful path of God, His people and the world, Mister
> President, congress and senate of the United States of America. Do
> what's right by our country and do what's right by the world and set
> forward the international release of the Iraqi dinar and the global
> reset of all countries.  The world will be a much better place. This
> is not a human event this is a Godly event so please do not delay it any longer.
> All will benefit from this exchange and by Gods orders. I command all
> to gather thought and action to get this done now by the blood of Jesus.
> Na'maste

> Bluwolf

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