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'Armageddon' for Christian colleges

Based upon the progressive daily reports of more and more rights and freedoms being stripped from Americans, it becomes apparent that restoration of our Republic is not in place currently and will not happen, and that the satanic new world order is, indeed, in place and thriving. The satanic 'cabal' is NOT dead but ALIVE and WELL!!!!


'Armageddon' for Christian colleges

'Gays' now 'firmly set on destroying all faith-based entities that disagree with lifestyle' (No! The CORRECT words ARE BLATANT SIN!) - And Americans are ALLOWING this very very tiny minority to get away with this

May 29 2016
WND Exclusive
Bob Unruh

The California State Legislature is working on an “Armageddon” for Christian colleges and universities that would force them to embrace “transgender rights” or lose funding for students. “If these bills are successful, Christian colleges, for instance, would have to allow a male student who perceives his gender as being ‘female’ to live in the women’s dorm to avoid the risk of a lawsuit or the loss of financial aid options for students,” contended the non-profit Advocates for Faith and Freedom.

The College Fix quotes critics saying the bills “purporting to prevent LGBTQ discrimination are actually designed to cripple the state’s Christian colleges.
One would disqualify Christian colleges from receiving state-funded student financial aid if they deny students on the basis of “sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression” or if they obtain waivers from those requirements from the Department of Education.

Another bill would order Christian schools to tell students their “institutions are discriminatory.”

The College Fix reported the the legislation “could mean that biological males that identify as females may end up rooming with biological females.

ReligiousLiberty.TV said the California Catholic Conference “warns that the bill is vague and creates a state-level ‘civil cause of action for violation of the Equal Protection Clause and provisions of the Due Process’ clause even if an institution is in compliance with federal law.”

“According to the CCC, ‘this coercive mandate to waive federally protected statutory and constitutional rights is simply indefensible.'”

Advocates for Faith and Freedom said: “It is clear that the agenda of California’s progressive legislature, including the openly gay authors of these two bills, goes well beyond their original mantra of seeking equality. Their sights are now firmly set on destroying and dismantling all faith-based entities that disagree with their lifestyle.”

Earlier this month, WND reported the Department of Education launched a website critics say is dedicated to the “shaming” of Christian colleges that follow biblical principles rather than a leftist social agenda. “It looks like the Department of Education got a new boss: the Human Rights Campaign,” wrote Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in a Washington Update commentary this week.
Perkins, referring to the leading “gay”-rights group was spotlighting what he called a “shame list” posted online by the Department of Education of colleges that have sought exemptions to Title IX requirements that provide special treatment to transgenders.

Responding to the California bills, Advocates for Faith and Freedom said California Christian colleges and universities “are the next target of state legislators who are systematically forcing the LGBT agenda on the public.”
“The latest attempt involves two bills that would essentially cripple colleges by forcing them to implement gay-friendly protections on campus or lose state and federal financial aid for students.”
The group said the “punitive laws would undermine federal protections that have long exempted religious colleges from adopting anti-discrimination laws that violate the tenets of their faith.”

The consequences of these bills are so dire that one pro-family watchdog group has warned that their passage would usher in Armageddon for those seeking higher education from a biblical perspective.”

One bill, AB 1888, requires any institution attended by students who received Cal Grants, a state scholarship, to “certify” that the institution shall not “subject an applicant, student, or employee of the institution to discrimination on the bases of … sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”
It also orders them not to get a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education.
The second is SB 1146, which requires schools that receive an exemption to inform the public with a sign displayed on campus.  The minimum display would be “in a prominent location of the campus or school site” such as “the main administrative building or other area where notices regarding the institution’s rules, regulations, procedures and standards of conduct are posted.” 

The Obama administration’s effort to promote the transgender agenda has accelerated the 2015 “same-sex marriage” decision. 

Of late, a transgender veteran has sued a Christian barber over a haircut, a transgender has taken $60,000 from a school district for not being addressed by an acceptable pronoun and Obama has named a transgender to a key “faith” advisory position. Earlier this month, the 'president' ordered public schools to open restrooms and changing facilities to students according to their “gender identity.”

WND columnist Cheryl Chumley explained the real goal.
“Look at this from Riki Wilchins who’s undergone sex-change surgery and who penned ‘We’ll Win the Bathroom Battle When the Binary Burns’ for gay-rights magazine The Advocate. Wilchins wrote, in part: ‘What really needs to be contested here is not just our right to use bathrooms with dignity (which would personally be very welcome), but the entire underlying hetero-binary structuring of the world queers must inhabit. This is the real struggle, and queer activists have been talking about it at least since the 1970s of Gay Liberation.’

(INSANITY = ) “Wilchins then spoke of a 20-year-old transgender who explained to Obama during a recent town hall meeting in London the proper reference to those undergoing a shift in sex is non-binary – not ‘he’ or ‘she’ but rather ‘hir’ and ‘ze.’

“‘Think about that,’ Wilchins continued. ‘[N]ot as a boi, or one of the girls, or as transmale or transfemale, but Off the Freakin’ Binary. … Gay and transgender rights advocates have been quietly dodging the issue of binary heteronormativity, but that sound you hear is the other shoe finally dropping … hard.'”

Continued Chumley, “Yes, think about that, as Wilchins advised – and then think about this: Selling the people on a lie about what constitutes gender is a dangerous step in the obliteration of God’s creations, both male and female, then marriage and family. “And what happens after the lie is complete, after the once-obvious definition of male and female have been trashed and replaced with other, fuzzier definitions – ones that leave the Interpretation open to the whims of society at-large?  Society’s definition of humanity crumbles, and so, too the bulwarks of society, the family unit.”

She cited a description from Stella Morabito, a senior contributor to the Federalist“What we are really talking about [with transgender movement] is the abolition of sex. And it is sex that the trans project is serving to abolish legally, under the guise of something called the ‘gender binary.’ Its endgame is a society in which everyone is legally de-sexed. No longer legally male or female.”

(The 'gay' movement is about the most ridiculous sick movement this planet has ever experienced, even more so than Sodom and Gomorrah. They are to be pitied. Every professing 'gay' should be committed indefinitely to a mental institution until such time as verifiable certification can be issued that he/she has finally come to his/her senses. It makes no sense whatsoever that an individual could believe he/she is not of their birth physical sex.  satan is a deceiver and God doesn't make mistakes.)  

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Anonymous said...

When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow

To Obama and Co.: Hands of you perverts

Unknown said...

Either you stand for God and his principals set out in his Word The Bible or you don't.

I'd rather closed a Christian college if it came to that than to offend God by allowing into the college campus homosexuality which God calls an abomination to him.

Better to offend man than to offend God.

Man does not decide our eternal destiny.

I would rather spend eternity with God and have no college education, than one minute in Hell with homosexuals/transgenders, and having a college degree.

Anonymous said...

Author said;
Perkins, referring to the leading “gay”-rights group was spotlighting what he called a “shame list” posted online by the Department of Education of colleges that have sought exemptions to Title IX requirements that provide special treatment to transgenders.

Yes the Department of Education an unlawful entity of the corp. government and should be ashamed of themselves for displaying their haltered against God Almighty and his followers.

Without regard for the beliefs of others they want to push their sick beliefs upon others.

The Constitution says they are not allowed to make laws that violate or control my religious beliefs.

These people are a sick bunch and will be removed from this planet to another in the near future. Hope they are able to get the mental help needed when they get where they are to be taken.

IF I think I'm a dog can I bite you?

You are male or female determined by your DNA and what you think you are doesn't change that. If you think you are a dog, cat or something else. you are a sick puppy and need help.

If you have the hardware of a man but think you are a woman it is obvious some where along in your life you haven't learned the difference, are retarded, still a child in fantasy land or mentally ill. You need help. Ken T.