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Judge Anna - Once Again, What Kind of Judge Are You? ---- Unanswered Letters #20----- for laurence

 - Leo Wanta

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Subject: Once Again, What Kind of Judge Are You? ---- Unanswered Letters #20----- for laurence

I appreciate your "once bitten twice shy" stance, having been in it myself more than once.  

There has been a lot of controversy on the web about whether or not I (or the others, either) are "real" judges.  Most of this comes about because people are ignorant about what a "judge" is and the jurisdictions and venues of the law generally.  

What we have operating in the courthouses around this country are all administrative and/or admiralty courts.  This is because the organizations operating the functions of our states and counties decided to incorporate themselves back in the 1950's and 60's as franchises of the federal government, so that they could partake in federal revenue sharing. 

This took those organizations out of the jurisdiction of the land and "out to sea"---- into the international jurisdiction of the sea, and placed them under the Law of the Sea instead of the Law of the Land.  Instead of being tasked to uphold and enforce the Public and Organic Law, the sheriff's were "re-tasked" to enforce private corporate "codes, regulations" and statutes" instead.  A sheriff could, at his own discretion, continue to enforce the Public and Organic Law of this country, but it wasn't part of his job description.  (Mack and Prinz v. USA). 

This also left all the offices owed to the land jurisdiction vacant, as you can see from reading the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act and the International Organizations Immunities Act. 

While everything appeared to go on as normal, a fundamental change occured in what the officers of the state and county governments were doing and how they were functioning and even the form of law they were (and are) functioning under---- and it is all foreign with respect to us. 

The Checks and Balances required to make our government work properly were destroyed by these actions taken to incorporate the states and county governments as mere franchises of the UNITED STATES, Inc.  Half of our government, and to us--- the most important part--- ceased to function. And we were left totally unaware of this at the time.  There was no plebiscite, no big public announcement. 

Without the "Check" of the land jurisdiction and the authority of the people to hold things on course, the "Balances" have gotten hopelessly skewed in favor of the corporations that are supposed to be merely providing us with enumerated governmental services.  They have gotten so bold as to pretend that we are all their slaves and that the Congress rules as an oligarchy over us. 

So, realizing this, we got organized on the local level at least and rebooted unincorporated land jurisdiction counties and elected ourselves a Common Law Court, complete with judges, bailiffs, and so on, which is the heart of a "county" operating the land jurisdiction of our nation.  All counties begin their organization by forming a Jural Assembly, each member affirming their expatriation from international venues and affirming their allegiance to the land of their birth on the record, and otherwise doing all the paperwork to make it clear who they are and under what authority they are acting. 

This process results in people being elected to local office as State and County Judges (under Article X international jurisdiction) and as Justices of the Peace (Common Law).  That is the kind of judge I am, the jurisdiction I operate in, etc.  Many of us have to wear more than one hat at the present time for lack of adequate or adequately trained help. 

People get confused when they look for me among the judges of the Alaska Court System----but those are all corporate administrative tribunal "judges" and Admiralty Judges. Obviously, I am not an admiralty judge and wouldn't be listed among them.   They are operating in foreign jurisdictions and running an entirely different system.  They are all required to be Bar Members, but in our system, nobody can be a Bar Member. 

When the colonists came here they set up their Common Law Courts and when the Constitution was adopted these courts were by far the dominant courts in America.  This is why Amendment VII says what it says.  It was taken for granted that the people and any serious issues related to their property interests would be tried under American Common Law---- but the Federales have taken over to such an extent with their Admiralty Courts at both the US District Court level and in the "federated" State and County Courts levels--- that it is hard to find a functioning Common Law Court anymore.

Providing that service and a healthy return to Checks and Balances, is what we are working toward. 

Another conundrum caused by ignorance reared its head with the NLA attempts to organize and utilize the Citizens Common Law Juries which we are owed as a "Fourth Branch of Government".  

The Citizens Common Law Juries are supposed to sit like a lynch pin between the Common Law Court System (which now hangs by a thread) and the Admiralty Court System, handing down presentments related to American State Nationals and their affairs, and indictments related to Federal United States Citizens and their affairs.  

However, there is a problem---- as stated in Thompkins v. Erie Railroad, there is no such thing as "general common law" available to the Federales.  They don't have a one-size fits-all version of American Common Law to apply because every nation-state in the Union has its own version.  

The only form of Common Law the Federales have is "special common law"---- a euphemism for martial common law, which they have been passing off as the common law we are owed, much to our disadvantage. 

John Daresh and the NLA Common Law Grand Juries have been told by "experts" ---- howbeit, no experts in the American Common Law--- that they are functioning in "common law" and so they have fallen in line like good little ducks and while still operating as "United States Citizens" have been operating "Citizens Common Law Grand Juries"----- under martial common law, which makes them into something entirely different than the Citizens Common Law Grand Jureis operating under American Common Law, which is what we are owed. 

It's another sleight of hand conversion based on similar names deceit, passing off martial common law for American Common Law and people are too ignorant to know the difference.  Hence my fight with John Daresh and the NLA. 

In order to function under American Common Law you have to be functioning as an American--- that is, you have to reclaim your birthright political status as an American State National, which is something that none of Daresh's people have done.  That leaves them functioning as "United States Citizens" and all they can do then, is operate under "martial common law" because that's all the Federales have to offer. 

Thus on top of the difference between administrative, Admiralty, and Common Law courts, we have the additional confusion over which brand of Common Law?  American or martial? 

As far as I am concerned it is just and exercise by the guilty parties trying to co-opt our lawful "from the ground up" government with their legal "from the top down" government.  

We are supposed to be self-governing.  This is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Not a government of, for, and by the bureacrats. The people are supposed to be in control of their own law and their own lives, not being herded around like sheep and bullied by a handful of old crooks in Washington, DC.

That does, however, require us to get off our duffs, to learn and study and take appropriate action.  Now that you understand the situation perhaps you can find your oar and lend a hand.  

The Michigan General Jural Assembly has provided an excellent Handbook for others to follow in setting up their own county Jural Assemblies and that is the Job One taking place all over this country. 

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually believe federal judges, former BAR attorneys, are "real" judges? It should be obvious to all that they are corrupt beyond belief. Real criminals, certainly, but real judges, hardly. Common Law is the law of the land, without doubt. There is ample evidence available to prove it. Detractors of Judge Anna are obviously products of the Public Fool System, the controlled mass media, and corporate government propaganda. There is a better than even chance they are dis-information agents of the gov't.