Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WATCH – Liberal ‘Journalist’ Caught Red Handed ON VIDEO Doing THIS to Hurt Trump

As the General Election season rolls on, no doubt we will witness many acts of disingenuous reporting my the “journalists” of the mainstream media. Propaganda and manufactured stories will abound.

During the chaos in San Diego last week, one Telemundo cameraman was caught manufacturing staged camera shots. He did it so effortlessly one could have mistaken him for a Reuters photographer covering a staged missile strike at a Palestinian refugee camp.

“Filmmaker Andrew Marcus was documenting the protest when he caught the Telemundo cameraman getting anti-Trump protesters to pose for a shot and {directing them on ] how to display their Mexican flag,” reports Michelle Moons for Breitbart.com.

The Telemundo cameraman told the protesters how to position and hold an anti-Trump banner and is seen gesturing to get two other protesters to turn their Mexican flag right-side-up and facing forward. One of the protesters being directed by the “journalist” was holding a “f**k Trump” sign.

When asked by the filmmaker if his actions constituted the manufactured staging a shot, Telemundo’s camera-wielding journalist replied, “Uh, probably.”
As the filmmaker continued to point out the unethical and dishonest nature of what “journalist” was doing the cameraman said, “What do you want me to do man? I’m not part of the protest bra.” And when called again on the dishonest journalism – but effective propaganda – he was creating, the cameraman simply said, “f**k you man, I needa work.”

The mainstream media is no stranger to manipulating the truth to advance a Progressive agenda. Formerly-esteemed journalist Walter Cronkite admitted in the years before his death he held a Liberal bias as he reported the news. Dan Rather, his heir to the CBS Evening News, was caught red-handed creating fake documents in an effort to sink a presidential candidacy.

And Reuters has been caught staging photographs in the West Bank of a pro-Hamas bent. In that instance, the subject of photographs used in news reports carted around a days old body of a child who had died in a house fire, presenting the death as a result of an Israeli rocket.

In days gone by, the people believed they could turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and read about current events through the eyes of a truthful lens. News stories weighed exclusively on the journalistic questions, “Who what, where, when, why and how.” It was a time of an informed public.

Today, our journalism schools teach students it is quite alright to inject your opinion into articles; that emotion can trump facts if “the end justifies the means,” an Alinsky tactic of the Progressive Movement. Today, Progressives run the newsrooms and editorial boards, and emotion and innuendo supplant honesty, truth, and the public trust. Today, a majority of people consume what they think is news, only to be indoctrinated into an ideological agenda.

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