Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Must Watch: #BLM protesters attack a black Trump supporter outside Rally

This sick video is making the rounds on social media today, showing a disgusting interaction between Illegal Alien Activists along with Black Lives Matters Protestors fighting with a black Trump supporter.

For many months now, the liberal media have been reporting about violence at Trump rallies, but they always try to spin the stories to make it seem like the Trump supporters are the ones starting the fights.

In reality, a vast majority of the time it is the anti-Trump crowd that is the loudest and most violent. The Gateway Pundit reported that a black Trump supporter was verbally harassed by the anti-Trump crowd because he had the audacity to be black and support Trump.

The Trump supporter was screamed at and harassed for his political views and eventually just walked away from the crowd of blatantly racist liberals.
“If you go over there with the Trump supporters, you are treated civilly. If you go over where people dislike Trump it’s a threat to your life. OK. It’s a threat to your personal well-being. You see how all these people act like savages?” he explained after the ruckus was over.

Trump has held hundreds of rallies, each with thousands of people, yet very rarely do the Trump supporters act violently. Rather it is the anti-Trump supporters who come and try to start trouble.

Most Trump supporters are people who dearly love America and see Trump as someone who can restore this country to its former glory.

On the other hand, the anti-Trump crowd is made up of people who don’t quite understand what made America great in the first place and would prefer some sort of liberal version of the country that is far worse than anything we can imagine right now.

Maybe the liberal anti-Trump crowd should take a minute to watch this video and see who the real racists are. It isn’t the Trump supporters, it’s those who can’t accept that someone supports Trump just because he is black.

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