Friday, May 27, 2016

More Disinfo and Hogwash --- Unanswered Letters 17 --- For "Highly" - Judge Anna

In answer to reports on NESARA Blogspot that "US Corp: Today, the House will act to take back Congress's Powers Under the Constitution"-----

Judge Anna says ---- disinformation and hogwash.
How can a foreign "Congress" acting as a Board of Directors of a foreign corporation and as oligarchs operating a foreign "union of states" --- the Insular States and DC plus fifty Federated "States" operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as a democracy without a mandate--- switch its spots and pretend to represent the people and the jurisdiction of the land of these United States?
It can't, is the answer.
This issue was settled over 200 years ago:   Naturalization Act, Seventh Congress, Session I, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802,  sets out the requirements for anyone, including people born in one of the nation states of the Union, to become a United States Citizen.

The Several States of the Union have and recognize only State Nationals---- Californians, Texans, Wisconsinites, and so on.  The Federal United States has always allowed dual citizenship, so that "United States Citizens" continue to claim that they are Californians, Texans, and so on while in Federal office, but while that is accepted by the Federal Government--- that is, the Corporation and its franchises---- it is emphatically NOT recognized or accepted and never has been accepted by the states of Union.  So far as the states are concerned, you are in or you are out.  You either sit in a Continental Congress as a Deputy of the people and the land--- that is, as a fiduciary officer accountable to the people and the land-based legislature of your home state, or you sit in a United States Congress as a "representative" of stockholders presumed to exist. 

Never the twain shall meet.
There hasn't been a true Continental Congress convened since the Civil War and until people get a firmer grasp on who is who and what is what it is silly to continue these conjectures and wild claims.  The "House of Representatives" Members in DC can claim to be the Kings and Queens of Sweden for all the good it will do them and the members of the "US Senate" can kindly observe that the "United States" they are "representing" are not the same "United States" controlling the land jurisdiction of this country.
Until they come home and adopt their lawful standing as one of the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" as defined by the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, and also accept their public oath of office as a Deputy accountable to the people and the land-based legislature of the people, they are NOT authorized to represent us in any matter outside their limited functions all delegated to operate within the international jurisdiction of the sea as required by the actual Constitution. Period.
I doubt that many of those currently ensconced in the Beltway have the courage and the moral fiber to do that. The fact that anyone would be fooled into thinking that the United States Congress could just flip around and somehow be or reclaim or worse still, just "vote themselves" the status and standing that they threw away with both hands in 1868 shows how dumbed down people have become.  Are apples oranges?  Pear are kumquats?  Cats are dogs?
If there are any members of the US House of Representatives who think that they can just reclaim their powers without due process of expatriation from the United States and taking their Oath to the actual Constitution and giving their full allegiance under fiduciary accountability to the land of their birth----- they need to be clued in and told otherwise. 
[So does the rest of the world.]
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Freewill said...

I agree 100% Judge Anna! Thanks for the response! These articles are put up for awareness and responses to weigh in on them. Keep up the great work!

Freewill said...

And I didn't compose it either.. it was emailed to me.