Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Parents Kick 7 Year Old out of Car and Drive Away as Punishment, Now He’s Lost in Bear-Infested Woods

Talk about a parenting fail, this time coming out of Japan.

When their seven-year-old son Yamato Tano-oka wouldn’t listen and stop throwing rocks at a river earlier in the day, his parents thought a good punishment would be to force him out of the car and make like they were going to drive off and leave him.

The area Yamato’s parents left him in are woods on Mount Komagatake, which is described as being sparsely populated (except by brown bears). The parents reportedly turned the car around and drove right back figuring their point had been made, but by the time they did, their little boy was gone.

Worse, the father lied to police at first about how the boy disappeared to begin with, claiming he just got lost hiking. Now over 130 police and rescue workers have been scouring the area trying to find the little boy left in the mountains alone as punishment since Saturday.

There’s still no trace of him.

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