Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary Posts THIS Nasty Tweet on Memorial Day – Instantly Regrets It

Hillary is her own worst enemy. If this woman is capable of any true human emotion, she surely did not show it when posting to social media on Memorial Day.

“Our fallen heroes deserve our profound gratitude for giving their lives to protect our freedom, today and every day.  -H” Hillary Clinton tweeted.

Mere moments after Clinton’s tweet went live, the viral backlash began.
Twitter users from around the nation quickly pointed out Hillary was sleeping soundly in her bed as four brave Americans were slaughtered during the terrorism attack in Benghazi.

She was again called to task not only for the blood on her hands, but for the lies she told the grieving parents of Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith. We should never, ever forget those names.

A viral meme was born after the Hillary Clinton Memorial Day tweet, Top Right News reports.

“Remember This ad? It’s 3 a.m. who do you want answering the phone?” the meme asks. “We called you for 13 hours and you went back to bed,” it concludes.
Hillary Clinton is unfit to be the Commander in Chief of the United States Military – our brave heroes want and deserve a leader they can trust and one that will their back when they are placed in harms way!