Sunday, November 26, 2017

Feds Uncover America's WORST Nightmare

Trump Sends Feds To Raid NY’s Islamberg .. After 20yrs They Uncover America’s WORST Nightmare


Katman said...

ISLAM is NOT a religion of peace - it's a political movement that teaches hatred & wages WAR on NON - MUSLIM nations. Any IRS designation is a evidence of collusion & fraud. One must either submit to the Sharia or one is raped, sold into slavery, shot or beheaded. MUSLIMS have NO respect for NON-MUSLIM women & consider each female NO BETTER than an animal.

VeryConcerned said...

These sorely misguided muslims will NEVER assimilate into our society. WHY is the military not arresting them, loading them on cargo planes and dropping them off back in their own countries or opening the back drop door (as used to unload tanks, etc.) and just drop these devils off over the oceans. They will NEVER work for peace, or respect the rights of other human beings. Allowing them to remain on our soil or even taking them home to return will only fulfill their demonic plans to destroy our people and our nation. So WHERE is our military in this? WHO do they support? The American people? OR THE TERRORISTS?