Friday, July 20, 2018

A Brief Comment to "With All Due Respect", Kim et alia

By Anna Von Reitz
A Brief Comment to "With All Due Respect", Kim et alia

Of course, Kim thinks she is fine --- except in those dim moments of confusion when she notices that she is doing things that she doesn't actually want to do, and equally, can't do what she says she desires to do. 

The victims are never told.  They are left to think that they have been "sick"  or had an "accident" of some kind, and they were in the hospital, but everything is just fine now.  . 

She doesn't know she has been hijacked.  None of the victims know that they are victims.  If they did, they might--- conceivably --- seek help.  They are ultimately helpless, because they can be ordered to self-destruct, but their loved ones might even bring a criminal complaint or find a way to sue the complicit institutions (MIT, CIT, DARPA, IAG..... the list goes on) out of existence.

Anyone who has been "modified" allows other entities to play them like a piano, to direct them to do things that are reprehensible and not do things that are in accord with their own verbally expressed desires. They are no longer in control. The computer interface is in control. 

The computer operator can tell the victim to self-destruct, or to take a gun into a restaurant and kill people.  It can tell the victim to eat dog crap, and despite how repulsive this is to every other nerve in their sensory array, even though they know better, they will do it and not be able to explain why.  

Any such act of debasement and depravity can be compelled by bypassing the neural condition network we associate with conscience and self.

The absence of such instruction in no way implies that the ability to give such instructions is impaired.  It simply isn't in line with the purposes of the perpetrators to give such instructions---but they could.  

The hospitals are turning out to be the nerve centers and points of genesis for the whole Kingdom of Evil. 

It is the Undeclared Uniformed Officers -- doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses -- conscripted under Title 37 of the Territorial United States Code who have been tasked to register babies as property, and it is the same crew tasked to install "chips" in our neural networks and expose us to nanobots which interfere with everything from nerve impulses and heartbeats to hormone balances.  

It's all there, on display, at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Or if it isn't, thanks to Serco's attempts to scrub the place, we already have copies and they are properly, they can all try to tell us another Whopper and try to explain the Observed Phenomena ----but it won't work. 

We have the goods. 

People like Kim are being used as human storefronts just like the vermin used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront.  Just like H.I.G. is using Compass, PLC, as a storefront.  Just as the Office of the United States Attorney General used the Wells Fargo Securities Division acting behind the storefront of the old "Wells Fargo Bank" trademark. 

The most innocent, kindest people alive can be turned into assassins and high order criminals for the cost of some silicon chips and a tricky, but far from impossible surgical procedure. 

And the victims take the blame if they get caught.  

Kim recently said that she was "blessed" ---- and that perhaps more than anything else displays the diabolical nature of the evil we are facing, when a blessing from Marduk, the King of Darkness, can be counted as anything but a curse.  

We are in the process of shutting down the AI operations that use human control interfaces, and finding medical centers and surgeons competent to remove the computer interface devices and also finding ways to disarm the harmful nanobots.  

This protection racket for evil in the name of science is coming to an end. 

Kim and others like her may never be completely themselves and completely healed.  It's too early to know, but we can hope and we can pray and we can extend love to her and other victims of this heinous transgression against us --- all of us.   


Anonymous said...

See: to learn how Targeted Individuals, TI are controlled with microwave electromagnetic radiation form 175 satellites, cell towers or ground based DEW. Directed Energy Weapons by Air Force Space Command. Until recently a super secret Military Group which was not revealed to Presidents. President Trump knows about the criminal organization. They are Targeting civilians, a war crime!

4 January 2018: We have learned that the Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the organization that operates the satellites that are targeting individuals all over the world. If you are a Targeted Individual, anywhere in the world, the person that "pushes the button" to hit you with microwaves, sits at a computer desk located at Schriever Air Force Base. The Air Force Space Command is the largest satellite operations center in the world, with more than 175 satellites under their control. If your family members are being hit with subliminal messages and turned against you - this is the organization that has their GPS coordinates and keeps track of them. General John W. Raymond is the Commander. More details in the TECHNICAL section.

These are the senior officers over the Air Force bases:
1. General David. L. Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff
2. Dr. Heather A. Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force
3. General John W. Raymond
4. Major General Stephen N. Whiting
5. Major General Robert J. Skinner
6. Mr. Scott M. Anderson
7. Colonel Todd R. Moore
8. Colonel Eric S. Dorminey
9. Colonel John L. Doucet III
10. Colonel Jennifer L. Grant
11. Colonel Jacob E. Middleton
12. Colonel Devin R. Pepper

28 February 2018: We have learned - the company that made the microwave weapons for the satellites was probably the Titan Corporation, in San Leandro, California. The company has since been acquired by L-3 Technologies. The Electromagnetic Gun system is called the "Thunderbolt System," and under the patent, it is called the Vircator. This is what hits you with microwave pulses. See the TIMELINE tab.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about these "intel" pissing contests is that us peons tend to get better actual information as a result of the sparring. Of course, Kim's Dad can beat up Anna's Dad & vice-versa. Bluntly put, on what basis could we ever "trust" these self elected Guru's ? Certainly not because of ACCURATE predictions ! What we actually get is text on a screen, pushed at us relentlessly without ever providing any evidence we can verify. NONE. " Trust me " is all you are ever gonna get. What's really at stake is control of the world labor market, regardless of which mechanism, controller, government or religion these shills are fronting for.
I acquaint the noise expelled by Anna von Shill-zinger as the buzzing of a trapped fly. 2 weeks after she "showed up " my "discernment" told me she was full of it. None of her legalese sounding jargon will convince me otherwise. All of her recommended filings, paperwork & declarations are meaningless because our criminal government does as it pleases. " Law" is made up at the whim of legislators & judges. CRIMINALS IGNORE ALL LAWS !
If you've ever written & edited for a blog like this one you realize how many hours Shill-zinger spends putting her multiple posts out - every day. Maybe Soros loaned her an office staff.
World governments are ' Privateers ' with letters of Marque & Reprisal, issued by whatever criminals are ruling that week. Pirates with a license to steal. From us laborers. Until that changes, you pays your protection money to the local Capo. No amount of declarations or filings will change that. That's why they want our guns. 'Plomo O Plata' still applies, has for centuries.
If you are still doing your 9 to 5 routine & paying your taxes, there is little difference to you whether "Kim" or Shill-zinger is right or full of shit. Go ahead & hoist the Petard of your choice. And pay your taxes, no matter your champion. Don't be late for work.
In my opinion, "Kim" is more "trustworthy" simply because Shill-zinger is less trustworthy. And for now, both are just text on a screen. We'll see who is left after the bullets stop flying.

" Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate over principles." ~ George Jean Nathan