Wednesday, July 18, 2018

CGI's Sonar: Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts

CGI's Sonar: Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts
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Date: Wednesday, 18-Jul-2018 10:33:56
From CGI member Sonar..
Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts; ALL people behind fake "Russia Collusion" - False Flag Chemical Attacks in Syria, Sabotage of Brexit, Nefarious Clinton activities & More

"Thanks to my long-time former colleagues from the Intelligence Community, whom I worked with in my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, from both inside and outside the US, I am pleased to be the ONLY media outlet to be able to report this extraordinary information . . . .
The jig is finally up. The Dominoes are all in position to be knocked over. The "elite" have phoned, faxed, and emailed many of themselves right into prison, or worse. (When the public finds out, probably "worse.")

At the meeting in Helsinki, Finland, between Presidents Putin of Russia and Trump of the USA, the Russians gave to Trump at least 160 TERABYTES of Russian Intelligence Intercepts which expose horrifying activities of many, many, people to deliberately foment social, cultural, and political chaos, violent riots, demonstrations, media smears, phony scandals, and fake news.

Some of those intercepts reveal who has been financing weapons, supplies, travel, hotel, vehicle rentals and secure communications gear for Terrorist groups, inside Syria, Iraq, and terror attacks in Europe and the US.

Among the intercepted communications are mostly international phone calls, faxes, emails by members of the US Congress, US Senate, federal Judges, state-level elected officials from California, Oregon, Washington, New York (City & State), New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia. Once those communications left the United States, they became fair game for any country to spy on.

A great number of these communications were encrypted, but Russia has found a way to BREAK much of the encryption! And as part of their effort to improve relations with Trump, they provided the original encrypted versions of the intercepts AND the key which decrypts them so the US can use US-obtained intercepts (which may still be encrypted) along with the Russian-provided decryption key to prove the info is accurate and unedited!!!
The Clintons

Turns out, Bill and Hillary have been under surveillance since Bill was first elected President in 1992. Almost EVERY dirty deal, alleged shake-down, alleged kick-back, and some things described to me as "the ultimate acts (plural) of nefarious nature" are all neatly recorded and indexed by Russia. Now, I'm told, President Trump has it all.

... and much more at the link ...
I'm not familiar with Hal Turner, so I'll leave it to others to decide how much truth there might be in this article.



just some dude with dsl said...

I hope this is true!

Anonymous said...

How would he know this?

Enki's Advocate said...

The dependable people in alt media that I follow have been saying for a few months how the sh*t will hit the fan when Trump and Putin meet in July, and so it has. I'm sure this story is based in fact and we are on the verge of seeing the traitors inside our gates exposed and taken out. Even if PDJT needs to declare martial law for a time, so be it. We may never have another chance to do this right, so it has to be now.

Anonymous said...

Tony In Idaho, thank you- Truer words never spoken-Trump is only one man, and personally, I think he's doing a superb job bringing all that is going on, out in the open, and, there is more to come-Positive thinking and outlook get everyone everywhere, and this is where it's at!! They will end up at motel Gitmo, sooner or later- Thanks again! Terry and Jody-