Monday, July 23, 2018

U.S. media MIA on the violence in Nicaragua

We understand that the U.S. media can only cover so much, but this is a rather huge omission: the Ortega government down in Nicaragua has unleashed a violent response against the people.
This is from David Unsworth:   
Daniel Ortega is in serious trouble; his brutal state security forces have been implicated in the deaths of more than 300 protesters in Nicaragua over the past three months. Yet, the American media has downplayed the story; a story which would seemingly deserve far greater news coverage than it has been given.
This will surely go down as one of the biggest stories to come out of Central America in a decade, but the vast majority of the reading American public will have little to no idea about what is happening in this nation of 10 million people. 
Yes — why the silence?   
What happens in Nicaragua matters here.   
Central America, everything between quiet Costa Rica and the Mexico border, is in serious turmoil.  Will Nicaraguan refugees want to go north and seek asylum as everyone in the region is apparently coached to do?
It’s sad that these leftist leaders usually end up being more brutal than the regimes they replace.   
Yes, the old man Somoza was a tough character and he didn’t up put up with communists like Sandino.  And his family did spend too much money in Miami showing off their sports cars. 
At the same time, the country worked, the farms produced, and the cities were safe, as anyone familiar with that time will tell you.  Under Ortega’s leftism, the country does not work, the farms don’t produce, and the cities are unsafe.
Sad for Nicaragua. Shame on the U.S. news media for overlooking how another lefty is cracking heads and killing people. I’ll bet that the U.S. media would have never been silent if old man Somoza had ordered the killing of 300 protesters.   
Maybe this is one of those events that does not fit the narrative, or something like that!

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