Friday, July 20, 2018

Charges against Russian meddling, turn-out to be an Indictment against America's Justice system;

......If any-one country made themselves look like Fools in the past 24 hrs., it is America, compliments of our Incompetent Federal Legislators. Screaming demands that Donald Trump do and say something to Russia's Putin, over these questionably timed "Indictments" is as Ridiculous, and Amateurish as any one can reveal ones-self..... America's Congressional Legislators, (allegedly) World-wide examples in fair and equal opportunities in Jurisprudence  for all, exposed themselves as Unprofessional Idiots......What happened to Innocent to Proven Guilty??
......An indictment is not a (PROVEN) unilateral declaration of "Guilt" towards anyone, by anyone or from any group of people. What was Donald Trump supposed to say to Putin?? As Arrogant and Brash as Donald Trump can get, he had the wisdom to know that no-one has been proven Guilty of anything, and it would be Un-Presidential, for him to pretend otherwise......Unfortunately, our Idiots in Congress, who are supposed to be Fluent in the intent and spirit of our Constitution, decided that Trump should "Scold" Putin for something no-one has been "Convicted" of doing anything wrong. What an International embarrassment!!
.........Quite frankly, I want to see the Russians come to America and face Trial. I believe it is the only way America will find out what truly happened. I suspect that Mueller and Rosenstein are the last people who wants these "Indictments" to come to a full trial. Rosenstein would have to turn-over ALL the (Exculpatory / Discovery) information he has,....even the documents he has Failed to give to Congressional Committees for the last year. Imagine that!! ........Information our Elected Officials have been demanding on behalf of America, (and not getting),may only be turned over to the (I hope), Aggressive / Assertive Lawyers representing the Russian-12. The FBI, would be subpoenaed, to turnover relevant documents, in haste, so as to allow for a timely trial, or have the charges dropped. Once again Documents they (ALSO), have Failed to turnover to Congressional Investigative Committees.
......Barack Obama, can be subpoenaed to explain why the DNC, and YES, (it is reported) RNC hacking also occurred, but was never pursued by his Administration, when first declared in early 2016. Perhaps he could explain why Hillary had Non-Government un-protected servers in her house that were also hacked, and that he acknowledged (but did Nothing about) as he also was e-mailing her on said un-secure servers, despite his Denials. Let's not forget the (acknowledged) destruction of evidence as Hillary and "Crew" destroyed Cell-Phones and I-Pads, with potential evidence, though she was subpoenaed to turn that evidence over!!...Barack's Secretary-of-State...during HIS watch,....and he did Nothing!!.....After-all, this (along with his early knowledge of DNC Hacking),would go towards his lack-of-credibility as the Protector of America's security, as "Commander-in-Chief".
   ......Let's not forget, James Comey, who will also be subpoenaed, by Russians, as to explain why he (allegedly) did not inform the DNC of the (alleged) Russian Hacking, as soon as he knew. Though the DNC ,and Democrats alike were "angry" with James Comey, (Jan-2017), over this "Failure" to (allegedly),Notify them of the Hacking,........They (DNC),(then??), Refused to turn-over their servers, when Federal agencies wanted to investigate the "Hacking"........WHY?.....And now why are they so adamant about seeking Justice?  Especially when it has been reported that the "SERVER" finally submitted and turned over to Federal Agencies, from the DNC  / Wasserman, was NOT the same Server that was Hacked. Wasserman would certainly be Subpoenaed, and America would need a Ring-side seat for her explanation.**See attached story;
Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz subverted our democracy and interfered in the 2016 election in ways Moscow could only dream of, yet while Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to chase Russian phantoms, the case against Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan, the IT director she and other Congressional Democrats employed, continues to drag on despite overwhelming evidence of criminality and clear national security implications.
.......Is anyone beginning to get the picture here?....We can go on and on about the "Criminally" questionable performances of all these Anti-American residents,....and many more,....YET none of them have been Indicted????.... Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Hillary, Barack, Wasserman, Lynch, and many others do NOT want and Never want the Russians to come to America and have a Trial. It would compel,(America's Filth-in-Government), (Through Trial Discovery), to reveal, expose, and present (Reluctant) evidence, towards what appears to be an internal,(alleged) National conspiracy of Election / Voter interference, and Fraud, that began with Barack, continued with Hillary,and her Cohorts, and will continue into the next Presidential Election, if we do not cleanse America of the Filth and Poison, that has infiltrated every aspect, every branch, of our Federal Government.
......I want the Russians to Come to America! .....If this is the Only way, I as an American can get the Truth, from a Conspiracy so deeply embedded in MY Government, then so be it!
......**If the Russians do come to America, and show an Aggressive, Assertive, No-Nonsense, Defence, then I will open a "Go Fund Me" site and Donate the first (One Thousand dollars),$1,000.00 towards their defence and to help them Expose the Conspiracy that my Government Refuses to reveal.....It is a Shame that a Trial with Foreigners may be the only solution to revealing the Criminal acts performed within my Government, but we do not know how many actual Real Americans reside and work in our Nations Capital, thus who can We Trust??....... Therefore let this Trial expose who the real Criminals are, and who have been tearing at the Tapestry of America's Flag.
.......A Flag, far too many of my Fellow Americans have Died to Protect, and now, as it "Limps" above us in near-Shreds, by those who have Betrayed the U.S.......... We The People,..... Demand....... answers!!
Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC/ Longing to find my Enemies, who continually Take and take, and who have Disgraced my Flag and Friends, who gave everything for us All!!

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Enki's Advocate said...

Thank you for your service, Thomas. I have heard some saying it would be a bad thing to allow the Russians to be tried here, but I agree with you 100%. We need them to be tried to get to DISCOVERY, so Mueller can't cherry-pick his "evidence of collusion." This will totally destroy the witch hunt, and as you said, reveal the real criminals.