Saturday, July 14, 2018

More of "Our" History With China

By Anna Von Reitz

More of "Our" History With China

Bear in mind that the information I just published concerns China in the 1920's and 30's and the Nationalist Chinese Government, which became a major Creditor of the Federal Reserve just before the Federal Reserve turned around and used the Chinese Nationalist gold to finance Mao's Communist regime in the war against them..... the demise of the Nationalist Chinese Government then allowed the Federal Reserve to keep the Chinese gold and claim that it was "abandoned assets" and avoid paying even the interest that was owed.

See how this works? The vermin borrow from and then attack their creditors. Just like the Nazis borrowed from the German and East European Jews and then attacked them. Just like the Bush and Obummer Administrations borrowed up the ying-yang against our purloined credit, and set up FEMA camps on our soil, planning to attack us.

But the history of fraud and betrayal and murder from these bankers doesn't end there. There is a sequel, which is the history of the Communist Chinese Government in the 1940's, and how the same vermin came back in and "rolled" the Communist Chinese Government.

Here is a long (very long, very detailed) movie -- All Quiet in Peking -- currently available on Netflix (thanks for recommending, Steve!) that tells what happened in China in the 1940's at the hands of these monsters.

When watching this movie, I want you to "take in the view".

The Federal Reserve is sitting there on a mountain of gold deposited by the Chinese Nationalist Government, claiming that now that the Chinese Nationalist Government has been deposed, all that gold is "abandoned" and claiming it for themselves.

This, after the same Federal Reserve has extended credit based on the Nationalist Chinese gold to Mao, enabling him to beat the Nationalist Chinese Government and so, enabling this false claim of abandonment.

Then they come back in and charge Mao for all the "war debts" that China and the Communist Government now owe the Federal Reserve.

See what the vermin did? They used China against China.

They defrauded two successive Chinese Governments -- first utterly betraying the Nationalist Chinese in the 20's and 30's, and then with all that Chinese gold in their pockets, charging the Communist Chinese Government for war debts that were actually owed to the Nationalist Chinese.

And the people of China suffered both coming and going, just as we have suffered here.

Our Father in Heaven have mercy on us and deliver us from these evil con men, these soul-less, greedy, demons in suits.
Put an end to these evils once and for all.

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