Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A perspective on Q 1688. The how and why of it that I see.Opinion

I think there is a very good reason this power to the people theme keeps repeating. Q needs us to be ready to self govern, because only a government of the people will save us from the career politicians and globalists long term.
Trump and Q have said so many times the power is coming back to the people. What if the answer to globalism is not nationalism but localism?
How well do you understand the function of a republic? None of us were ever taught it. We have not had one in around 150 years. It's not exactly easy to find that info is it? Why? Do you feel the answer rising in your belly?
The base unit of a republic is at the county level. It all starts in your own area. How many times has Trump said he works for us? He is waiting for our direction. A republic is a bottom up system.
This is the game we forgot to play. Our country was founded with a few pages of documentation, how burocratically convoluted does any of this really have to be?
All it takes is 13 people. 12 and an alternate, make a statement you can agree on and publish it in your paper of record. Congratulations you have just lawfully assembled you now exist as a political body. That is a big deal.
12 states have gathered assemblies, 30 will make national quarum. Then the bankrupt corporation can cease. This has to happen by the books. It has to start locally, there is no other way.
Before Q team hands the republic back to us, our unincorporated county assemblies have to exist. They cannot make the cabal surrender to a void, and it cannot look like the military is taking over. We have to take it!
Luckily they know we will figure this out. I believe one of the points of this is is to educate us until we understand we want a constitutional republic, not a faux democratic corprotocracy. Are you ready yet? Do you see it?
It is OK to start small, what is important is to start. My county has a very simple declaration we will be sending to President Trump stating we wish to inform the world we are open for mutually beneficial business.
What can that hurt? Jobs are coming to this country, we hope to see some here. 13 people at a barbeque letting our trade representative know how to represent us. Its not rocket science people. The very concept of full time politicians is the antithesis of what a government of the people should be.
I'm hoping to get our county meetings scheduled for the fifth of each month at 5 pm
Would you ever forget a meeting on 5:5?
Make trump hear you loud and clear!
Assemble Q nation! Arise and receive your republic!
If you want to do some digging,
I do this. It is legit, and doesn't have to be as complicated as some like to make it sound. Lurk on a call. I did for a long time before I jumped in.
Last week had 34 states on. Its getting so exciting! New people are finding the assemblies every day. God bless the patriots that made ready the way for us. We just need to show up.

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Anonymous said...

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