Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bank Trolls

By Anna Von Reitz
Bank Trolls

Yes, I am suffering a plague of Bank Trolls.  

No surprises there.  

There's "Derek Apfel" who goes by about a hundred variations of the name and keeps generating new email addresses as a full time job.  I have blocked dozens of his (or her) email addresses myself, so I know whereof I speak.  

There's "Virgo Triad" ---- another name for Kim Goguen, who is mad because I didn't let her just walk in and rule the world.  Too bad.  

There's a whole host of ignorant well-meaning people who don't know any better picking up the garbage these Trolls are spreading, like dogs carrying bones.  

Most of this consists of one screenshot photograph of a page out of my book, Disclosure 101, that shows my whole (very long) name and my work as "private attorney" for Pope Benedict XVI --- an unpaid mission and favor to him, as he was overwhelmed with the task of giving Notice of the fraud to his employees and colleagues.  

Go read my Letter to Archbishop George of Chicago to get a hint and flavor of what my unpaid "job" entailed and the essence of the complaint presented to the Archbishoprics across the country and around the world: 

My Dear Archbishop George 

That work was completed in 2014 with the issuance of the Final Civil Judgment in April of that year, but I continued to inform members of the clergy and not just the Catholic clergy.  I gave the Mormon Elders a pretty good send up, too. 

So when you see these names and hear the Bank Troll  video rants, know what to think.  If I am "outted" then I outted myself together with all the evidence and long-established public record of what was actually going on.  

Please direct any and all misinformed people to my book, the source of these documents ---- Disclosure 101, available on 

And help shut down the Bank Trolls by sharing this information.  After all, there aren't any banks paying me to sit at this computer and give you truthful information, but there are banks paying "Decker" and "Virgo" for their full time smear campaign.

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Freewill, there must be something else more interesting to publish on your website. Anna von Reitz is getting boring.