Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banker Resignations up to 101

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Banker Resignations up to 101
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Wednesday, 29-Feb-2012 14:54:58

Note: I have extensively edited this list, re-verified links, shortened URLs to make this list more readable. Its grown very rapidly over the past week and was getting unwieldy in its prior form. In some cases certain middle eastern bankers and European private bankers have managed to have their names removed from smaller blogs and news sites so I have updated those cases to larger news organizations less likely to bow to pressure. At the time of this posting all URLs listed work, I do not guarantee they always will. I have also added missing names (in bold) and those URLSs where more than one person was resigning I expanded the item to have one line each, since everyone who copies this to their blogs (wow did this spread far and wide!) views each instance as one banker resigning I thought I'd make this listing more reflect that viewpoint. I do not know under what circumstances these individuals have left their positions, I make no judgement on that. I just find the timing of so many resignations extremely curious and a bit of temporal marker in history of very high significance. No one should assume I make any judgement about the character of these people. I frankly don't know their reputations except for a few rather famous ones. I don't mind if you re-blog this listing, information wants to fly free, just do me a favor of including and this header when you do so. Save yourself the wear and tear on your karma. Thanks Kauilapele for the heads up on the broken links.
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Anonymous said...

I believe the tally should be 115. I've collated the data each time it has been presented and find some new names, and others removed. The numbering should be eliminated. I use a heavy black line for each ten listings. If I add a new name, I highlight it and then adjust the heavy lines at the end. It is almost impossible to track all of these transactions because there may be adjustments if a report is made public too soon, and then names are added or deleted later. I am delighted to see so much activity. The people could never have done this without the help of our off-planet friends. They should have our full heartfelt thanks and cooperation. They call me "Silver Boots"

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone stating this is a win against corruption? There are no arrests, no scandals, very little info as to why these people are stepping down. The other side of the coin is they are stepping down to make way for more agenda oriented replacements. How about they are appearing to be stepping down when in actuality they are just being shuffled around to again, appear like something is happening. If this is truly a clean out of corruption why are none of these people whistle blowing? I'm seeing a lot of speculation on events that seem to be playing right into the hands of dis-info.

Besides - none of these people are the heads of the beast. Just the scales on it's back.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see much of the info removed in some of these lists because they told why the official was resigning. And, yes, indeed, there are arrests, and some do list prison time. I would also add, that resigning from a trustee position does not mean the person will not still face punishment. He or she may have made an agreement to give back whatever he might have stole. Keep in mind that we have pushed to see evidence, and so some of these cases may not be finished.

I would much rather have a name and a bank to track than no information at all. We have been assured on numerous occasions that we are to expect arrests, and it appears that the “Powers That Be” are just getting warmed up. Stay tuned; this is important information.

They call me “Silver Boots.”

Anonymous said...

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