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The Ascended Masters: Now is a Time to Celebrate (good intel here)

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The Ascended Masters: Now is a Time to Celebrate (good intel here)
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Date: Thursday, 28-Jun-2012 20:33:13

Wes Annac
The Ascended Masters: Now is a Time to Celebrate
Your year 2012 has served to act as a year of many energetic boosts that serve to rapidly change and transform the very structures of the surface of your world and how events play out on the surface of your world. Every single moment of your experience, each and every dark influence is being taken away and integrated by each and every one of you as you experience the surfacing of your former selves; those parts of yourselves that have been based in the lower dimensions, whom you have willingly fed throughout so very many Lives.
You have begun to hear the extent to which the dark souls on your world and in the astral realms of your world have been able to gain influence and power through the collectively fed and manifested densities of humanity, and now as there are thousands upon thousands of awakening souls upon the surface of Gaia who are performing these transmutations on so very many more levels than the personal and emotional levels, finally the surface of your world is beginning to reflect this happening, as has been predicted.
Everything is now being turned up in intensity with the many alignments being reached on your world, and as you are all reaching the very intense transmutation-points of those last fading away parts of yourselves who still seek to gain the most influence and control you the most, those inner-fed ego patterns within yourselves have both represented and fed the elite souls on your world who now think that they can get away with their ultimate of aims and agendas on your world.
You are seeing in play now, the beginning of the final manifestations of the dark on your world. Though they have always assumed they could bring forth the most devious of plans on your world no matter what, it is still a bit assuring to see them laying their final cards on the table now. We say assuring, dear souls, because by these souls paying their final hands [in attempting to bring the New World Order forth] they are in actuality, surrendering.
A part of them knows this, but they refuse to acknowledge it at their surface and they now think that they will be able to influence those involved in the decision-making of that which they wish to bring forth in the Netherlands, and suffice to say we are now ready to move in and secure the manifestation of many things that we and you alike have wished to see on your world.
Many of you are wondering and perhaps worrying about the financial situation in the immediate period ahead. We tell you not to worry and at the same time to modestly stock up, as the period of disruption that is expected will be very minor and we expect inconvenience to be very little.
As always dear souls, we wish not to give a specific date at this time but it is being made abundantly clear that the end-time has come for the influence of the dark on your world as they use their final maneuvers and attempts at control that they have long been informed are going to fail.
The [current] financial system on your world is set up in a way that it is very soon to collapse and many aspects of this system are in fact already collapsing at this very moment, and this is one out of many impending reasons why the dark on your world have chosen the route that they have with their always-inevitable surrender.
Indeed dear souls, the surrender of your dark has always been inevitable and we in the higher realms do in fact fully consider their attempted enacting of a One World Government, an act of surrender for whether these souls wish to admit it or not, we have informed them countless times that as soon as they were to put their plans for a One World Government in full effect, we in the higher realms would be granted much more authority to intervene in the affairs of Earth and stop such plans.
We intend for the stopping of such plans to of course, be a segway into introducing the very many changes to many aspects of your world, that have been discussed through many channeled sources and many physical sources as well, for quite some time.
Indeed dear souls, the arrests of the dark souls on your world are going to be televised for the media would be unable to avoid such a discussion. Your media attempted to avoid discussing the uprising of the Occupy movement and proved usable to do so, so they instead took to demonizing the movement with much propaganda. There will be media outlets who may initially wish to put their own spin on these arrests, not necessarily for aims of control or for being in alignment with the elites.
What we mean by this is that your media is quite fond of either radically sensationalizing or radically downplaying an event, whether it is important for your world or not, and even many independent media outlets may at first find it difficult to no longer adhere to the former patterns of reporting and giving news that had been instated by their bosses.
Your media has quite purposefully been meant to misinform you for generations of your time, as your dark have long infiltrated the mainstream media in the many forms that it has to offer. You are noticing now, many independent journalists, reporters and even comedians coming to the fore on your world through various different influences, and exposing various different aspects of the cabal's workings.
You will notice comedians on your television exposing the inner workings and intents of the cabal's news networks. You will see in some places, real reporting of what is occurring with the Occupy movement and with the protests around the world.
The Light is slowly and now, quite rapidly, closing in on the dark in all ways that the dark can be closed in on, and your dark know this and this is again, why they have taken to attempting to enact their final agendas.
The purpose of the surrender of the dark which was supposed to take place at the end of the current month you are in, was that they would surrender their plans to instill a One World Government, as the blueprints for such plans had long been drawn up before even the turn of your century. In return for the abandoning their plans, they would be given more lenience but still be given trials, so that it could be explained what they have done to your world for so very long.
They have tied to tell us before the passing of the date in which they were to surrender, that they were relieved of much stress in reaching a conclusion with us and of course, we could see and feel through the hollow words they were giving us as we felt their true intents all along.
Since the very moment it was decided within the heads and hearts of those last influential members of the cabals that they were to abandon their plans for surrender and continue on in their darker agendas, we began building and planning all the way up to the current scenarios you are seeing in play at this moment.
Dearest souls, [the majority of] your Militaries are indeed working for humanity and for the Light and while there are still a few war-mongering and influential individuals within your [United States] Military who want to continue the wars and the killing, the vast majority of high-ranking souls within your Military have realized the agendas of the dark and have purposefully aligned themselves against such agendas.
Many members the United States Military have met with many of our Earth allies and with representatives within the Pentagon as indeed dear souls, there are Angelic representatives on your world now who, along with your extraterrestrial fifth dimensional brethren, have made diplomatic efforts with many of your most influential countries and we now have quite a Lighted following within the United States Pentagon, to the point that we are coordinating with the United States Military to perform the arrests of the elites on your world when the final edicts are received and finished up, and to act as well for protection should your dark attempt any type of mayhem on their way out.
We say that such a chance is very minute to the point that it will more than likely not happen, but the elite on your world have a few more tricks up their sleeves that we of course know about, and your Galactic brethren and your Military as well will assist in the safety of the public of any country, by the neutralization of such weapons that the dark still have that could be attempted to be used on any city or anywhere else on your world.
The favored technology of the dark on your world has been that of devices which manifest low frequencies as such lower resonances can be very damaging to your Earth and to your temples and chakras as well. In many cases, a specific coordinated rhythmic pulse of lower harmonic frequencies is how your dark cause many of the natural disasters on your world as they use these devices that manifest such frequencies in the lower and damaging tones that are employed, to twist up the energies of the Earth and of the elements to the point that such elements are at their very structures taken and distorted on collective and individual levels, and as a result of this much chaos is manifested.
We have long had the technology to neutralize any effects caused by these devices and in the areas which have taken the most damage from such devices, we say that your Galactic brethren still assisted quite marvelously in nullifying the effects of such devices to the extents that they were allowed to, in accordance with the collective freewill energies of any given area.
Dearest souls, more than anything now is a time for you to celebrate. Indeed, complete concrete action has still not yet been taken but you can both rest assured and revel in the fact that action is beginning to be taken. Your dark has defected from the original surrender plans and so we are now initiating the Plan B version of their surrender plans.
Indeed dear souls, as mentioned above, the surrender of these souls has always been assured and had they defected from the original plan (as we figured they would) we knew and you would know that this does not in any way mean that their surrender is not still happening in the time window that we have discussed with them of such a surrender happening.
Whenever the last elites on your world agreed to surrender, this was a pact that they made; an energetic pact that they knew they could not go back on despite whatever else they tried to do. They have made a pact to turn over what is left of their minute finances, as well as the [lower] energy gates that they have been using to usurp much of humanities energies for so very long.
Despite that which they still attempt to bring forth, the Light has vastly become the dominant energy on your world and events are now reaching a point to where they are beginning to act in accordance with the energies being reflected throughout nearly every other realm within Gaia's structure and complex.
These energies are those of change, of Peaceful and Loving change, yet of change that is going to uproot much of humanity when such change does begin to reach your physical realities in very pure ways.
We are here, as well as many other ascended sources and many incarnate awakening Lightworkers on your world as well, to help you all through this time and to assure you always that there is no reason to fear these changes that are now being brought forth. This is indeed a very natural and harmonious process and you will find much ease in realizing the extent to which the aims and agendas of those dark souls that they are trying to bring forth now, will not succeed.
They will get their fifteen minutes in the spotlight as it is exposed through your media that they have been trying to bring forth a controlling and enslaving One World Government, and even though much of humanity may fear this coming about, the arrest of these souls will serve to show that such aims and agendas will not be brought about and this is again, why we encourage you not to fear and to instead be in celebration for dear souls, the future you have been so waiting for and working toward is now beginning to come about in your reality.
Rejoice now, dear souls, and know that we are with you at all times to answer any questions and queries you may have about these times. We are coming through many genuine mediums and scribes and are coming to you through many radio and Internet programs on your world as well [through mediums], and we tell you that sources for our energies and information will only begin to pick up in this time ahead as the Universally pure energies being given to you and to your world uplift all who will feel the wonderful benefits of such energies.
Continue on in your own personal integrations and transmutations and know that as you do this, you are aiding in the overall clearing away and transmuting of the influence of the elites on your world, and of the lower entities who have employed them alike.
You are all going to be needed exponentially in the immediate period ahead, and to all of you who are now awakening to the many truths and who are beginning to see the manifestation of the end times (1) in very clear ways, we say that you are the Light-bearers and you are carrying the Divine torch for all other who are currently unawakened, but who will be catalytically shocked into an awakened state in the immediate period ahead.
Meditation will see you better aligned with the energies of continual purity being given to you now, and as you align yourselves more with these energies you will find yourselves in an overall healthy and balanced state, and able to find the energies of calm and Peace that many of you will need in the immediate period ahead.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.
(1) This is not a reference to the end times prophecies in which the Earth is destroyed, it is rather meant to be used as a term representing the very real end of this world as we have known it, in the lower and dense forms that it has to offer. This happening is starting of course, with the events we are seeing in play currently as the last cabals play their final hands.
Exciting times!

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