Saturday, June 30, 2012

Doc warns about breast cancer screening unavailability

This is a great video, unfortunately it has only 148 views. I would hope it goes viral and gets perhaps 148 MILLION views.


Anonymous said...

I understand why many physicians are outraged by Obamacare. However, reducing and/or eliminating mammograms will actually decrease the number of women who get cancer. Women who get annual mammograms are three times more likely to get breast cancer.

allaboutwellness said...

As a basic, any country who says they are civilized should be required to provide affordable universal health care and a good high school education to everyone in the population. How about creating a system that does not deny either to any member of the population. Obamacare is obviously not the best system possible but at least it is an attempt to ensure everyone has some health care. It is a starting place.
It is time to start working on the basis of how can we accomplish affordable health care for everyone in the population. At present - healthcare is really sickness care run by big business.
Our medical people deserve to be fairly paid but many are over paid for what is expected of them and what value they actually provide when compared to almost any other occupation. Hospitals bill exorbitant amounts and bilk the population out of trillions that go into shareholders pockets. An emergency room visit costs $2500.00 for a panic attack that would cost under $70.00 in a doctors office. We know the big banks have royally screwed the people, now it is time to start taking a look at the business of medicine and start looking at the books of all of these big for profit organizations - How many Diamonds are going to be found there? Corruption and outright theft has kept too many Americans from accessing healthcare or causing them to loose everything after using it due to the costs.
It is time people for accountability and transparency by government, big business, banks and medicine. Require that of everyone you vote for from here on in.