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Reproduced here in text format to allow translation…
A friendly but firm warning to all politicians concerning this Statement:
We the people hereby Serve Notice, under Common Law, to all elected politicians, of all
parties in Great Britain, that failure to take action to restore the British people’s
Sovereignty, and to overturn the treason and criminality that has occurred and is occurring
at the highest levels in this counrty, will lead to charges of being personally complicit in
this treason and criminality and therefore liable to prosecution under Common Law.
We, the British people, now KNOW what is being done unlawfully in
our name and are now taking back our country from the highly-
placed traitors and criminals by using the precedence of Common
Law over Parliamentary Statutes and by carrying out effective and
peaceful actions under our ancient right to Lawful Rebellion under
Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215.
This is a definitive Statement made by the Common Law-abiding people of the British Isles
directed at every democratically-elected man and woman at every level of the present British
political system. Failure by any such elected representative to act decisively in response to
this Statement of Exposure could potentially result in prosecution under Common Law for
knowingly sanctioning acts of treason, fraud, conspiracy to deceive and complicity in
shameful crimes such as the abuse of children. Politicians found on examination of their
record to be directly involved in such treason and criminal acts will receive severe custodial
sentences. Ignorance will be less than ever a defence – all the prima facie evidence is there
for elected representatives and ordinary people to see and charge sheets against key
individuals are currently being drawn up to start the judicial process under Common Law to
put an end to this establishment-led treason and criminality.
It is clear, beyond all reasonable doubt and with evidence that would stand up in any
properly-conducted court of law, that an influential network of rogue British politicians across
the parties is unlawfully involved in carrying out the hidden strategies and agendas of a
centuries-old, secretive and criminal global elite who are seeking the imposition of unlawful
global governance on the unsuspecting peoples of the world. Known broadly by researchers
as the New World Order (NWO) – though some refer to them as the Illuminati or Zionists
(please note that this does not mean Judaism) – the modus operandi of these powerful traitors
and criminals is now clear for all to see.
Only a complete fool, or someone who is complicit at some level with what is really going on,
would deny the existence of such a global elite network. The Committee of 300, the
Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of
Rome, to name but just a few of this network’s component institutions, are where powerful
international bankers, politicians, industrialists, media moguls and members of traditional
bloodline royal and aristocratic families meet in secret behind closed doors to draw up their
criminal strategies and agendas for achieving global government on their terms. Detailed
instructions are then passed down to their subservient and compartmentalised national
networks of influential politicians, industrialists, campaigning groups, charities and key
individuals in trusted positions who then continue with their own treasonous and criminal
work in seeking to undermine even further the very fabric, infrastructure and integrity of the
country they are supposedly serving. Not surprisingly, any detailed research and
investigation into people involved in this network, or into the network itself, often results in
flat denial, ridicule and even threats.
There are currently six major areas of public and political concern where this ‘hidden
hand’ of the New World Order has unlawfully involved itself with the affairs and well
being of the British people:
1. Banking, the National Debt and the Budget Deficit
Using deception and what can only be described as criminality on a scale virtually
incomprehensible to any fair-minded and law-abiding citizen, the House of Rothschild, along
with other related bloodline banking families such as the Rockefellers and the Warburgs, have
over the past three centuries manoeuvred into place a far-reaching and all-powerful banking
and business empire, with one aim and one aim only, to break down and destroy traditional
society in favour of a New World Order based on wealth and power rather than on merit,
virtue and ‘the common weal’. This they have achieved by variously setting up controlled
Central Banks, by funding and encouraging both sides in major wars, by the creation and use
of fractional reserve banking and by grooming compliant and treacherous politicians of all
political persuasions to support them. Whole countries and peoples have been plunged into
massive debt through the loaning out of enormous amounts of money that doesn’t exist whilst
at the same time exorbitant amounts of interest are charged on this invisible and non-existent
money. For the Rothschilds – the main driving force behind the criminal New World Order –
debt, quite simply, equals control and servitude. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said in 1838
“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws”.
In other words, the enormous national debt and budget deficit currently threatening the well-
being of the British nation and resulting in the huge defence cutbacks which will give us the
smallest navy for our seafaring island since Henry VIII, have been brought about by mass-
deception and totally unlawful means. According to the Chancellor, George Osborne, a
Rothschild puppet and attendee of three Bilderberg Group meetings (along with his mentor
Ken Clarke who belongs to the inner sanctum of the Bilderbergers), the interest alone to these
devious and criminal bankers is costing Britain £125 million a day……or nearly £45 billion a
year! What wealthy and industrious country in its right mind would allow itself to be forced
to borrow money which doesn’t actually exist from bankers and then pay exorbitant amounts
of interest on it? It defies all logic, it is insanity…..but not to the traitors in parliament who
have sold out Britain’s future to the criminals of the New World Order.
However, the solution is very simple! Under Common Law, the national debt and
budget deficit, not to mention the people’s debts of personal loans and mortgages,
having been arrived at by the use of criminal and treacherous deception can for this
reason be dismissed and written off completely, leaving the British economy and the
British people in an excellent and totally healthy position with no financial cutbacks
needed. In future, the nationalised Bank of England (once it has been cleansed and
cleared of all of its secretive dealings such as the mysterious Bank of England Nominees
Ltd) will create interest free money based on the common wealth, repeat common
wealth, of the British nation. The criminal bankers will be squeezed into oblivion with
the ringleaders (the House of Rothschild), if they are stupid enough to remain in this
country, being arrested and put on trial under Common Law.
2. The European Union and British Sovereignty
On the 10th August 1944, at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg, a group of senior Nazi
officials and industrialists, realising that the defeat of the Third Reich by the Allies was
almost inevitable, came up with the idea of a Fourth Reich based around the long term
formation of a new, centrally-controlled, economic European community. This was the
blueprint for today’s EU and the same fascist mindset, the NWO, is in the driving-seat as its
protagonists seek to create other Superstate Unions including the proposed North American
Union involving the USA, Canada and Mexico.
The British people, back in 1975, were given the opportunity of a referendum to decide
whether or not they wanted to be a part of the European Economic Community. To the
majority of the electorate this was a simple, benign case of furthering British trade and
economic activity with Europe. No one voting then, apart from those close to the secretive
tentacles of the NWO, could possibly believe that within three decades there would be a full-
scale sovereignty grab by the unelected and unaccountable European Commission, supported
by treasonous British politicians from all parties, who were happy to betray their country’s
sovereignty to this NWO creation – a creation that is emulating the old Soviet Union where
the EU Parliament is a toothless talking-shop, whilst the real power lies with this unelected
and unaccountable Commission which, in turn, is answerable to the House of Rothschild and
the Committee of 300.
Particularly upsetting to the British people is the fact that their trusted Sovereign, Queen
Elizabeth II, who swore at her Coronation to uphold British ‘laws and customs’ (Common
Law) and the Sovereignty of the British Isles, has broken that solemn and binding Coronation
Oath when she gave Royal Assent in 2009 to the unlawful pretended Statute which gave
effect to the Lisbon Treaty and which then allowed foreign potentates of the European Union
to issue directives and regulations which her officials then impose as if they had the authority
of Parliament. From that moment Great Britain unlawfully changed from being a
constitutional monarchy with all its safeguards to being a tyranny.
Equally disturbing, the British Parliament has a self-evident duty to protect the British people
and their sovereignty from unlawful attack by ensuring that our defences are adequately
equipped and funded to see off any envisaged threat from a foreign power or source. As a
direct result of the entirely unlawful budget deficit and national debt, the British armed forces
are being reduced to unsustainable levels (not helped by fighting an unlawful war in
Afghanistan) which will directly compromise Britain’s ability to defend itself without calling
upon the outside help of other countries’ armed forces. This is a deliberate policy to ensure
that Great Britain is forced and compelled to become an integral member of the EU Elite
Defence Group (as proposed by France’s President Sarkozy), the EU Military Staff, and the
EU Military Committee. This is treason at its worst and now the Lisbon Treaty has been
ratified, there is now a ‘legal’, but not ‘lawful’, open door to have foreign troops on our
streets should the circumstances be considered serious enough by the NWO globalists. The
House of Commons should hold their heads in collective shame!
Over the last twenty years there has been a further assault on our national and public life
through the imposition of a genetically-modified new breed of senior administrators, to be
ready for the day when Britain is no longer a sovereign country but an Orwellian police-
state/subdivision of the EU Superstate. Based around the rogue so-called ‘charity’ Common
Purpose which dispenses so-called leadership training courses and in turn networks closely
with other charities and ‘think-tanks’ such as the sinister Fabian Society with its slowly,
slowly ‘wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing’ agenda to bring about the NWO dream of totalitarian world
socialism, this cancerous entity sucks in and reprocesses unsuspecting people in public
service, deliberately targeting those with personal character flaws such as Narcissistic
Personality Disorder (NPD)……with all of them eventually becoming the brainwashed victims
of advanced neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). These so-called Common Purpose
‘Graduates’ are then set loose to disrupt traditional working patterns and cause mayhem in
public service departments throughout the length and breadth of the land.
The evidence for this latest sinister trend is now overwhelming
( and thousands of Common Purpose ‘Graduates’ can be found
in influential positions in the police, judiciary, government agencies, local government, the
NHS and especially the mainstream media (there are hundreds in the BBC alone, many acting
as ‘gatekeepers’ to prevent the real truth from going out on air). In local government, many
genuine and well meaning local Councillors are finding themselves emasculated as Councils
up and down the land have been bulldozed into accepting highly-paid Chief Executives (many
on salaries more than the Prime Minister) lording over streamlined, fast-tracking ‘Cabinets’
which can ignore at will the wishes of the local people.
All of this, of course, is by very careful design and the high level traitors within the House of
Commons, who deliberately and effectively frustrated democratic attempts to have a
Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, are openly defying the clear will of the British people who
do not want to see the creation of a Soviet-style totalitarian EU Superstate. This ‘totalitarian
tiptoe’ has to be stopped and the good news is that the people are now waking up to this
treason and all is far from lost. Because Britain’s sovereignty has been severely affected
by criminal deception and treasonous activities, a simple resort to Common Law
through the highest courts in the land can overturn completely everything that has been
done since we joined the EEC/EU and can, at the same time, annul our membership of
the EU. It really is as simple as that!
3. Climate Change, the Green Agenda and Eugenics
Yes, there is climate change happening… there has been for millions of years. But Man-
made Global Warming or Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is nothing but a monstrous
scam perpetrated by the NWO through its so-called ‘green think-tank’, The Club of Rome.
Mainstream politics and the media continue to promote this discredited science despite
increasing opposition from tens of thousands of decent and honest scientists who know, in the
words of Professor David Bellamy, that it is all “bad science”. Before the Coalition starts
voting through yet more Carbon Taxes and green restrictions on industry, this simple question
should be asked by all MPs – why does Al Gore, chief protagonist and mouthpiece of
AGW and who stands personally to become a billionaire with his carbon trading
schemes, refuse point blank to take up Viscount Monkton’s challenge to a live debate on
American television to argue the science behind man-made global warming? The answer
is really simple….he’s afraid, very afraid!
After the University of East Anglia’s ‘Climategate’ emails and the debacle at Copenhagen,
Gore knows only too well that ordinary people will not buy into this rubbish any more,
especially as CO2 is a benign gas that actually FOLLOWS temperature increases. The
evidence is now completely damning. Take, for instance, the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph
used to promote the case for AGW – quite deliberately, the proponents of man-made global
warming had left out the Early Medieval Warming Period as this would have made a
complete mockery of their ‘scientific’ case that the industrial activities of 20th century man
had triggered the greenhouse effect. They also cannot explain the clear scientific evidence
that the other planets in our Solar System are also displaying new temperature fluctuations,
but people with common sense think it might just have something to do with that word
This whole scam is simply about advancing the NWO agenda to tax people more and to
impose ever tighter control over them, not to mention the power it gives the UN and the EU to
excessively control and regulate industry. Apart from green fanatics and stooges for the
NWO, no right- minded and sensible people believe anything that comes from the Inter-
governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), especially as it has now been successfully
exposed by Viscount Monkton and others as being a political rather than a scientific body.
This article below reveals very well this growing scientific backlash against the proponents of
AGW and how genuine and honest scientists are attempting to regain the moral high ground:
Related to all of this, there is also a very sinister undertone now coming from the ‘dark’ green
movement which must be tackled head on. There is much about conservation and green
human scale politics and economics that can be applauded and indeed carried out. But today,
behind the friendly, benign image of ‘the Greens’, there is a much more sinister and darker
mask that must be exposed. This is the United Nations’ 1992 plan of action for worldwide
‘sustainable development’ called Agenda 21 – a complete extreme socialist agenda which can
only be described as fascism on a truly global scale.
In carrying out this Agenda 21, the collective mindset of the New World Order wants to see
the global population reduced considerably by whatever means available. A very small
number of extremist, but influential ‘scientists’ and ‘environmentalists’ such as James
Lovelock, Pentti Linkola and Austin Pianka, backed up by powerful people like Bill Gates,
Ted Turner and David Rockefeller, not to mention the agencies of the UN, are now openly
advocating their support for a Malthusian-style cull of the ‘useless eaters’ of the planet,
claiming that the world’s population of 6.8 billion is having a tremendously negative effect
upon the planet and its ecosystems. They want to see a Planetary Regime (global
governance) where, as Lovelock stated in a recent interview in the Guardian, “democracy
must be put on hold”. These dangerous and fascist views are being absorbed by
impressionable young people who have been brainwashed by the lies and bad science put out
by the leaders of the green movement, and their dangerous influence in the classroom must be
removed immediately. And one simple fact proves this. If you took 6 billion people and put
them four to a house, with each house on a quarter acre of land, you could fit them all in
Alaska and still have room to spare. The world’s population is not, repeat not, a problem.
However, in fairness, it must be said that the Greens are absolutely correct when it
comes to their opposition to Genetically Modified Crops and Foodstuffs and their
encouragement for all things natural and organic. As part of this planned dramatic
reduction of the world’s population, the NWO, using the little known and what appears
on the surface to be benign Codex Alimentarius or Food Code, is seeking full government
and corporate control, especially for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry, of both
our local and global food production at the expense of diversity, safety and natural
health remedies. It must be exposed and stopped in its tracks.
Indeed, the whole of the pharmaceutical industry must be urgently reviewed – along
with the British Medical Association and leading medical research charities such as
Cancer Research UK – as there is now overwhelming evidence to show that the medical
profession as a whole is completely bias in favour of profit-led pharmaceutical medicine
at the expense of so-called ‘Alternative Medicine’ which many proponents believe is
safer, cheaper and much more effective. It is essential that there is a level playing field
on which to test the efficacy of ALL possible medical cures – pharmaceutical or
4. The War on Terror
Creating a ‘clash of civilisations’ between the West and Islam has been a long-term goal of
the New World Order and its aficionados. To create fear amongst the democratic peoples of
the world, especially in America, has also been high on their list as they sought to
‘legitimately’ assemble the controlling and surveillance infrastructure of the quasi-Orwellian
police state needed to enforce their vision of the future. Sometimes, when seeking a way to
advance their appalling globalist agenda, the NWO will use what is called ‘Problem –
Reaction – Solution’. That is, they create a major Problem in the first place, they then make
sure the ‘right’ Reaction comes from the people, and then they provide the ‘popular’ Solution
which was part of their agenda all along but which the people would not have agreed to had
the Problem not been triggered in the first place. When it comes to the ‘Problem’, usually it
is something sudden, dramatic and decisive that generates a huge amount of fear and anger in
the affected nation.
The favourite mechanism for triggering a ‘Problem’ is a False Flag event whereby something
dramatic happens which is immediately blamed on your enemy or rival, but was in fact
carried out by covert elements of your own side. History is riddled with such events such as
Hitler burning down the Reichstag and blaming it on the Communists; the Israeli attack on the
USS Liberty to make it look as if the Egyptians had attacked American forces; and the Gulf
of Tonkin incident where the American destroyer Maddox was supposedly attacked twice by
three North Vietnamese torpedo boats but which in fact never happened.
In the words of past masters of the New World Order agenda, the Nazis: “The bigger the lie,
the more it will be believed” (Joseph Goebbels) and “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it
frequently enough, it will be believed” (Adolf Hitler)
The War on Terror, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis
and Afghans and which is still claiming the lives of British soldiers in war-torn Afghanistan,
was triggered by the dreadful events of the morning of 11th September, 2001. As far as the
British political establishment and mass media are concerned, the official account of 9/11 is to
be completely believed and anyone contradicting any part of the official narrative must
simply be a misguided and deranged conspiracy theorist. This position, however, is now
completely untenable. Airline pilots, architects, politicians, retired military officers and even
some of the survivors themselves have gone public to state that they can no longer accept the
official account as put forward by the Bush administration. And the physical and scientific
evidence supports their concerns and doubts.
Take the Twin Towers for instance. Both came down at almost free-fall speed with no
resistance being offered at all by the undamaged sections of the buildings. Also, the debris
pile was considerably smaller than what would have been expected; many of the massive
vertical steel girders holding up the buildings simply disintegrated into nothing as they fell.
Burning aviation fuel alone cannot possibly cause this degree of damage – it cannot reach the
temperatures required to distress steel to the point of collapse. In fact, no steel-framed
building anywhere in the world has ever been completely destroyed because of fire….except
Buildings 1, 2 and 7 at the World Trade Center. In other words, the official story of how the
WTC towers came down is patently not true.
The same goes for the account of what damaged the Pentagon on 9/11; it is completely
inconsistent with what you would expect from a crashing airliner. In fact the debris-field at
the impact area is a joke – where are the wheels, the titanium engines and the wings? There
are, quite literally, hundreds of problems with the official account of 9/11 which lead to the
inevitable conclusion that this was a major False Flag event, artificially generated by the
NWO to advance its plan for global domination. A few years back, the BBC documentary
series The Power of Nightmares successfully exposed the fact that al Qaeda is no more than a
contrived network of terrorists controlled by the Western and Israeli Zionist Rothschild
intelligence services. It is also widely believed by nearly all researchers that not only is
Osama Bin Laden dead (Benazir Bhutto, shortly before she was assassinated, stated in an
interview with Sir David Frost that Bin Laden had actually been murdered) but that he has
been dead for quite some years already and was definitely not the mastermind behind the 9/11
As this short video shows, the 9/11 Truth Movement is growing globally in stature and in
effectiveness. Also, there are now
many websites representing professional people who want to get to the truth about what really
happened: (airline pilots),
(architects and engineers), (military officers), (medical professionals), and (fire
British politicians who have consistently refused to look at the evidence presented to them by
the UK 9/11 Truth Movement must now be challenged to explain their inexcusable inaction,
especially as British troops will remain in harm’s way in Afghanistan as long as the official
account of 9/11 is believed. And as long as the War on Terror is allowed to continue, rogue
pro-NWO elements amongst the key intelligence agencies and special-forces around the
world will continue to covertly carry out further criminal and treasonous False Flag attacks to
keep the momentum of the long-term NWO agenda moving forward.
5. Common Law v Parliamentary Statutes – Lawful Rebellion
At this point in time there are still many people unaware of what is really going on in their
name, who naively believe they are born free and trust that the rule of law will always protect
them throughout their lives. If only this were true! Fortunately, thanks to the recent detailed
work of researchers and experts on the British Constitution and Common Law, the real
picture involving massive deception, entrapment and enslavement is now emerging. Once
this truth becomes widely known, this House of Cards, so cleverly devised and set up over the
centuries by those who seek to control the British people unlawfully, will simply collapse,
and with it this conspiracy by the neo-Nazi global elite with their dreams of world
government on their terms.
Magna Carta, the Great Charter of 1215, stands for freedom….freedom for all. It ensures that
the British people enjoy absolute and unassailable Sovereignty within our land and that no
one, without exception, is above Common Law. Common Law is the Law of the Land – if
you harm somebody, cause loss to somebody, commit a breach of the peace or conduct your
affairs with mischief, you will come under Common Law jurisdiction where your peers,
through the jury system (Court de Jure) will decide your innocence or guilt. It is about
principles, customs, precedents and established practices, not to mention good old-fashioned
common sense – very simple and very effective.
However, over the centuries, the ruling political elite of the land (precursors to the out-and-
out criminals driving today’s New World Order agenda), using deception on a massive scale,
have gradually created this new entity known as Statute Rules by passing Acts of Parliament,
effectively overruling the British people’s traditional freedoms and paving the way for the
complete loss of our national Sovereignty with the advent of the European Union Superstate.
What are Statutes? A Statute is a ‘legislated rule of society given the force of law by the
consent of the governed’ (Black’s Law Dictionary, revised 4th edition). Please note where it
says ‘by the consent of the governed’ – this means that a Statute cannot impact on the
sovereignty of an individual should that individual not give his or her consent to abide by the
jurisdiction of that particular rule. However, in fairness, it must be said that Statutes are
meant in principle to be instruments for the general betterment of society. They establish the
rules and regulations for the benign control of that society. Unfortunately, those with
duplicitous agendas have ensured that Statutes have turned into tools of repression by
becoming unwieldy, intrusive, oppressive, onerous and fundamentally unfair. Speed
cameras, parking tickets, rubbish bins with their lids slightly open at one end of the spectrum,
right through to ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation being used by councils and the police to harass
innocent people, not to mention the hundreds of ‘laws’ coming in from the European Union
Currently, especially after the planned surge of thousands of new Statutes under the
previous Blair/Brown administrations (both puppets to the NWO), Parliamentary
Statutes or Rules of Society are being voted into existence as a direct result of politicians
who have either sold their souls to the Orwellian aims of the New World Order, or who
simply accept the instructions of their leaders and party whips without question in order
to climb their own ‘greasy poles’ to a ‘successful’ political career. Of course, the
finished Statute is given a veneer of respectability and gravitas to make it seem like a
proper ‘law’ for the ‘benefit of the people’, but the bottom line is, it is just a Statute or
Rule of Society, whose authority or jurisdiction people can individually decide whether
or not they wish to comply with or stand under. Common Law is the ultimate protective
shield for the British people and it can trump any Statute it wishes – it is supreme and
applies to everyone without exception…….but the rogue politicians and judiciary do not
want the British people to know this. They, instead, want to remove the fundamental
rights of the British people and place them in commercial servitude to the corporate
state, to the European Union…..and ultimately, to the New World Order.
These treasonous politicians and rogue elements within the judiciary are crudely attempting to
bludgeon the British people into accepting Corpus Juris, the embryo of a future European
Criminal Code. This would mean the British people giving up their ancient rights to Habeas
Corpus and to accept without a whimper the European system of Justice where you are
‘guilty’ until proved ‘innocent’ and where you can be imprisoned for weeks, possibly even
months without any evidence being produced against you.
This unlawful legal control system that has been set up by the political elite, the judiciary and
the Law Society (with their unfathomable ‘legalese’ which is primarily designed to keep the
bulk of the population in complete ignorance of what’s happening), along with the corporate
and banking sectors, is now starting to be challenged by those who understand the complete
supremacy of Common Law over Statute Rules. Recently, we have seen the spectacle of
Judges and Magistrates fleeing from their own courts when challenged by ordinary decent lay
people as to whether or not they are acting under their solemn oaths of office when judging a
case involving a breach of a Statute Rule (speeding offence, non-payment of the unlawful
Council Tax etc. etc.). These solemn oaths only refer to upholding the Common Law and not
to the rules of Society. People are now rapidly waking up as to how this massive deception
and extremely profitable fraud works and it won’t be long before these unlawful de facto
courts become paralysed with the people taking back the actual courts in the name of
Common Law and real justice.
Under Lawful Rebellion, demands will be made by the people to establish Common Law
Courts (Court de Jure), presided over by Common Law Judges with properly sworn in juries
and backed up by solicitors and barristers who have turned their backs on the Law Society
and its fraudulent dealings. Likewise, again under Lawful Rebellion, good and honest senior
police officers will be asked to take back their police stations and Constabularies on behalf of
Common Law, whilst all those other senior police officers who are Common Purpose
Graduates and who are known to be politically motivated or are members of Secret Societies
will be suspended from duty and subjected to fair and open Common Law hearings to
investigate their suitability to remain in post.
Another part to this unlawful control system is the corporatisation of every aspect of British
life and the massive deception being practiced on every living sovereign being in the British
Isles. In Great Britain, when a baby is born, the parents are ordered by the State to have the
birth registered – failure to do so results in a fine (Statute Rule). What the parents don’t
realise is that by registering their baby, they are in effect surrendering their ‘ownership’ of the
baby to the Corporate State and their child has now become a ‘corporation’ within ‘UK plc’.
(The same applies to registering a car with the DVLA – the owner is no longer ‘the owner’
but is now merely ‘the keeper’). At the time of registering a baby, a ‘legal fiction’ is then
created with the same name and this legal fiction will be used for all correspondence and
transactions concerning banking, legal matters, taxation and Statute rules. A ‘person’ has
thus been created but it is not a living, breathing human being with a soul, but is simply a
legal fiction used to conduct business in this imaginary and controlling corporate world – a
corporate world set up by the criminal elite where the government, political parties, the
police, local government and every aspect to organized life are registered and recognised as
corporate businesses to be run by Statute Rules and not by Common Law.
6. The Abuse of Children – Establishment Paedophilia
The evidence which proves that treason has taken, and is taking place at the highest levels by
politicians from all parties, is overwhelming. However, one aspect of this conspiracy to
destroy the sovereignty and the very fabric of the British nation is just so appalling and so
disgusting that it has shocked to the core everyone who has come into contact with the
evidence. Acts of treason by people holding positions of authority and trust is one thing, the
abuse and rape of little children is quite another. Researchers at first couldn’t quite believe
what they were uncovering, but now there is absolutely no doubt that a very small number of
senior politicians, members of the judiciary, and people holding positions of trust and
authority in the police, the social services, the media and the legal and medical professions are
either actually involved with paedophile rings harming and abusing young children, or they
are actively engaged in cover-ups to prevent this dreadful truth from ever getting out there
into the public arena.
Every elected member in the House of Commons, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh
Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly as well as the Judiciary and the
Constabularies of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are hereby served
Notice that the decent law-abiding people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will not
rest until all the perpetrators and protectors of these disgusting crimes are brought to
justice under Common Law.
It is clear from information coming in from other countries, such as Belgium, that some of the
most senior proponents and advocates of the so-called New World Order are directly involved
in this sexual abuse of children. Researchers have discovered compelling evidence that in
some cases this actually involves children being used in Satanic, dark energy rituals where
they sometimes pay the ultimate price. It is certainly true that the police all over the world
know of tens of thousands of children going missing never to be heard of again. This is all
just so appalling that it is hard to come to terms with what is being discovered.
To illustrate just how truly appalling things are, in Great Britain, or in Scotland to be more
precise, a high profile case of a well connected paedophile ring based in Aberdeen, who
sexually abused a girl with Down’s Syndrome, has caused a furore on the internet whilst the
mainstream media and rogue elements within the Scottish government, judiciary and police
have entered into a criminal pact to suppress the truth from ever coming out. Go to to get the full story. This is just one case that illustrates
how children are being harmed and how the mainstream news media look the other way with
their Common Purpose ‘gatekeepers’ or editors making sure the truth never gets out. Give
the people ‘X Factor’, Wayne Rooney and Lady Gaga, but never give them the truth!
Another very disturbing aspect to this child abuse are the actions of some rogue social
workers who, using the unacceptable secrecy of the Family Courts where corrupted or
seriously misguided members of the judiciary commit dreadful acts of injustice, have
orchestrated forced adoptions and overseen happy children being taken away from loving
parents. In a small number of these quite appalling cases it is clear that these actions by rogue
social workers are part of a cover up to protect the guilty parties involved with this
establishment paedophilia. In most cases, however, it is all about the meeting of Government
targets and the generating of large sums of money for a small number of people at the expense
of children’s happiness and parental love and security.
Well known and high profile journalist and author, Christopher Booker – a sceptic of Man-
made Global Warming and the European Union and who has repeatedly written about forced
adoptions and the secrecy of the Family Courts – writing in The Sunday Telegraph on 31st
October 2010, has exposed facts which the establishment abusers of children would rather
remain hidden. Entitled Child protection: MPs must act on the scandal of seized children -
Britain’s child protection system is off the rails, and only the politicians who built it can fix it,
Christopher Booker writes:
“Britain’s social workers took a beating again last week. On the orders of the children’s
minister, Tim Loughton, full versions of two harrowing case reviews of the Baby P tragedy
were published. They found fault not only with Haringey’s social workers but with lawyers,
the police and health professionals, Under pressure from social workers, reviews of two
similar cases in Yorkshire are still being kept under wraps. Meanwhile, an Ofsted report
found that 119 children died or suffered serious injury last year through social workers’
failure to intervene.
Still largely hidden from view, however, is that other scandal, in its way just as disturbing, in
which the failure of our child protection system is the very opposite: the seizure of thousands
of children a year from loving homes, for no good reason.
In recent months, as I have followed dozens of these cases and been briefed on many more by
such experts as John Hemming, the MP who runs the Justice for Families campaign, and Ian
Josephs, the former councillor who has helped hundreds of families through his Forced
Adoption website, a startlingly consistent picture has emerged. What follows is not based on
exceptional cases but on the typical workings of a system which has gone horrifyingly off the
For parents who fall foul of this system, often on no more evidence than malicious hearsay,
the first shock is to find themselves treated like dangerous criminals. To seize children, social
workers seem able to enlist the unquestioning support of the police, who arrive mob-handed,
six or eight at a time, beating down doors, tearing babies from their mothers’ arms, holding
parents in custody for up to 36 hours while their children are removed into foster care.
The parents must then wrestle with a Kafka-esque system rigged against them in every way.
They find themselves in courts where every normal principle of British justice has been stood
on its head. Social workers may give written evidence to a judge which the parents aren’t
allowed to see. The most outrageous hearsay evidence may be accepted by the court without
the parents even being allowed to cross-examine on it.
A key part is played by evidence from supposed “experts”, psychiatrists or paediatricians who
may be paid up to £35,000 for their reports, and who receive regular work from the social
workers involved. Parents are forbidden to call their own independent experts to challenge a
case made against them. They are, all too often, pressured into being represented by lawyers
who, again, work regularly for the council, who fail to put their case and who turn out to be
just part of the same system.
Parents may be forbidden to testify on their own behalf, but must listen for hours, even days,
to everyone else involved – including their own lawyers – putting what amounts to a case for
the prosecution. The guardian appointed to represent the interests of the child may never
have met the child and merely endorses whatever the social workers say.
Not surprisingly, these bizarre practices are so geared to the interests of a corrupted system
that, in the latest year for which we have figures (2008), of 7,340 applications for care orders
made by social workers, only 20 were refused.
Meanwhile, the children themselves are handed over to foster homes, which receive £400 a
week or £20,000 a year for each child, and where many are intensely unhappy and not
infrequently abused. Foster carers and social workers routinely conspire to tell bewildered
children that their parents neither love them nor want them back. Children and parents meet
at rigorously supervised “contact sessions”, where any expression of affection or attempt to
discuss why the children have been taken from home may be punished by termination of the
session or denial of further contact.
The purpose of all this, funded by hundreds of millions of pounds of public money, is partly to
keep in being the vast fostering industry, run by dozens of agencies, often owned by ex-social
workers, which also receive £20,000 a year for each child they place. Of course, there are
many good and responsible foster parents, but statistics show that children in care do very
much worse on almost every count, from health to performance in school, than children living
with their birth parents.
Another purpose of the system is to ensure that as many children as possible are adopted (at a
cost of £36,000 per placement), in accordance with Tony Blair’s personal commitment a
decade ago that the target for adoptions in Britain should rise by 40 per cent. Councils are
still receiving millions of pounds a year for meeting adoption targets.
Yet virtually none of this reaches the outside world because the system is hidden behind an
almost impenetrable veil of secrecy. The nominal reason for this is to protect the identity and
interests of the children, but secrecy has been so extended that its real aim is to protect the
system itself and all those who do so well out of it.
Parents are forbidden to talk to the media or even to their MPs about the injustice they are
suffering. Several times in recent months, councils have sought injunctions to prohibit me
reporting anything at all about a case, even though no person or even the council itself would
be identified. More than once, parents have been threatened with contempt of court and
prison if they talk to me or anyone else about how they are being treated.
Very occasionally a judge or senior lawyer breaks ranks by speaking out against such abuse
of state power, as when one Court of Appeal judge recently compared the conduct of a
council’s social workers to what went on in “Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China”. But in general
this cruel, dishonest and venal system continues on its way, hidden from view, accountable to
nobody but itself.
The only people in a position to reform this system fundamentally are those who set it up in
the first place under the 1989 Children Act – the politicians. But they have, with one or two
shining exceptions – notably John Hemming – walked away from the Frankenstein’s monster
that Parliament created. It is now up to them to support Mr Hemming and all those horribly
maltreated families who are campaigning for one of the most outrageous scandals in Britain
today to be brought to an end”.
Final Conclusion: A Tsunami is rolling in on British politics!
“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea
whose time has come.” Victor Hugo
Everyday, more and more people are waking up and experiencing that sudden
realisation and idea that they are being unlawfully controlled and herded by a tiny
international network of powerful and evil psychopaths and by the political, economic
and legal systems they have created. An open and honest mind, without vested interests
and greed, can see what is happening and it certainly doesn’t require a genius to see how
all the dots are connected.
As a result, British politics is about to be hit by the biggest rebellion since the signing of
Magna Carta in 1215. The genie is now well and truly out of the bottle – the hard Truth
is there for all good and decent people to see. Truth – that will stand up in Common
Law Courts and expose the criminals and traitors! Truth – that will sweep away fear
and restore real happiness to all families! Truth – that will release the British nation
and its people from all of their unlawful debts and sweep away the criminal banking and
financial system created by the Rothschilds! Truth – that will restore Britain’s
Sovereignty! Truth – that will stop the War on Terror and will get the troops home
from Afghanistan! Truth – that will bring an end to the lies about so-called Man-made
Global Warming and to the politics of Eugenics! Truth – that will trigger an abrupt
end to the criminal aspirations of the New World Order and which will release all the
peoples of the world from the clutches of debt, poverty and injustice! Truth – that will
see the release of suppressed science, technologies and medical cures (Tesla and Free
Energy, Rife and Cancer Cures to name but two)! And Truth – that will stop the sexual
abuse and murder of little children by organised establishment-led paedophilia!
With a ‘manifesto’ like that coming towards them like a tsunami, the British politicians
now have a very simple choice. On the one side you have the practicing of politics that
leads to debt, enslavement, murder, paedophilia and the ultimate pursuit of unlawful
global governance……..on the other side you have the exposure of truth that will give the
British people real freedom, security and happiness – it’s really that simple! The
political parties are all completely irrelevant – they have all been compromised and are
all ultimately controlled by the same secretive power base and mindset that makes up
the New World Order.
What is coming to replace conventional politics is a Movement – a Movement not based
around leaders, hierarchies, power bases and vested interests. But a Movement that
will be forged by Common Law, wisdom, decency, humility and truth; a Movement that
harnesses happiness, love and real freedom. Once the process of dismantling the
systems of control, fear and suppressed truths is completed (with the precedence of
Common Law in situ to protect the people from any possible resulting violent unrest and
criminality), the British people will then come together in a new spirit of openness and
freedom never seen before to explore how they wish to live their lives in the future.
This IS the future and it’s coming fast. There is absolutely no grey area for politicians
to prevaricate and hide in – no fence or wall to sit on. The choice is simply this. Side
with the British people, who number in their tens of millions, and become active in
exposing and defeating the New World Order with its matrix of fear and control…….or
face the wrath of the British people as they successfully apply age-old and supreme
Common Law against those who have betrayed them and whose ringleaders number no
more than a few hundred at most. The politicians of all parties have been warned – it’s
now their call! Will they do the decent thing……or will they experience trials by
Common Law and suffer the consequences! The choice is theirs and they only have a
very short time in which to make their decisions.
Research and campaigning websites for more information:
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This also applies to America...."they" are doing the same thing here...also they are opening the borders to illegal "mexican" imigrants to come in and "vote" (illegals) for Obama, and it is to pave the way for Obama to bring 50-100 Million illegal muslims in here and legalize them, (which by the way, under the obamacare health bill that was just passed, the muslims do not have to follow this mandatory "tax" payment for health care because they don't believe in it, and Americans will be paying for all 100 Million of them's health care!!) If they get in here, Obama plans to make America a muslim nation by 2016!!! Do you remember his statement that America is NO LONGER a Christian nation? Will we just keep watching "American Idol" and let him do this?? (I don't have a TV, don't watch American Idol, etc.) Another thing that is happening is... with this "green" stuff and the carbon tax... what they are also doing is they want to bring famine to the world... The plants need CO2 to produce H2O. We breathe in the oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide....the plants breath in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship, which God made. It's time for God to draw the line between those that are opposed to God and his laws, (as in Korah's Rebellion in the bible Numbers 16) and those that are wanting to live by God's laws and principles!! Let the earth open up and swallow up all of Korah's people!!

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Fantastic summing up of the whole New World Order scam, and its plans. Its got to stop. Thanks you for this brilliant statement. Stokesy.