Saturday, June 30, 2012

Green Light Update

Victory of the Light!

Green Light Update

Real Green Light has not been issued yet. When that happens, action will be taken within 24 hours timeframe. This action will be very evident for everyone and nobody will have any more doubts whatsoever.

I have received hints from independent sources that action might indeed take place by Fourth of July. However, they were just hints and I can not completely confirm this. Even if nothing happens by then, rest assured that mass arrests WILL happen. The Cabal must be removed from this planet and that removal will happen within a reasonable timeframe.

It is worth mentioning that there are interesting  developments in occult economy  taking place. The Resistance Movement has been playing with and testing the computer systems of the Rothschilds banking casino to prepare for the Reset:

Eastern Alliance and White Dragon Society are very active during this weekend, putting additional pressure to the system.

This is all in preparation for the “financial Green Light” as Drake calls it.

Many members of the Cabal are now seriously considering “silent surrender” when the Event happens.

The Event is a worldwide operation. In USA it will happen through the Positive Military. In Canada and Australia it will be a combination of their own Positive Military and Interpol. In Europe, it will be carried out through the positive faction inside Interpol and NATO. In Asia, it will be a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society. In Latin America it will happen through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America and whose name can not be disclosed. Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.

And finally, the Resistance will give support with Operation Omega Phoenix:

And the Pleiadians with Operation Stardust 2:


Anonymous said...

Alright, no more talk. Let's just see the action.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the all knowing Cobra has spoken again, AFTER Drake or Ben Fulford have given detailed info. Now IF the Greenlight doesn't take place by July 4th this Cobra will be looked at by some as having better info than Drake.

This person/thing has NEVER once given any NEW information. They have always stated things AFTER Drake and Fulford.

This Cobra person is also asking for a MINIMUM of $1000 a month in recurring payments. Funny how this Cobra started that request right after LadyDragon started dropping his name on one of Drakes recent broadcasts.

I also find it troubling that this LadyDragon who professes to be computer and internet savy and skilled made people submit their answers for the recent poll, via their personal email accounts rather than a simple online click poll like Nesara News utilizes! She claimed to have received over 10,000 responses. It is amazing what people can do with valid email address like that now a days. Or worse, if a "special" government agency just so happens to receive them. Can you say Tim Turner?

Many red flags their folks. Keep your wits about ya!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to raise the BULLSHIT FLAG! Looks like all the gurus are having second thoughts about Drakes announcement of arrests by the 4th of July. Even con man Wilcock. What a joke! Drake will probably be the one arrested.

angelbaby said...

As usual, when it doesn't happen there's "a reason", yeah right. More Harold Camping type mind control, how pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 24 hour time frame will be within the 'Green Light' parameter..

It will all come together in any we joyfully merge into one timeline :)

Anonymous said...

Drake specifically stated this was at the green light on the 27th and stated arrest will happen within 72 hours. Well once AGAIN nothing has happened after Drake stating it will happen by specific time frames. So now to back peddal they are saying we are waiting for the REAL green light! LOL. So what Drake stated was only the FAKE/FALSE green light? LOL

Do any people actually believe his BS? How many times do you need to be told false information before you finally wake up and realize you have been fed BS?

Anonymous said...

Do they need help pulling the trigger ? The cabal shouldn't be allowed to celebrate the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the jokes on us once again. These Drake people need to crawl back in the hole they came from. There isnt going to be any arrest. Its just one big lie. We the people better find out how Iceland broke up the cabal there and do the same ourselves. I think theses characters such as Drake and cobra are here to keep us busy while the cabal finishes our decent into toalitarianism. I think they are controlled oposition.
Drake said the greenlight was on but still no arrest and now they are back peddling. I think Drake needs to get with his pentagram sources and let them know that we the people are tired of the lies.
I think they are having fun dashing the hopes of the people and they should be ran out on a rail.
This is why the mainsteam media calls us crack pots and conspiracy nuts because of people like Drake and the aliens. We all really knew there would be no arrest.

Veronica said...

"Do any people actually believe his BS?"

Unfortunately the answer to that is "Yes, they do ... far too many of them".

The FACT is: Unless, and until, we ALL learn to have no vestige of "fear", then nothing, repeat nothing, will ever - ultimately - change ... whether the Cabal is around, or not.

It was "fear" that was used to originally entrap us, and it is "fear" that is used to keep us entrapped.

And, without "fear", the Cabal are entirely irrelevant.

You do not have the right to always expect someone else to "save" you. It is precisely that in-built mechanism that keeps you entrapped.

The only way you can be "saved" is to "save yourself" (assuming you think you need to be saved). Anything else is called "a cop out".

Copping out is what keeps you dumb. Copping out is what keeps you voting for "Politicians". Copping out is what keeps you running to an Attorney, because you are afraid to stand up for yourself. Copping out is what keeps you expecting Jesus to save you (I mean ... give the poor guy a break! Why should Jesus be expected to take on YOUR burdens?), Copping out is hanging on each word, waiting for “Mass Arrests”.

How do you stop copping out, and rid YOURSELF of your "fears"? You learn how the BS System works, and all the simple, Common Sense, questions that it cannot answer. And you use all of that to Lawfully Rebel in non-compliance.

Lawful Rebellion is now world-wide, and is the key. AND YOU LEARN TO THOROUGHLY ENJOY DOING IT! (Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall, when Solicitors and the like read the Letters I send them! I never hear a word from them ever again)

And that KEY is NEVER said in all these so-called "postings" from the so-called "Galactic Federation of Light".

We need a new Unit of Measurement i.e. "assertions per inch", so that we can measure how many "assertions per inch" we read on Cobra's (snake in the grass could that be?) WebSite. And maybe another "assertions per minute" unit, for measuring Drake's (lame duck could that be?) broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

can you say, "soothsayer?" is dis information informative? Maybe we're all taking this infotainment a bit too seriously and are being caught up in a fear porn novel as yet another dis traction. The duh here is that if the purported boogy man (terrorists) in this era are truly dis gruntled Muhammadans, Why aren't the planes crashing into the CFR office, or the Club of Rome meetings or the Bilderburg events, or the FED etc.? I guess those crafty Islamic clerics with laptops in caves conspiring calamaties can't access the same alternative news sources as allowed here in the land of NSA backed google and facebook? It's time for the Jesus jab/Gandhi gambit: loving, pleasant vehemently cooperative non compliance with evil. Hearken to the Larken and the little stool pigeons who are singing the songs of truth. Big Jah coming and you'd better clean your own house first.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember last years fireworks for the 4th of July .... So is it going to be like that?