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by Drake
It was expressed to me through 'channels' to state the following :

A -  The Cavalry is coming.
B -  If needed we will be contacted.
C -  Sit back and watch the fireworks

There are two parts to this:

- First are the actions to be taken by our military in support of FREEDOM.  This will be extraordinary in all ways. It does involve extremes in tacticalas well as logistical implementation. You may see some troop movement and supporting roles in public.
There may be minor delays in the usual traffic flows.  The design is to make sure as much as possible is taken care of without problems.

- Second was the statement made that all of us are to be on full Alert. Engage drones and any troops under U.N. insignia. This is still in effect.
Be absolutely sure of your target. Do not engage our military.

IF needed our military will contact us. In the field this will be a couple of troops, an NCO, and an officer, lieutenant, captain, major, or colonel. They should be saying hello, or some other greeting, telling you they are there and want to talk. 
Otherwise, sit back and watch the fireworks.
I suggest we remain fully alert and vigilant just in case.
According to the information that has been given, we beat their time table.  Plus it seems that our military has won its battle/argument internally, the good guys won and are now in charge.
The three items above are what was given to me to broadcast.
The last item was the call of GREEN LIGHT.
There are TWO green lights. One as stated about the above (tactical) and the other deals with financials. Two commands, both acting according to what was decided as the best way to handle both.
Each being as complicated as they are, separation of these two was the best tactical maneuver because of the acceleration or move up of our enemies' plans of execution. This had been considered before, but left alone because both were to take place at the same time. Obviously that changed according to the enemy moving their plans ahead of their original schedule.
I was told that a tactical GREEN LIGHT was to be called if asked about it, and I did so. We are still waiting for the secondary GREEN LIGHT of finance. I look for this very soon.
Those who are experienced should be followed, as it is these people who demonstrate calm and cool under extremely intense situations. This can be anyone with this ability.   Military personnel offer the ability to operate effectively under extremes and know how to offer the structure for success where any objective or mission is possible. Pay attention to them.
What we have before us is the awesome responsibility of freedom.  Most have no idea as to the changes this will bring about at all levels, personal, social, and publicly. Everyone will discover that we all need each other, talents, professionally, and personally.  Some hard places to get past are defined as race, creed (beliefs), and superiority.
I have never been prejudiced, as I didn't see a lot of difference between people. Sure, some people are different looking than me, but, other than that, the person inside was the same.  Most people I've ever gotten to know, all had their own personal beliefs, no matter what church they attended. A sort of peace made between a person and their belief in a superior entity.
Superiority is going to be directed by what a person is able to do. A specific talent should be respected in that the person who knows and works with it, should be given a superior respect within that area.
Due to the changes in operation and the outing of this information, it should be obvious that  plans of any kind need to be fluid in order to remain viable. Just as a football play may be changed on the field, tactics change to maintain advantage. Bear in mind that this is our last chance and all of us need to make sure we win.
Thank you,
~ Drake
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Anonymous said...

John; what to you think about all of this? Is this the begining of something big?

Anonymous said...

Mass Arrests continue apace, with prejudice.

Tom Heneghan reports LEO WANTA's protocols are being processed in court!

A whole group of people were arrested in Denver, including outside Aurora near the Denver Airport. This comes from first hand witnesses I spoke to.

Unless there is an awful lot of bank robbers suddenly getting picked up, Federal Reserve criminals have been bagged and tagged.

Arrests continue in Europe, the effort is barely beginning to ramp up.

Jamie Dimon, where are you?

John MacHaffie said...

More Importantly ---- What do YOU Think?

Myself - I got goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

John, so you believe that this is the real deal? You have the intel is this what they are conveying to you. Please if you could comment that would be great. Is your intel telling you that the cavalry is coming?

Anonymous said...

"Jamie Dimon, where are you?"


"posted 2 years ago"


Anonymous said...

I find it curious Alex Jones continues hie eant about the Corrupt commie treasonous scotus,raging mad? It's like he doesn't want the public to knaow about green light.I hope it's real,not seeing anything for real only rumors? I heard Alex J yesterday making fun of aliens coming to help us with a maybe they will arrest the bad guys,he really played sown like it was nonsense? What's up with that? As far as Limbaugh is concerned,he is a phony half truth puppet supporting Bush and Romney! Most of the conservative talk show hosts are phonies!It's been alleged that A/J is a fear monger,he gets his info from the elite.Then does his acting routine how he hates the globalist. After fifteen years,don't you think they would have taken him out? Strange,after all the true patriot whistleblowers,like Cooper,Schnieder,and hundreds of scientists have all been murdered accidentally on purpose!
You don't wave a f-ing flag that you are going to arrest the bad guys,then wait for them to do their dastardly deeds! You don't celebrate anything people until the job is done! Oh Drake thank you,I am so happy,what a bunch of premeditated idiot behavior! His track record hasn't been too awfully stellar people,youe getting ahead of yourselves.You all sounded like fools!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 8:27 PM: Sir, your posting is utter nonsense. What do you do? Take articles and try to rescript them and relate them to Mass Arrests. None of these articles have anything to do with the alleged and phoney arrests that Drake is contending. Maybe you should read your articles more closely. The one about Jamie Dimon is over 2 years old. BTW, Dimon was on TV today. Too bad the good guys didn't know where to find him. They could have arrested him live on TV. Jeez you Drake kool-aid drinkers; Get A Life!

Anonymous said...

Drake has been had plain and simple he may be a good guy but some disinfo agents have flat out lied to him. If arrest were to happen how the hell did they let the SCOTUS just approve the largest TAX we will ever see? Obama Care upheld someone needs to make sure Roberts is high on that arrest list but I highly doubt anyone is going to be arrested they was us all to sit down shut up and pay the unlawful IRS!

Anonymous said...

ARRESTS CONTINUE IN FULL FORCE. The more arrests, the more it pops!

As JP Morgan is liquidated, arrest after arrest is incoming.

Anonymous said...

Funny I heard Shep Smith on Fox make a joking comment about aliens coming and removing the Congress, yesterday!! The timing was really stange.

All of the above talk show folks do this, yet we don't really know if they have this Drake info. AJones has been all about fear porn forever, and if he suddenly came out and said these things he would be out of business!

I celebrate knowing that we will win and how it happens... we shall see!

Anonymous said...

But kool-aid tastes so gooooood! And life IS good!

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Read between the lines! YOU get a life!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is he backpaddling already. Now all of a sudden it is two green lights and only one has been given. I bet that will be his excuse if nothing happened. Dont get me wrong I want those arrests to happen just like all of us, but why can there never be a clear and unquestionable statement.

Anonymous said...

Again, i have a hard time believing it. For one time i would like to refer to Benjamin Fullford. He said: "Don't believe anything we say till it actually happens". WEll, that is wat i am going to do. The only confirmation i can get is confirmation on BAD news, not good news like this. Just like the 4 arrests on B. Gates en T. Geithner which probably never happened. Not even once.

Speak you on the 5th on july. Because by then it is obvious this whole thing is a scam. Boy, i am hoping i am totally wrong on this one but the chances are slim to none.

Anonymous said...

"Speak you on the 5th on july. Because by then it is obvious this whole thing is a scam. Boy, i am hoping i am totally wrong on this one but the chances are slim to none."

So do we all my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't state it much better...:(

Anonymous said...

Drake states that "this is our last chance." This statement makes it obvious that this whole arrest thing is a con. Since his last two predictions never came to fruition, he probably knows this will be his last "Hoo Rah" before many of his followers bail out. When July 4th gets here and nothing has happened, Drake will come out and claim he did his best and slowly fade from the scene. Some other disinfo agent will replace him and the game will start all over. So tune in for the next exciting episode of, "Who's Gonna Save Me From The Cabal." Should be a doosey!

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you guys the sociopaths with badges and guns are the ones.The big crazies in D.C. have no power if we make the crazies on the street afraid of violating our rights. The only reason we have a problem is because we don't defend our selves. Remember you get the freedom you deserve. You get the life you are willing to fight for. Freedom is not free!!

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, PEOPLE! WAKE UP! Drake is basically calling for a military take over of the guberment, ie, a "coup d'etat." Since the U.S. has the largest miitary in the world, you would need several high ranking Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon Brass, Base Commanders, Line Officers and on down to be on board. This includes the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and even the National Guard. You would have to have someone like General Patton or Admiral Nimitz coordinating this plan. Don't you realize how many people it would take? It would be impossible for all of them to be quiet and then use Drake as their source to the public. The scuttlebutt would have been all over the internet before Drake called this action. Drake is trying to stir something up by broadcasting this disinfo and I foresee something bad coming. When this takeover doesn't happen by the 4th of July, I feel that some crazed militia or Drake followers will try to bring it on themselves. This would be a disaster. Arrests or killings could occur and then your 2nd ammendment rights would definately be taken away. Drake is a fool and troublemaker and is the one that should be arrested. Just hope nothing bad comes of this, but if it does, you know who to blame.