Saturday, June 30, 2012

David Wilcock Update: The "Green Light": Wouldn't It Be Nice?

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David Wilcock Update: The "Green Light": Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 30-Jun-2012 09:57:57

Three different insiders independently told Drake that mass arrests are imminent. We spoke personally to Drake on the phone to get you the latest update in this intriguing story.
I am still recovering from two solid months on the road -- taking me through Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, a brief respite with the flu in Los Angeles, then New Zealand, four cities in Australia in two weeks, one day off, then an all-weekend event in New York.
It was quite an adventure to do this many conferences in such a short time. Reviewing the material again and again, and continuing to present it in a live context, really helped it to integrate and process within me on a much deeper level.
I did end up with inflammation on my right eyelid -- bordering on becoming a stye -- and some rather significant jet lag and fatigue, where I hammer out 12 hours of sleep at a time and still feel tired when I get up.
Nonetheless, the eyelid is clearing up and I'm starting to be able to capture my dreams again, which has been a very valuable source of data over the years.
In the meantime, while I was in Australia I heard credible insider reports, from the highest levels, that the US dollar is within weeks, not months, of collapsing -- and the Euro is even closer.
My dreams seem to be mirroring this information as well. I keep hearing that massive changes are imminent -- almost every morning.
I see this as a positive shift. Until the oxygen has been cut off, the Federal Reserve cabal still has power to do great damage to anyone who dares stand in its way.
I have been told that the liens we posted here at Divine Cosmos against the Federal Reserve and its strongest member states in Europe are directly responsible for helping to accelerate these economic changes -- which I believe is a good thing.
The liens are of no value unless there is a significant force using them to accomplish its objectives. That force is the 143-nation alliance backing the return of massive amounts of gold that was seized from the world in the 1920s and 30s by the Federal Reserve.
The liens we posted on this site have apparently been used as a legal precedent to lock the Federal Reserve out of the international financial system, behind the scenes.
I have posted these liens on my website using my real legal name, and have continued making public appearances, fully aware of the potential consequences. I would not have done it if I did not feel it were absolutely necessary to take these risks.
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Anonymous said...

Good Lord is there a green light or not?????

Anonymous said...

Oil went up $7 a barrel yesterday because of the strength of the dollar.

Anonymous said...

Please tell everyone how oil being sold to us for a disgusting amount of money would bring strength to any currency that the american people relies on? While everybody is struggling to pay every other bill?