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Health - Latest in breast cancer treatment and prevention - Vitamin D

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Latest in breast cancer treatment and prevention - Vitamin D
Posted By: LilliHart
Date: Thursday, 28-Jun-2012 10:40:24

For some women, the only thing scarier than having breast cancer is the prospect of being treated for cancer with conventional medicine. In a country dominated by the American Medical Association (AMA), women are urged to turn their bodies over to the horror of breast cancer treatment. It starts with dangerous, painful and breast-flattening mammograms; then proceeds to the cutting - until there is nothing left, in some cases, besides a gaping hole. Breast cancer patients are then subjected to the sickening onslaught of radiation and deadly chemotherapy, which doesn't heal cancer or prevent its reoccurrence.
There is hope, however, for women seeking alternative treatments. As new research in cancer treatments becomes available, the latest in breast cancer prevention with vitamin D therapy and other natural modalities provides women with more life-affirming treatment choices.
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Anonymous said...

cancer is a fungus it has been proven already. by two doctors in europe dr. leonard caldwell and dr. simonchinni of rome italy.baking soda and water can cure cancer vitamin b-17 cures cancer essiac tea cures cancer vitamin c injections cure cancer aloe vera injections cure cancer. the point being your health care providers have been lying to you to make money

Dr. S said...

Breast cancer is a huge issue in women and it is starting to be found more often in men as well. There are certain things you can do to prevent this from happening (as much as you can but sometimes it it unavoidable). I recently saw a testimonial on YouTube about a woman who had had most of her cancer cells removed after experiencing the Trivedi Effect. If you are suffering, maybe there is something Mahendra Trivedi can do for you..

Breast Cancer Treatment said...

Worldwide breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. In the developed world, it is responsible for 18 percent of all cases of cancers seen in women. One million new cases of breast cancer are registered worldwide every year and it is the single commonest cause of death among women in the 40- 50 years age group.

breast cancer treatment said...

Really impressive!! Thanks for sharing this post.