Friday, June 29, 2012

Muslim mob stones Christians – in U.S.!

Muslim mob stones Christians – in U.S.!

Hundreds chant, 'Allahu Akbar!' while hurling urine, eggs, bottles, concrete

After reading the headline and the story below and the video of what Muslims have started in Michigan, I must declare that war is coming to our soil.

To battle we go!
Do I hear a Christian Battle Cry people?
Do I?

Are we to sit idly by and allow the multicultural invasion of the west to continue until beheadings and senseless persecutions of Christians and Jews becomes a reality in our streets? 
Ney I say!

Make no mistake about it, sooner or later we will have to fight these tyrannical elements to prevent our children from being handed over to the slaughterers. I pray it will be later than sooner but, according to the Signs of the Times and what the Zohar and the Oral Torah state, Christians will have to stand up and go to war with these satanically-infested souls.
Alexander Backman

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Anonymous said...

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